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Inside the Bubble

Inside Inside the Bubble The film about John Kerry’s campaign won’t tell you why he lost. By John Dickerson Posted Friday, Sept. 30, 2005, at 4:27 PM PT Inside the Bubble, a documentary that promises to reveal how the Kerry campaign lost the 2004 election, has restored a bit of campaign-season buzz to Washington. The […]

Bursting the Bubble – Again

There’s not much I can say after watching “Inside the Bubble” last night that has not already been said here either by myself (here and here) or Ron (here and here), and yet there is so much to say. I kept waiting for that moment to come when I would get the point that the […]

Sorry to Burst the Bubble

Ron posted some quips from Slate’s review of “Inside the Bubble” earlier tonight. I’m not one to tout what Faux News has to say, but clearly a bit too much was made of “Inside the Bubble” earlier this week. Even Faux conclused that in their review… Empty ‘Bubble’ You may have heard buzz about a […]

“Forgive Me While I Tear My Hair Out”

In her blog post yesterday about John Kerry’s speech on Monday in Boston, Arianna Huffington says, “Forgive me while I tear my hair out.” Her witty comment is in reference to Kerry’s comments about Iraq as quoted from the Boston Herald. As Ron pointed out earlier today, the Boston Herald took Kerry’s comments out of […]

The “Snore Room”

The rightwing blogosphere is attempting to make a big deal about the documentary Inside the Bubble, a behind-the-scenes look at the Kerry campaign. After viewing the clips available online, I think the working title should be ‘The Snore Room.’ Beyond Kerry staffers and volunteers, I doubt anyone would want to watch the recycled footage of […]

Bush, In Denial and On a Crusade

Although there have been reports over the past few days that the Pentagon is considering a plan to begin some troop withdrawals from Iraq, Salon’s War Room notes otherwise. Referencing two recent reports, one in the New Yorker and the other in the New York Daily News, Tim Grieve notes that the reports “suggest that […]