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Bush Stays in Luxury New Orleans Hotel… While Many Still Suffer

by Pamela Leavey

Well ain’t this something… thousands of people are homeless from Hurricane Katrina, the Davis-Bacon Act has been rescinded to allow Haliburton to make a few extra billion, while rebuilding New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, FEMA still can’t get their act together to provide housing for the homeless and George W. Bush, “dines at a French Quarter restaurant before spending the night in a famed luxury hotel.”

The president’s effort to show New Orleans is making progress came even as much of the city remains in ruins.

The historic French Quarter was mostly spared by the storm and is showing increasing signs of normality with lights back on and establishments re-opened.

Still, many of New Orleans’ stores and businesses remain closed, relatively few people are on the streets and many areas remain uninhabitable, even if mostly dry.

The president, accompanied by wife Laura, saw little of that, instead choosing to shine a spotlight on the improvements.

Hypocrisy at it’s best, George W. Bush style!

4 Responses to “Bush Stays in Luxury New Orleans Hotel… While Many Still Suffer”

  1. This bothered me. Doesn’t Bush get it? This is like rubbing people’s faces in their misery.

  2. Janet

    That’s what I felt myself. Photo op moment, lush dining and luxury hotel while others suffer.

  3. Pamela, you notice that when I mentioned it to Ron yesterday, that the MSM didn’t even say a thing about it. Guess he wanted to wait for his side and the photo ops of him and the First Corrina, to let the cameras go into action.

  4. This guy is a total failure and this country will be the same until we can learn to identify the driving force behind prooganda. Inside the human heart is were greed and pride hide along with gluttony, envy, vanity and lust. All of this sins require no more than to take action upon an emotion. Only thinking and conversing about the problems we all face can we come to state of mind that brings about compassion, empathy, or honesty.I would rather be poor than to be greedy,and people that are humble are more impressive than people that are proud.