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Inside The Bubble Says Little About Campaign

by RonChusid

As we suspected from the initial clips, Inside the Bubble was more hype than anything which would provide any meaningful insight into the 2004 campaign Slate was not very impressed with the movie:

Unfortunately, Inside the Bubble, which premiered at the New York Television Festival Thursday, doesn’t do much to answer those questions. The movie overpromises the way sham politicians do. There are some amusing and entertaining moments, but there is little in it to explain why Kerry lost—no inside scoop from his senior advisers or much insight into the man himself. . .

Because the Steve Rosenbaum wasn’t given much access to the real strategists, he tries to make the subjects he gets sound more important than they are. When not doing that, the film tries to suggest that the confusion you’re watching represents the chaos afflicting the Kerry campaign. It doesn’t. It’s garden-variety chaos that hits all campaigns.

Early media coverage suggested that the film might be harmful to a future run by Kerry, but aspects might actually be helpful. Slate observes, “As for the candidate himself, we don’t see much of him that we haven’t seen already. But there are a few surprises. Kerry the candidate seems tantalizingly less stiff than we remember.” Kerry picks up a few points for some of the issues he discussed which might have seemed boring at the time but now indicate his foresight: “flood protection, coastal zone protection …” Just the kind of ideas which might be appealing to voters in 2008–and they might not even mind that he goofed off and interviewed himself off camera.

9 Responses to “Inside The Bubble Says Little About Campaign”

  1. Oh well, sounds like the right-wing echo chamber, their MSM lap dogs and the usual Kerry and Dem trashing libs may be a little disappointed. 🙁

    Of course we all know it doesn’t really matter what is shown or said in “Inside the Bubble”. Facts or reality don’t really seem matter too much to any of them. Like always, the right-wing echo chamber will kick it off, MSM passes it on and then our little “lib” friends will lap it up, twirl it around a little bit and then all parrot it out with their added little snarks. SOP

  2. Looking at the glass half full, maybe without the constant drumbeat of spin propelling the lection, some may really see what they missed. Though I need that self destruct cycle that Dave mentions will always appear.

    I’d love to see him on the big screen, but if not damaging enough, might not get distributed.

  3. I’m surprised… Slate has never been known to be nice to JK but honestly I think this review is hysterical. It really picks on the sell out producer, tells the truth about campaigns and campaign staffers and makes the earlier press look like a joke.

    Slate points out that what Rosenbaum tried to spin as a disfunctional campaign is the reality of all campaigns at the level they (the film crew) had access to.

  4. Boy, my post doesn’t make sense.

    Since Nickerson seemed to be interested in why we lost, I emailed him about the media deconstruction, Dem bashing of its own while pining for their primary prom king, threw in some voter suppression, and how loyal Kerry fans are for good reason. True gravitas, likability and right place at right time.

    Felt good. Maybe they are seeing that caused where we are. Slate is not as much a GOP, corporate tool, I don’t think, but they are smug manipulators of truth, nonetheless.

  5. “…there is little in it to explain why Kerry lost—no inside scoop from his senior advisers or much insight into the man himself. . .”

    Okay, how about this – I’d like to see a film that goes behind the game plan as to how Bush’s Brain saved Shrub. That’s how Kerry ‘lost’ the election. Geeeeeezz

  6. “Okay, how about this – I’d like to see a film that goes behind the game plan as to how Bush’s Brain saved Shrub.”

    Yeah, that would be great if it was a real documentary with a camera recording every meeting and taping of every phone call. They ain’t nuts though, even the droolers would suddenly have the curtain ripped away before their eyes on those scum. As well as the following avalanche of indictments and convictions(it would be on tape and so a slam dunk as Tent would say, but for real)

    So that film could never be made, well except after the fact, if they record some future court cases. First segment’s screen play is hopefully completed this month, when Fitzgerald files charges. Delay up next(they are all part of the same crime family, RICO was made for these creatures) and probably a thousand more cases that will unfortunately never see a court room.

    Of course, Shrub will pardon one and all. Also, after their filth is flushed from DC, any who don’t just stay in business to reap windfalls, will reappear again in a future corrupt GOP admin. SOP now with that party…

  7. Ack! “Tent” = “Tenet”

    Sheesh, my rants even below me usual subpar today 🙁

  8. Dave from Princeton – LOL!

    Actually there is a film about Shrub’s re-election; it’s called, “The Wizard of OZ”. Bush’s Brain plays Professor Marvel and Shrub plays The Great OZ. Dick plays the Wicked Witch of the West.

  9. BlueWashington

    LOL! Yep. Great casting too!