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“Forgive Me While I Tear My Hair Out”

by Pamela Leavey

In her blog post yesterday about John Kerry’s speech on Monday in Boston, Arianna Huffington says, “Forgive me while I tear my hair out.” Her witty comment is in reference to Kerry’s comments about Iraq as quoted from the Boston Herald. As Ron pointed out earlier today, the Boston Herald took Kerry’s comments out of context.

I must say that in reading Arianna’s post, I had the same reaction, I wanted to tear my hair out. Not for what John Kerry may or may not have said but, for her wanton quoting of the Noise Machine, with no, that’s right, no space given to the facts.

I’m shocked to see so much credence given by Arianna to what is said by the Right Wing Noise Machine. Maybe it’s just me, but I expect better from the big tent party than outward slams on our own.

Arianna quotes the Boston Herald’s account of Kerry’s Boston speech which contradicts the Boston Globe’s account. You’ll find quips from the Globe here about Kerry speaking about Iraq to the press and you can compare those to the Boston Herald’s insinuation that Kerry spoke about Iraq during his speech. He didn’t.

Arianna needs to read John Kerry’s speech from Monday because there is nothing about Iraq in that speech.

Finally, that Arianna parroted the right wing spin on Inside the Bubble is astounding to say the least. Inside the Bubble should be aptly named “The Snore Room”. I’m sure if Arianna tried she could have gotten the take on Inside the Bubble from some of those who were actually “inside the bubble” rather than rely on the word of a republican rag.

My sources “inside the bubble” tell me there is nothing in that flick that even hints at “what went wrong” in the Kerry campaign. It’s a poor excuse of a documentary from a democrat who sold out as a shill to the republicans to recoup his investment in the film.

Arianna may take issue with John Kerry’s position on Iraq, or anything else for that matter. That’s her business, but when she uses up her blog space to bash a Democratic leader who’s actually out there every day working hard for a change, it’s part and parcel of what is wrong with the Democratic Party.

I know the whiners and the bashers won’t agree with this, but guess what, it’s true. While the Democratic Party has been busy eating it’s own, the Republicans shored up their bases and we’ve caught snoozing, time and again.

So, please forgive me, while I tear my hair out. The future of our country is important to me. The future of the Democratic Party is important to me. We need unity and we won’t get it as long as the whining and the bashing continues.

It’s time for unity within the Democratic Party. It’s time for the whiners and the bashers to get on board, because the train is coming… DeLay was indicted today, Frist is under investigation, Rove is under investigation, FEMA fumbled not once but twice, the Republican Party is unraveling. The lame duck president is swiftly becoming a cooked goose. We don’t have to agree on every little thing our Democratic leaders say or do, but standing behind them in unity can go a long way, at time when we need to do what they have done so well for so long, shore up our bases.

And while I’m at it here, I’ll throw in this, our leaders also need to step up to the plate and stay on message. Can we get a little cooperation going all the way around. 2006 is around the corner and the Republicans are starting to resemble suicide bombers. This is our chance to regain our footing. Let’s take it because we have a lot of work to do cleaning up the colossal mess BushCo has made.

39 Responses to ““Forgive Me While I Tear My Hair Out””

  1. Good rant. 🙂

  2. Indie Liberal

    Thank you! It felt great! There may be more lurking…

  3. Yay! Clap, clap, clap! Tell it sista!

    When you anger the (god)esses you get struck down from above.

    When I grow up someday, I want to be able to write like that too!

    Yay! Clap, clap, clap!

  4. Dave from Princeton

    Don’t mess with the goddess! LOL! I emailed it to Huffington, too…

  5. Pamela, my very long and sane defense wouldn’t go through. As I said, second time. Do they screen posts that aren’t their party line?

  6. Marjorie

    They do screen everything. I occassionally get lucky and they post a comment. It takes hours sometimes for them to show up.

    This started out as a comment there and I figured it would not get approved so I decided to take it a step further… LOL!

  7. I did email on their inquiry section, though. I am so beyond tired of her.

    She fed Bill Maher baloney last election. When Larry King asked Maher his sources, he said CNN and MSNBC, which explains it. He’s redeemed with his last two New Rules. But entertainment lite, both of them.

  8. Wonderful Pamela!

    It’s beyond my comprehension. These poor fools who wan’t people to believe they know so much. The Iraqi situation is so complex. And if anyone knows what’s going on, It’s John Kerry who just was there.

  9. Teresa

    Exactly. It’s beyond my comprehension that people think this bashing will get our leaders to do what they want. Not. We’re talking about intelligent people who know that abuse doesn’t cut it. The bashing is abusive.

  10. Hi,

    Everybody remember the PIPA report? Yeah the Bush supporters were overwhelmingly uninformed. However I was somewhat surprised that about 23 -25% of Kerry supporters were uninformed on different questions.

    We all know where they hang out. Too bad they screen stuff, I would suggest that since they seem so unhappy, they are welcome to leave.

    And load the spring on the door so it shuts real fast.

    Huff and Dowd should take a few lessons from Molly Ivins. Love that dame.

  11. Ginny

    I guess Arianna was too busy to read the PIPA report. 😉

  12. Pamela,

    This really irks me. Especially now that Delay is out and it looks so good for the Dems in ’06. Where are there frippin’ heads?

  13. Pamela,

    Maybe we should send her that?

    For some reason I’m not sure her reading comprehension is up to all those details.

  14. Teresa,

    In a BUBBLE?

  15. There is one recurring idea (I admit I skimmed a lot – it’s not like there is much of anything original. Makes me think of the gay debates when at least 10 people trot out the Adam and EVE not Adam and STEVE line) that really makes my hair stand up is :

    “the Democrats need to get better candidates, go find them and bring them out.”

    And you think an intelligent, self respecting person, reading and listening to what Democrats do to their losing candidates, wants to subject themselves to the criticism from the opposition AND their own party ?

    The GOP drinks Kool AID, Some dems seem a little too deep in the weed…

  16. At this point, I consider Arianna no better then Bushco. She is in fact, a contributing factor to the noise machine. Arianna is not a part of the solution of the problems the country faces, She is a problem!! I went and looked at the post on that thread. It’s one big inner party bash job at the expense of a fellow member of the Democratic Party. It looks like a feeding frenzy. Not one positive post on it. They should make another movie about her, titled “Inside the Bubble Head”. After what I saw on her blog, I really don’t like that WENCH!!!

  17. Donnie

    LOL! You hit the nail on the head!

    I’m off to sleep night owls…

  18. I think she used to be a Republican.

    And she’s aristocracy. It might take some time for her to get it.

  19. I keep saying this and I will continue.

    It looks very much like Kerry will be emerging more and more into the public arena. The attacks will escalate or if we’re lucky, stay the same. I, as a Kerry supporter, am going to learn to ignore these things. They are a distraction and they interfere with good work. They are beneath me and that’s where they’ll stay. The Hee Haw with an edge circus act is not to my liking. It’s too undignified and in the end will prove meaningless.

    Kerry is in better shape than ever. Not to worry. He is his own man. And superior to most in character.

    It’s best to create your own game. People might just be ready for a fresher one.

  20. You know. I gave it some thought.

    It’s fine with me if Ariana wants to tear her hair out. Go right ahead.

  21. LOLOL Wonderful rant, Pamela!

    And Teresa, yes. After I read Arianna’s post yesterday, and the bit about her wanting to tear her hair out, my thought was: “You want to tear your hair out? Let me help you, honey. Anyone who uses the Boston Herald as a source must need my help.”

    I agree with Ginny, Arianna is a wannabe Maureen Dowd. Also as Ginny said, they could take a few lessons from Molly Ivins. Molly is a goddess.

    Yep, tearing down is the internet’s main currency. The lowest common denominator. Like reality shows are to television.

    Teresa, you are so correct. It’s time to create another game. 🙂

  22. So much of what we see on the blogs is just acting up and adolescent behavior. Empowering to bash, and even better when it’s your own immediate family. All of the mindless, baseless tirades and wrong information are just grist for hitting back at authority. Never had these outlets for bonding badly with other elections.

    Onlookers see it as critical of Dem, news outlets too lazy with reporting feed off it for taking our temperature, and we spend too much time taking it seriously.

  23. Maybe she can go with Laura “Corrina” Bush and get a make-over after the hair is finished being pulled out. Who knows, maybe her brain will actually breath for once, and do her some good. I wouldn’t count on it though. After the complete lack of common sense displayed in that post, she may very well be qualified to have Condi give her some conservative shopping tips. She may have to wait on the next disaster for that shopping trip though.

    Lets remind ourselves of who this tramp is. This is from Scarianna’s campaign journal, when she made the circus style attempt to become the Gov. of the great state of California.

    “One of the few things I don’t love about being on the campaign trail is getting the same questions again and again and again. Especially the one about my so-called “political transformation”.

    Shouldn’t there be a statute of limitation on questions about this? I mean, when I was a Republican, Saddam Hussein was our ally, George Bush owned a mediocre baseball team, Enron was a respected energy company and Michael Jackson was still black”

    What? Huh? Talk about hypocritical!! Somebody slap this B***ch please!! I’m starting to think that her “Political Transformation” was a dirty underhanded trick of the GOP that no one noticed. After all, who benefits the most by having this psyco in the Democratic Party the most? I say the best that could happen to the Dem Party, is for Scarianna to go back to the GOP. She really belongs back with the rest of the vultures.

    Sorry, but I’m not buying one bit of it!! My eyes are wide open and there is nothing anyone can say to make me think otherwise. I not only watched “Going up River” three times myself, but now I am showing it to other people that come over. The response is always the same. They are in shock!! I will continue to tell the truth and back John Kerry.

  24. Arianna is a misguided airhead. But…because her blog is heavily trafficked she does carry some weight. I’m glad one of our own straightened her out but a member of JK’s PR team should contact her as well.

    On a slightly different note did everyone see Kos’ post at his blog seeking info on the 2003-04 Take Down of Dean. Apparently he’s still not over the primary season either.

  25. Florida Dem

    Arianna has name recogintion and thus her blog carries weight in the blogosphere and whatever shows up there does as well. She’s not doing Dems any favors. It’s a shame.

  26. I’m glad one of our own straightened her out but a member of JK’s PR team should contact her as well.

    I agree florida dem. I think the PR team needs to post there and set the record straight. The bashing is getting out of hand.

  27. Hey Pam,

    Could you please post this link as a blog. I am glad JK is doing this (reaching to the African-American community). Just ignore the snarky replies (if any).


  28. Florida Dem

    Kos’s post. LOL! I left my 2 cents there.

  29. Indie Lib


  30. Donnie McDaniel Says:
    September 29th, 2005 at 7:55 am
    “I will continue to tell the truth and back John Kerry. ”

    Donnie, you the man!!!

    As you are aware. There are a number of reasons many of us think so highly of Senator Kerry and have for a long time. It was killing us that so much about JK wasn’t getting out to the public…. JK truly was “the right man, in the right place, at the right time”. Well at this point, the right place would have been JK sitting in the oval office as of 1/20/05

    Here is some more ammo for you, Marine. Though I guess the author of this article was obviously just another far left, liberal, terrorist loving partisan Dem, like all the others who spoke out in support of JK and/or against our current fearless leader 😉

    John Kerry: the right man in the right place at the right time

  31. Dave from Princeton

    Great article about JK – by a liberal Dem, eh? LOL!

  32. Dave from Princeton Says:
    September 29th, 2005 at 7:28 pm

    Thank you Dave. I am humbled by the fact that my lil rant impressed our very own Prince of Rants. 🙂

    Thanks for the ammo too. I’m gonna try to put something together. This ammo will come in handy. Time to crank up the heat and fire back with both barrels. Scarianna is not the only one I have my sights on. We had our “Time For Action” forum tonight, and though it might not be a big suprise, guess who didn’t bother to show up or send a message? That’s right, Bush nor FEMA!! The Red Cross sent someone here, but Bushco didn’t even send as much as a letter.

    Our Governer rearranged her schedule, to go out of her way to come to Houma, and speak to us. She received a very warm welcome by our people here. They even managed to get other networks help to make it national, and now the nation can see who cares and who doesn’t.

    If anyone is keeping count, that is the third time King George ignored us!! So you can see that Bush is on a steady downward spiral with the people here. This is a multi parish forum, and Bush and FEMA has showed their true colors once again.

  33. “Prince of Rants”… HAHAHA!!!!

  34. Donnie

    You and Dave from Princeton are pease in a pod!

    King George is cooked goose these days. He’s passed the lame duck status and moved into the oven. I hope you all got somewhere without him… it seems it has been proven he’s ineffective and the best you might have gotten out of him would have been a photo op.

  35. The forum was great! Blanco realigned five diff. places she was scheduled to get to, so she could arrive here on time. She couldn’t stay the whole time, but she made an impact. I never did agree with her getting her position, but I must say, she has turned out to be one tuff gal. Bush and FEMA on the other hand, sure made a diff. kinda of impression on the people.

    Teresa, I see you caught that part huh? LOL

  36. Donnie

    Women make good leaders. 😉

    She sounds like a tough cookie to me with some commonsense. Both good leadership skills.

  37. BTW I was just ROFLMAO a while ago when I ran across this.

  38. Prince of Rants! LOL Loved the Seattle Times article.

  39. Pamela Leavey Says:
    September 29th, 2005 at 10:19 pm

    “You and Dave from Princeton are peas in a pod!”

    Hey!!!! Donnie is a friend of ours! What a horrible thing to say to someone!
    Donnie, don’t get upset. Everyone knows that isn’t true. This is just another example of these liberals and their hate filled personal acts…

    Sheesh, the guy is trying to recover from TWO hurricanes and then you say something like that to him!

    Until this moment, Pamela, I think I never really gauged your cruelty or your recklessness. Let us not assassinate this lad further, Pamela. You have done enough. Have you no sense of decency madam, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency? *

    I think you owe Donnie an apology, young lady!

    Dave from Princeton

    *with thanks to Joseph Welch