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Cindy Sheehan Meets with John Kerry

by Pamela Leavey

MeetWithCindy.org reports that Cindy Sheehan has met with John Kerry…

Answers to Cindy’s Questions

1. What noble cause? “This is an artsy question that is hard to answer. However I can tell you that a war based on lies is not noble, but a war based on bringing freedom to people is noble.”

2. How many more lives? “If we can not achieve the goal of bring freedom, I do not want to see any more lives lost in this war.”

3. How many lives are you personally willing to risk? “I will say the same thing. If this war will not bring freedom to the Iraqi people I am not willing to personally risk any lives.”

4. What are you doing to bring our troops home? “I believe that we are in a critical two month stage right now. The Iraqi people are supposed to have an election in December.”

Other comments made to Cindy during the meeting:

– He told Cindy “What you are doing is saving lives.”
– “I can not tell you how much I hate what he (Bush) has done.”
– “Rumsfeld is a disgrace.”
– “There are countries that will not become involved with Bush.”
– “What we are doing now has hurt the strength of our military.”

38 Responses to “Cindy Sheehan Meets with John Kerry”

  1. Where is this from? Her reaction to his answers? Was she at least comforted, less critical that he is trying to withdraw? Did she blame him the vote, along with the rest of Congress?

    Well, she met with the President.

  2. He’s on her hall of fame now –

    I take it that it went well. I’ll try to get more info…

  3. Hall of Fame, not Shame. And she must have gotten the Kerry hug.

    I notice Russ Feingold is trying to get more mileage out of anti-war, having asked for withdrawal first, he claims, and now a Senate floor statement. If more mileage is to be gained by all, maybe the war will start to end.

  4. OT here(but when do I stay on topic…)

    If anyone can stomach it up next on Hannity and Colmes is a segment on the new Kerry Campaign “behind the scenes” movie about to come out. So if you want to hear what all the Bush supporters and most of the MSM will be parroting back out tomorrow, you will hear it a a couple minutes but view at your own risk

  5. Dave from Princeton

    Fill us in … I have no cable.

  6. Well didn’t show too much and doesn’t appear that the movie itself will likely be too bad. So nothing really for Hannity to start trashing with yet. Poor Sean 🙁

    Well except for the producer(lifelong Dem) saying that after being around the campaign for a while and reviewing all the footage he still couldn’t tell what their message was etc.

    The producer said Kerry supporters who have seen it said it doesn’t make JK or the campaign look bad. But of course, JK haters will say it does. Also said if Kerry had won everyone would have course looked at the movie in a totally different light.

    Which of course means what will happen is that the GOP, their right-wing echo chamber, and their ever helpful “liberal” JK & Dem bashers, will use it to trash JK and Dems in general. Then the MSM will of course, as they always do, take their cue from those two groups and that will become their latest “conventional wisdom”. Eh, so nothing real bad except the usual spinning for a while by the right, their buddies on the left and the MSM, until they get bored and all go on to the next thing together. SOP

  7. Pamela Leavey Says:
    September 28th, 2005 at 7:10 pm

    Just as well you don’t have cable. All it does is make me angry, yeah I know I keep it well hidden. 😉 But being dumb I keep watching the big 3 cable to hear them all basically repeat the same crap all the time to push their very similar agendas.

  8. Dave, I love how we can forecast the trajectory of all the spin, counter spin and bash.

    I don’t have the stomach for Fox anymore, so many thanks for the public service.

  9. Of course it looks like even this is being twisted by some of the usual Kerry bashers to claim Kerry is talking about bringing freedom to Iraq as they continue to falsely claim he is supporting the war.

  10. Dave from Princeton

    As I said in my post about it “Anyone with an inkling into the film business knows that a film such as this is skewed to the view of the producer.”

    The impression I had from reading his posts on his blog and what little “press” it has gotten, that this guy totally sold out and skewed it to play it up to the repubs.

  11. Ron

    Are they actually posts somewhere with this crap in it? Is that what the Huff piece is about. I was working on my fixing my backup computer today and haven’t looked.

  12. Well, he wanted some viewership, and if the Dems can bash without sense or conscience, why not he.

    So he feeds into the GOP spin points of elitism, etc? Darn.

    I’m still upset that a quality, positive film like Going Upriver didn’t make it because his service was overwhelmed and tarnished at the time by the Swifties.

  13. I couldn’t find anything on HuffingtonPost, and I wanted to say my piece/peace.

  14. Marjorie

    I found it – here’s the link

  15. Oh and mind youj I saw this very same argument on DU today and guess what… the B Herald says that Kerry talked about Iraq in his speech Monday but there is nothing in the text of the speech about Iraq. The B Globe said he talked to press after the speech about Iraq. This pisses me off!

  16. Pamela Leavey Says:
    September 28th, 2005 at 8:09 pm

    Yeah, from the bit tonight, I have the feeling he decided to try to take a less flattering light on it than he would of if Kerry had won “dailykos lite” angle, as they’d put it 😉

    It’s where the money is. If it was flattering, nobody would care and the right would brush him off as anoher liberal, Hollywood, media type JK lover. The guy wouldn’t even get on one TV show to push his movie. He knows that. This way, even if it isn’t a total right-wing hatchet job, he at least gets some face time and gives the right-wing echo chamber and the Kerry and Dem hating lib faction something to get excited about and use to reinforce and push their views with.

    First tip off was his “conventional wisdom” drivel comment about still not knowing what JK stood for…

    The other was when they showed the debate clip with the Hillary eye roll after Bush made his “Want some wood?” rebuttal. Afterward the producer said, “Did anyone ever figure out what Kerry was getting at?” Idiot! I’m really sick of people, esp people who are suppose to have a enough of a clue about politics to be on TV commenting about it, as well as liberals or Dems who can’t even take 5 minutes to read something, anything, or just try a quick fact check or whatever to get a minimum amount of knowledge on something. Instead, they just parrot what the idiot next to them says instead.

  17. I tried to post on Huffington. My second time trying (on a different story) and not succeeding. Recent posts show it’s not too late or closed. Could they ban positive posts???

  18. Oh thanks for posting the link to Huffington, Pamela! That was real pleasant 🙁 Just what I needed, was to read 1000 parrot posts. More proof that these folks just love to do the GOP’s work for them. They are hopeless.

    Typical how they use a well known right-wing rag like the Herald to get their “news” on the speech from. Though of course in Arianna’s case, I guess it is force of habit. Ya think any of them even know she was a right-wing Dem and Clinton hating hack throughout the 90s? I wouldnt be suprised a bit if after the Dems take back the white house, she just jumped back to the other side full time again. I’d gotten the impression at the time that she just likes to be anti whoever is in power at the time.

  19. She’s a self-serving schlockmeister getting ahead off the backs of our serious, and at well-meaning, public servants.

    Those events I saw her at, schmoozing with the Kerrys. All of it just business as usual.

  20. I don’t see what the big TA DO is. I watched behind the Dean campaign on CNN and Joe Trippi said the F word every 5 minutes. Obviously campaigns are rough. I didn’t see anything they makes President Kerry look bad. So he dropped a buckeye.

  21. It’s this who is more purely anti-war, after all this time.

  22. Marjorie, Dave

    I’m working on a seething response to Arianna. I read her piece over and over – ARGH! Does she give equal time to the truth, hardly. Does she follow up with Kerry staff about the Bubble. Not.

  23. Sandrakae

    LOL! I watched all the clips and had a laugh. It was also nice to see familiar faces of those I met during the campaign who traveled with JK. The pony routine was a hoot.

  24. Does it show Kerry with humor, with a personality beyond the deconstruction of the GOP?

  25. I saw that clip. What’s the story with the pony? I thought that part could have been tossed out. The rest was pretty good. Perhaps it was filler? And the Hillary moment – that qualifies as a ‘mountain out of a mole hill’.

  26. Blue Washington

    It was practical joke for Marvin’s birthday. Marvin is JK’s body man. The clip made it absurdly sound like it was campaign related.

  27. Marjorie

    I emailed you the links to the clips.

  28. The Hillary moment is hardly anything bad about Kerry. As I mentioned in a post yesterday, Hillary’s scowl was not made in response to a Kerry gaffe as the Daily News reported. It occured during the debate when Kerry mentioned how Bush’s ownership of a timber company which qualified him as a small business, and Bush showed no knowledge of this. It is not clear if Hillary was making the face at Kerry or Bush, but factcheck.org showed that Kerry was correct on this.

    More at:

  29. Ron

    Here’s to Hillary remaining a moment! Appletini’s all around to toast that!

  30. I’ll drink to that! No Hillary Theatre for me.

  31. Okay, let’s have another round!

  32. Well what this all says to me that post Katrina, the Kerry threat has escalated. I guess they are terrified of his ’08 run, and getting an early start.

  33. Teresa

    It does appear so. Meanwhile, JK is still actually mum on that.

  34. Keep the faith, Teresa

  35. Marjorie

    The faith is what holds us together. 🙂

  36. No reason not to have faith. There has been an incredible Kerry fixation since the election. That bodes well in my book. Methinks he is our leader.

  37. I need to stay up later… I miss all the fun!!! 😉

  38. Teresa

    Me thinks he is…


    You only missed a little fun! 😉