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Tunnel Vision

by RonChusid

This week we are seeing two more examples of political perception versus reality in comments in the blogosphere about John Kerry. We are seeing an excellent example of tunnel vision in the use of the Boston Herald’s recent story which takes Kerry’s views on Iraq out of context. It is interesting that the usual Kerry bashers are well aware of a single story in a newspaper long known for its biased reporting, but appear totally unaware of Kerry’s actual statements on the war. They appear totally unaware of the warnings against going to war in Kerry’s Senate floor speech, Georgetown speech, and other public statements. They have also forgotten Kerry’s call for regime change in Washington after Bush ignored Kerry’s advice and went to war.

Inside the Bubble is also an interesting litmus test. We know that if a movie unfavorable to Bush, or even to a previous losing candidate such as Bob Dole was coming out, the Republcans noise machine would be defending the Republican and attacking the film’s producers. Will liberal bloggers debunk the criticism of Kerry, or will the usual Kerry bashers see this as another chance to pile on? The tendency of many Democratic writers to spread such criticism of other Democrats is one reason the Republicans have been so successful.

5 Responses to “Tunnel Vision”

  1. Ron, do you anything of what is actually depicted about the Iraq positions in the film, and how accurate? Single source only, like the Herald, or just your example?

  2. Ron, it’s still true what they say: the Dems eat their own after a loss, the Repubs stand by one another, re-arranging the deck chairs if need be. Witness the “it’s a liberal conspiracy to get the Leader” myopia coming out of the right over the Delay indictment.

  3. I agree Todd. That’s why this is the reason the Dems will continue to lose elections period.

  4. Marjorie,

    We know very little about what is really in the film. Some clips were released, probably to get publicity, but this might not really indicate how the film looks at Kerry.

  5. Marjorie

    What I learned from staff was that it’s all about the campaign on the road – http://blog.thedemocraticdaily.com/?p=702

    There’s no contact with top decision makers, no policy stuff… if there is anything at all about Iraq, etc it would seem that it would have to be producer/narrator interjection, like the SBL comments he made.