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UPDATED: We’ve Moved!!!

by Pamela Leavey

UPDATE: Please visit our new blog at TheDemocraticDaily.com.

Dear Readers:

We’re moving to a New Blog!

I’m happy to announce that short of finishing some unpacking and little re-arranging, the new and improved Dem Daily Blog is now live. Come on over and check it out!

This blog and all of the archives will remain here online and in a few days the comments will be turned off. Update your bookmarks, and your blogrolls and…

Join us at the New Dem Daily Blog!

4 Responses to “UPDATED: We’ve Moved!!!”

  1. Will we still be able to access old articles here to read and or print up? I would like to print my articles if possible?

  2. Nick

    Absolutely – it’a all staying right here – but the comments will be turned off eventually to prevent spam.

  3. Great thanks Pam.

    By the way I seem to have some trouble logging in at the new blog. My user name is still Nick right? Could you email my username and password?

    Also, how do we go about posting posts at the new blog.

    What is the posting address over there?

  4. Nick

    I will email you all the pertinent info later today.