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They’re Lunatics

by Pamela Leavey

David Brooks tried to figure out why the Republican Party is in “shambles.” John Cole on Balloon Juice does a much better job explaining their problems:

For starters, people got tired of being associated with these drooling retards. Then, when they realized that these drooling retards had ideological allies running the show in the Bush administration and then began to experience their idiotic policies, they moved from disgusted to outright hostile.

Like me. It had nothing to do with Burke, and everything to do with what the party had become. A bunch of bedwetting, loudmouth, corrupt, hypocritical, and incompetent boobs with a mean streak a mile long and no sense of fair play or proportion.

Seriously- what does the current Republican party stand for? Permanent war, fear, the nanny state, big spending, torture, execution on demand, complete paranoia regarding the media, control over your body, denial of evolution and outright rejection of science, AND ZOMG THEY ARE GONNA MAKE US WEAR BURKHAS, all the while demanding that in order to be a good American I have to spend most of every damned day condemning half my fellow Americans as terrorist appeasers.

And that isn’t even getting into the COMPLETE and TOTAL corruption of our political processes at every level. The shit is really going to hit the fan after we vote these jackasses out of power in 2008.

Go read all of Cole’s brilliant observations! I’ve never voted Republican and probably never will, but it’s heartening to see the truth laid out from a former believer.

One Response to “They’re Lunatics”

  1. The political process has failed. Typically politics has a moderating feature that eventually causes office holders to back off of their excesses. At some point the numbers just sink in, and beaviors get corrected, even if only slightly.

    For the current bunch, they seem to have a type of immunity to popular opinion that is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. As the numbers get worse, their excesses multiply. Ot at least so it seems to me.