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Congressman Tim Ryan Endorses Chris Dodd

by Stuart ONeill

Congressman Tim Ryan, an outspoken opponent of the war and a consistent voice that speaks truth to power, has a fine diary up at DailyKos explaining his endorsement. It explains the process he went through to make this endorsement. It’s revealing of both Ryan and Dodd. Please read the original. Here’s my own reaction to the Ryan endorsement as published in the comment string at DKos.

As a candidate I’ve been impressed with the fire Dodd has shown in the debates, the innovative use of live video ,(thank you, Tim Tagaris), and his specific policy statements.

Look again at Rep. Ryan’s list of Dodd’s accomplishments and you begin to get a better view of this man who has been going about his job quietly for 24 years.

*Dodd authored the Family and Medical Leave Act which allows people to take off work when a family member is sick.

*Chris Dodd was the named by Head Start as their Senator of the DECADE.

*He served 26 years on the Foreign Relations Committee and understands what we need to do to rebuild our standing in the world.

*Chris Dodd, the current chairman of the Senate Banking Committee was one of the authors of the Sarbanes-Oxley act which mandated greater protections for investors after Enron.

*Right now, he is leading the fight in the Senate to protect homeowners from the foreclosure crisis.

As to policy disagreements, if we again get caught up again in single issue politics we defeat our own purposes.

If, for example, the NAFTA vote is an activists only reason for not supporting a candidate that otherwise would have your vote….take a deep breath and accept you will 100% agree with no candidate.

Taking Senator Dodd’s experience into account, our choice cannot simply be based on one policy position or past series of votes. For me the choice has to be based on the overall vision of the candidate and his/her overall campaign capability.

Chris Dodd needs a breakout moment.

It will need to be some action/statement that gets the media’s attention and keep it for a period of time. It can happen and I’m sure his staff is working on it.

I still don’t have a dog in this fight. That’s still true. But I deeply admire Senator Dodd and Senator Biden for elevating the debate and giving us very real choices for our nominee.

Congrats to Congressman Ryan for standing up and taking a serious step for Senator Chris Dodd, a serious Presidential Candidate.

2 Responses to “Congressman Tim Ryan Endorses Chris Dodd”

  1. I wonder if Dodd still wears a U.S. Flag lapel pin. Obama has said he doesn’t need a thing like that to project his self confidence in his brand of patriotism. I would love to see all of the Democratic candidates willing to take on sterotypes like that.

  2. The Presidential Race is taking over the Media. Kevin Price wrote a really interesting blog about Christopher Dodd. Check it out at http://www.bizplusblog.com.