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Democratic Candidates Out Raise Republicans Again

by Pamela Leavey

Democratic presidential candidates have out raised the Republican candidates yet again, and strategists in both parties contend that the Democrats are “more energized this year as they battle to reclaim the White House after nearly eight years of Republican rule.”

The imbalance is not lost on the candidates themselves. Mr. Giuliani said over the weekend that the ability of Democrats to raise money this year has been “phenomenal.”

All of the campaigns who gave their tallies reported drop-offs in contributions in the third-quarter, which is considered a difficult time to raise money as many well-heeled donors get out of their offices and off the fund-raising circuit to go on vacations and to their summer houses. And the campaigns often have already tapped their donors to the legal limit in contributions. But the Democrats still appeared to weather the summer months better than the Republicans.

One Republican strategist, Scott Reed, noted that, “This just shows the difficult political climate that Republicans are facing.” Reed went on to say, “The bright side is that next spring, the Republicans will have plenty of money to give the candidate who goes up against Hillary Clinton.” Which leads one to wonder, are the Republicans holding back waiting to see who the Democratic nominee will be and will they then unleash a flurry of donations to their own contender.

Possible… but we’ve seen voters become more and more dis-enchanted with the GOP. Which leads me to think that Scott Reed is musing some wishful thinking. Make no mistake, we all know they will go after Hillary with a force, if she becomes the nominee, but we’ve all seen that Hillary seems to be able to hold her own quite well against both the Republicans and the assaults lobbied against her by the other Democratic candidates.

One Response to “Democratic Candidates Out Raise Republicans Again”

  1. Business is not going to go big for Republicans, period. The Democrats are coming, and so is payback (at least there isn’t much smart money that would vote against either one). Money in the hands of Democrats can cushion things at least enough so that the D’s are not chomping at the bit to fill the hopper right out the gate with anti business Bills.

    I think that the big money will pour back to the right when some time has gone by, and voters memories have dulled. The wounds are still too fresh for this cycle.