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Dan Rather is Right

by Pamela Leavey

Last night I noted here that on Monday, Ted Koppel had come out in defense of Dan Rather’s lawsuit against CBS. Eric Boehlert has a brilliant breakdown on the story leading up to Rather’s dismissal from CBS in the wake of the “botched 60 Minutes II story about President Bush and his military service.”

Was it executives at CBS News who now face the prospect of reliving one of the network’s darkest chapters via endless depositions from a plaintiff who says he won’t accept a cash settlement?

Or was it right-wing bloggers, some of whom likely punched their TV sets in frustration watching Rather go on national television and claim, correctly, that nobody has ever proven that the memos he used in his report were fake, and pointing out that the basic facts of the Texas Air National Guard story — that Bush walked away from his military commitment during the Vietnam War for months at a time–are still not in dispute.

After all, for lots of Bush bloggers, two absolute truths that must never be questioned in public are that the CBS memos were proven forgeries (they weren’t), and that the whole Bush-skipped-out-on-his-National-Guard-duty story was bogus (it wasn’t).

Boehlert goes on to say:

The Guard story is true because in the spring of 1972, with 770 days left of required duty, then-Lt. Bush unilaterally decided that he was done fulfilling his military obligation and walked away from the Guard. For the next two years it was as if Air Force and Guard regulations simply did not apply to Bush, who became a ghost-like figure, doing — or not doing — whatever he pleased, unsupervised and unrated by his commanders. In the military, there is a simple personnel rule: All duty is supervised and rated. Except when it came to Bush, the son of a congressman. That’s all obvious from Bush’s own military records, or lack thereof. (More on that later.)

So, “it’s déjà vu all over again” says Boehlert, “In the wake of last week’s lawsuit, everyone in the media wants to cover Rather, not the National Guard story.”

Read the whole piece which includes “10 discrepancies” about Bush’s National Guard service that “would have gotten any other Air National Guard member severely reprimanded, and certainly would have, later in life, derailed any presidential aspirations .”

Enough Is Enough. When will the American media become accountable for thier turning a blind eye to the truth.

3 Responses to “Dan Rather is Right”

  1. oh c’mon, just drop it already and let’s get on with some real news…how about Vick testing positive for marijuana? That’s a big fat one (no pun intended)!

  2. NotanotherClinton writes: “oh c’mon, just drop it already and let’s get on with some real news…”

    LOL. Further proof that Rather is right to be doing what he’s doing…the wingnuts are asking everyone to “move on”. They are deathly afraid of depositions, etc. that will prove Rather was sacrificed out of fear, and that our Doofus in Chief is a liar and a draft dodger.

    And wazzup with Katie Couric supposedly taking the wingnut position and calling Rather’s journalism “sloppy reporting”?

  3. Katie Couric is just trying to raise her ratings…she’s horrible, she shouldn’t spew that left wing crap on TV and she’ll be alright.