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Public Prefers Democratic Party to Republican for Handling Terrorism, Military Security

by Pamela Leavey

The Gallup Poll shows that the “Democratic Party enjoys a 15-point lead over the Republicans in overall favorability, 53% vs. 38%”:

Since the second half of 2005, Gallup notes “the public’s positive image of the Republican Party began to show signs of decline,” and since April 2006, “the Democrats have maintained a consistently strong advantage in favorability, averaging about 14 points.”

The latest Gallup also shows that the Democratic Party holds a significant lead as the “Party of Prosperity” and now also holds a lead as the “Party of National Security.” Indeed, “Fifty-four percent of Americans now say the Democrats would do the better job,” at keeping the country prosperous as “compared with only 34% choosing the Republicans.” And, “this year, for the first time since Gallup started asking this question in 2002, more Americans say the Democratic Party will do a better job than the Republican Party of protecting the country from security threats, 47% vs. 42%.”

With the Democratic Party leading in the polls and fundraising, the vision of gaining a bigger lead in Congress in the ’08 elections and putting a Dem in the White House is clearer. There’s work to do readers…

Greg Sargent has a great analysis of the poll on The Horses Mouth.

2 Responses to “Public Prefers Democratic Party to Republican for Handling Terrorism, Military Security”

  1. A Republican President is about to veto a health bill for children. House Republicans are set to vote to sustain that veto.

    Sort of an interesting situation, in light of those numbers.

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