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Kerry Says Bush SCHIP Budget Cuts Would Harm Children

by Pamela Leavey

In a press conference this morning “called to discuss the children’s health insurance bill,” Bush had “tough words for Democrats who he said were going to take health care decisions out of people’s hands and put them into the hands of the government.”

He called on Congress to pass his plan on the State Children’s Health Insurance Plan, which would add $5 billion in spending over the next five years. A plan being pushed by Democrats, which has a chance of passing, would instead add about $35 billion in spending that would be paid for with a tobacco tax hike.

Democrats say not enough people are covered under the president’s plan.

John Kerry issued the following statement this morning in response to President Bush’s remarks on the negotiations surrounding SCHIP reauthorization:

“President Bush today once again threatened to veto health care for poor children. The president hides behind the word “federalization” because his political base opposes doing what is decent and humane. The Senate and the House both approved legislation that would extend health care coverage for poor kids, not cut it back. It would be a refreshing reversal if the president remembered the promise he made in 2004, when he spoke out forcefully in favor of SCHIP. On behalf of families across the country who want him to put kids first, we ask the President not to put their health care coverage last.”

One Response to “Kerry Says Bush SCHIP Budget Cuts Would Harm Children”

  1. Bush is a typical bully. The votes are there to override, so there will be no veto. It is always about politics, and never about principle.