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Latest Bin Laden Video Is a Forgery… New Video On The Way

by Pamela Leavey

George Maschke reports on the Booman Tribune that the latest Osama Bin Laden video address to the American people, that has been “widely publicized” has a “peculiarity that casts serious doubt on its authenticity.” Maschke is an Ex-U.S. Army Arabic & Persian (Farsi) linguist.

the video freezes at about 1 minute and 36 58 seconds, and motion only resumes again at 12:30. The video then freezes again at 14:02 remains frozen until the end. All references to current events, such as the 62nd anniversary of the U.S. atomic bombing of Japan, and Sarkozy and Brown being the leaders of France and the UK, respectively, occur when the video is frozen! The words spoken when the video is in motion contain no references to contemporary events and could have been (and likely were) made before the U.S. invasion of Iraq.

The audio track does appear to be in the voice of a single speaker. What I suspect was done is that an older, unreleased video was dubbed over for this release, with the video frozen when the audio track departed from that of the original video.

The video may be downloaded as a 677 mb MPEG file here.

Libby notes at Newshoggers:

I have to admit, I have become so suspicious of this administration that my first thought on hearing of the tape’s release was that it was somehow a product of the Pentagon’s new PR branch. The timing is so convenient and so are the references to the Democrats.

I have to agree with Libby on that. I wouldn’t put anything past the cabal at this point. Clearly they love using fear-mongering.

And speaking of fear-mongering… There’s more fear-mongering, purportedly from Osama bin Lost on the way:

Al-Qaida said Monday that it will release a new video of Osama bin Laden presenting the last testament of one of the Sept. 11 suicide hijackers, marking the sixth anniversary of the attacks.

The announcement came in a banner advertisement posted on an Islamic militant Web site where al-Qaida often releases messages and was signed by al-Sahab, the media arm of bin Laden’s al-Qaida terror network.

“Coming soon, God willing, the testament of the attacks on New York and Washington, Abu Musab Waleed al-Shehri, presented by Sheik Osama bin Laden, God preserve him,” the banner read. It showed an image of bin Laden wearing the same black beard and clothes as in the most recent video.

2 Responses to “Latest Bin Laden Video Is a Forgery… New Video On The Way”

  1. I couldn’t agree more with you and Libby, Pamela. The particular crime family now running this government is capable of almost anything. What we need now is a defector to crack this administration wide open and save our democracy.

  2. My first reaction was that it’s no better than 50-50 that this is the genuine article, but it’s not a really easy call. The problem is that there are two different beneficiaries of this message. The first one clearly is the Republican Party, and that automatically makes the second one Al Qaida (I’m trying to stay away from saying OBL, because I don’t think anyone believes that he’s still alive). The Republicans, however, clearly are smart enough to put a tape like this together, while being unperceptive enough to not understand that their biggest fans are all on the other side of the terror war. Also, there are some nuances in this thing that seem far too subtle for anyone to pick up on who was not extremely well versed in American society.

    And both Bushco and Al Qaida have very compelling reasons for maintaining the fiction of a living OBL. In fact, if the body of OBL surfaced today, we’d probably be out of Iraq tomorrow, and neither of them can afford that.