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Bush’s Surprise Iraq Visit

by Pamela Leavey

Somewhere in the back of my mind, while laying low trying to beat the obscene SoCal heat wave, I was thinking last night… Wouldn’t it be just like Bush to show up in Iraq on Labor Day.

Needless to say I wasn’t surprised when I woke to the headline this morning that Bush had made a “surprise” visit to Iraq. The whole “surprise” tag line sort of reminded me of Gomer Pyle… “Surprise, Surprise“… except it was no small surprise. The visit is as transparent as it can get. Bush is there hyping the surge “success,” in a last ditch effort before Congress reconvenes. Bush “warned Washington war critics who are pushing for quick troop withdrawals to temper their expectations.”

During a rally for troops at the base, Bush said any pullout would be made from a position of “strength and success.”

The White House is due to deliver to Congress next week an assessment on Bush’s increase of 30,000 troops to Iraq this year.

“People shouldn’t jump to conclusions until the general and the ambassador report,” Bush said.

And of course, the not surprise of the day was that the “White House denied the trip was a publicity visit ahead of a report about U.S. troop increases in Iraq to be delivered by Petraeus next week in Washington.” Bush advisers claimed the “trip was so Bush could have face-to-face meetings with al-Maliki and local Sunni leaders in an effort to move them closer toward political reconciliation.”

Bush was joined by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates on his trip to Iraq.

Bush said that he, Gates, and Rice “came here today to see with our own eyes the multiple changes that are taking place in Anbar Province,” noting that last summer he was told Anbar was lost, but that Iraqi citizens “refused to give in” and as a result the province is far calmer today.

Anyone who didn’t see Bush’s staged “surprise” visit coming either has tunnel vision or was wearing blinders. There’s discussion in the blogosphere at: The Van Der Galiën Gazette; The Moderate Voice; Brilliant At Breakfast; The Mahablog; Corrente; Jules Crittenden; and Newshoggers.

5 Responses to “Bush’s Surprise Iraq Visit”

  1. Pamela: If you’re good enough to see this one coming, maybe you’re in the wrong line of work. Somebody over in Congress should hire you because I can guarantee that they didn’t see it.

    Bush is just out shining the Dem leadership in every way imagineable. He has nothing going for him on Iraq but he’s so good at faking that there are people who are going to fall for it.

  2. Darrell

    It was kind of common sense in my book. Bush is ready to make the BIG push that the surge is working, so first he needs to show up there and do the photo op of the CIC with the troops.

  3. I actually was surprised at first. But, then it made sense.
    Without a doubt Bush’s visit to Iraq will help him push his agenda with delaying troop’s withdrawal.
    You see, Bush is not one of those who gives up (ever! at all!). He is going to give it everything he has (or the country has). That’s the stile he knows… no limits… all the way to the end… That’s how he got where he got.
    And you know, with this attitude he may even achieve some kind of unstable superficial “victory”. The question is at what cost and for how long.
    I wish the democrats had his tenacity.

  4. I am a very happy and proud parent. I have a daughter in Iraq and to see her at that meeting She shines so well. Why don’t you think more about others than your attitudes. I am sure other parents got to see their child. I am very thankful this happened.

  5. Of course he showed up there. That’s a give me, because he has to push his stupid agenda. The report is close, and he needs to sugar coat it before it even comes out. Just like Boustany going there, and coming back to spout off talking points. The difference is that Wolfie pounced on him instead of licking his feet.

    Look for a lot more of this propaganda in the next few days. Watch the wingnut blogosphere and how they flood the tubes of the internets with pro-surge posts! It will be coordinated in much the same way that the Beauchamp story was. Trust me, the right is about to get slobbering ass stupid! You can expect the trolls to be out in full force.