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Breaking: Senator Larry Craig Arrested, Pleads Guilty Following Incident in Airport Restroom

by Pamela Leavey

I find it rather astounding that this news is just coming out to the public: “Sen. Larry Craig (R-Idaho) was arrested in June at a Minnesota airport by a plainclothes police officer investigating lewd conduct complaints in a men’s public restroom, according to an arrest report obtained by Roll Call Monday afternoon.” Kudos to Roll Call for breaking this story. MSNBC now highlights this photo on their front page:

Craig was arrested in June, his trial was earlier this month. Was there some sort of coverup by Craig?

After he was arrested, Craig, who is married, was taken to the Airport Police Operations Center to be interviewed about the lewd conduct incident, according to the police report. At one point during the interview, Craig handed the plainclothes sergeant who arrested him a business card that identified him as a U.S. Senator and said, “What do you think about that?” the report states.

MSNBC reports that “Craig said in a statement issued by his office that he was not involved in any inappropriate conduct.”

At the time of this incident, I complained to the police that they were misconstruing my actions,” he said. “I should have had the advice of counsel in resolving this matter. In hindsight, I should not have pled guilty. I was trying to handle this matter myself quickly and expeditiously.”

Clearly this should have bene made public at the time of Craig’s arrest. MSNBC also notes that “last fall, Craig called allegations from a gay-rights activist that he’s had homosexual relationships “completely ridiculous.””

Mike Rogers, who bills himself as a gay activist blogger, published the allegations on his Web site, www.blogactive.com, in October 2006.

The WaPo is also reporting the story now, as well as other media outlets including CNN. No one is asking the question… Why is the public just finding out about this?

ArchPundit points to a transcript of “Larry Craig on naughtiness and nastiness,” from Meet The Press, January 24, 1999:

MR. RUSSERT: Larry Craig, would you want the last word from the Senate be an acquittal of the president and no censure?

SEN. CRAIG: Well, I don’t know where the Senate’s going to be on that issue of an up or down vote on impeachment, but I will tell you that the Senate certainly can bring about a censure reslution and it’s a slap on the wrist. It’s a, “Bad boy, Bill Clinton. You’re a naughty boy.”

The blogosphere is on fire with news of Craig’s arrest and sentencing, with the news upstaging Gonzales’ resignation this morning. Here’s a roundup of the discussion via Memeorandum at: Newshoggers, Clayton Cramer’s Blog, Pam Spaulding weighs in on AmericaBlog, Seeing The Forest, The Jawa Report, Pottersville, and Blue Oregon.

UPDATE: On The Politico, Jonathan Martin points out that Senator Craig is “is one of Mitt Romney’s top backers in the Senate,” and a “clip of Craig praising Romney was until just moments ago available on Romney’s YouTube channel, but is now listed as “a private video.””

UPDATE 2: There is some controversy here in the comments over whether Senator Craig is Mormon or not. His bio on Congress.org lists him as Methodist.


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  • 80 Responses to “Breaking: Senator Larry Craig Arrested, Pleads Guilty Following Incident in Airport Restroom”

    1. I believe that he exposed himself to the guy at the next stall only because he is proud of his endowment, and not meaning to be in any way suggestive. Most guys will tell you that this is all pretty common stuff.

    2. I am overjoyed with this news!! As so often proven, these god-fearing, bible toteing, born again, republicans are often proven pure hypcrites. They use bigotry to block the passage of gay hate crime legislation, work to assure that “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” remains military policy, block the right of gays to adopt children, and work overtime to prevent the legalization of gay marriage or gay civil unions. When will the public at large wake up and see thru the absolute hypocracy of these bigoted and self serving political and religious figures? Our Constitution gurantees that ALL American’share the right to “The pursuit of happiness”, not just straight Americans. Although an ordained Baptist minister Jimmy Carter publicly stated that he never permitted his personal religious beliefs to influence his secular role as President of the United States. Congressmen, Senators, judges, and Presidents, although sworn in on the Bible, swear to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. Note that they are NOT sworn to defend the King James version of the Bible.
      The hypocracy of these men is equal to the hypocracy of some of our founding fathers who, although owning slaves and viewing them as inately inferior, had no qualms about having sex with them and fathering babies!!
      These narrow minded hypocrites should have the book thrown at them!!

    3. “ArchPundit points to a transcript”

      No he doesn’t.

      Does anyone actually have the transcript? Meet the Press’ website only has transcripts back to 2003.

    4. Here’s a man, who defends the marriage act defining a union between a woman and a man, votes against a hate crimes bill, a devout Mormon, and on the board of directors of the National Rifle Association, all the while is fooling around in men’s restrooms, adult bookstores, and snorting cocain with pages. OMG! I guess it’s understanable that someone is more comfortable have sex in a bathroom stall or a booth in an adult bookstore, since all they know is how to remain in the closet. Could we have another gay man apologizing for being a republican congressman? Shakespeare wrote it best in Hamlet, “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.” You can’t help but love the hypocracy of the republicans and people like Craig, who hide behind their wives’ apron strings and the LDS, ad infinitum ad nausaem. Let’s start a hall of shame, starring Mark Foley, Ted Haggard, Larry Craig, KKKarl Rove, and all the other republican hippocrits who hide out in bathrooms and closets alike.

    5. For what it’s worth, Larry Craig is a methodist. He’s not a mormon (LDS) as insinuated above.

    6. Except that he is NOT a Mormon.

    7. Larry Craig is NOT LDS (Mormon)

    8. Gary Koinm’s comments are interesting. Vindictive and an obvious lashout of the conservatives on the surface, it’s actually a valid indictment of Liberals. You see, Mr. Craig (who’s not a Mormon BTW), is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He’s a Republican in Name only. In his actual mind and heart, he obviously believes much differently than he professes in his politics and Gary is right, he “doth protest too much.”

      Watch how quickly the Conservatives will disavow this goon. He doesn’t hold the principals that guide conservatives and having been discovered doesn’t deserve to number himself among their ranks.

      I leave this question with you, is he a conservative or liberal? In affiliations and his speech, he may have appeared conservative, but in his personal conduct, he’s obvious liberal (at least sexually speaking). So, without invalidating the conservative agenda, he’s actually a liberal and thus the hypocracy is found in liberals like him.

    9. The world would be a better place if everyone understood our nation is secular, and our constitution allows every citizen to believe and practice their religion as long as that practice is not illegal, or brings any harm to the other citizens.

      “No adult person is free from all guilt.”

      Our nation continues with the freedoms for all citizens.. This is the greatest nation known by most humankind. This world would be a better place if those warriors of politics would direct their attention to our Declaration of Independence, the highest example a nation can look to; and “The Constitution of the United States of America.

      I am not gay, but at one time, I was monogamous, a married male with two children that have gone on into their lives as very productive citizens for our nation. I am 62 years old, male, and do not have any present understanding of any sexuality, I guess I am a neuter now.

      With serving in our military and other government work, I experienced dramatic experiences, which I was not ordered to do, just taught to do. My guilt is that I was the one giving the orders and the teacher that took life from many other citizens of this planet. Now, I am told I have PTSD, because all I do, is sit in my house and cry all day long until night comes and hope when I go to sleep I will not wake up the next morning. Our government takes very good care of me and all my friends make sure I cannot commit suicide as I have tried several times in the past.

      I was a Mormon at one time, like Senator Larry Craig, but was excommunicated for not supporting the leadership of the Mormon Church, and I publicly presented my opinion about religion, which was different from the Mormon Church.

      That opinion was; “All religions are true for those that believe in them.” I taught my beliefs at the University of Utah, under Free “U.”

      If you are a democrat, republican, independent, or what ever, if you could put you attention back to the Summum Bonum = the “Declaration of Independence and the highest example a nation can look to, = “The Constitution of the United States of America;” and then look to your questions about Senator Larry Craig, you would not being attacking him, you would helping him. You would want to assist Larry Craig, and his Mormon religion would allow him to be who he really is, rather than trying to punish him for your political believed benefit.

      Allow Senator Larry Craig to be who he is, and if you do not become a warrior to destroy him, that destruction you could have created for him, will not be the destruction that comes around and destroys you in the future.

      Summum has been trying to be allowed to speak about our religion in the public forum for thirty years and have been denied, because some citizens believe only their religion should have a place in the park. (Summum Ten Commandments)
      Corky Ra

    10. According to more authoritative sources, Senator Craig is NOT A MORMON. So other than maybe very poor judge of character while at the voting booth by the Idaho Mormons, slamming the Mormons on this one is fallacious at best.

      Senator Craig can choose his lifestyle as he wishes, but he should not expect any support from those who do not agree with his fetishes. Historically he aligned himself with conservatives, perhaps aspiring to those values without actually internalizing and living up to those values. It remains that he broke the laws as they apply to restrooms in the Minniapolis Airport and there is no contest in that he plead (admitted) to the charges.

      I would not expect that he will further benefit from the good will and support of the people of Idaho and in the long run should have affiliated himself with a political party that tolerates his true inner desires and lack of values.

    11. Corky Ra: I’ve walked past your Summum place (Temple?, Church?, Cathedral?) numerous times but I’ve never stopped to visit. An outsiders view is that it doesn’t seem particularly inviting.

      I do give you all of the respect in the world, though, for the fight that you and Brian Barnard are conducting with regards to the Ten Commandments being displayed on government land.

    12. I hate to disappoint all of you but I have seen Senator Craig in my ward several times. Me thinks he is LDS.

    13. That’s the problem with crazy liberals, they can never check the facts. Larry Craig is not Mormon.

    14. John Smith, what stake/ward do you attend?

      Nice try, but Larry Craig’s own bio says he’s methodist, not LDS:

    15. Dave F and Patrick

      Check the post, there is link to Congress.org that says he’s a Methodist.

    16. If you look around the internet, you’ll find no shortage of references to Craig’s interest in young men. It has been noticed for a long time. No doubt the men in the upper layers of the mormon pyramid knew that, in time, Craig was going to become an embarrassment to the LDS. I would not be surprised to find that he describes himself as a Methodist as a cover. First, it would make his Mormon superiors happy. Secondly, it would make him appear to be christian, and more likely to be elected. The mormons, who knew him to be mormon, would vote for him, and so would his constituents who don’t know any better and think that he’s christian. And, as a mormon, it’s ok to lie (use any word that fits, if you don’t like “lie”) if it’s good for God or the LDS. Take your pick. Having a member of the LDS as a congressman is good for the LDS. Having one as president is over-the-top good.

    17. John Smith, then that shows the ULTIMATE brown-nosing….. even for a closet homosexual. According to the info he supplied Congress, he’s methodist.

    18. Jinger, once again – Larry Craig ISN’T MORMON. Unbelievable how anti-mormon bigots can take something like an outing of a gay Methodist Senator and turn it into an indictment of the Mormon church.

    19. To all:

      Amazing that most of the comments have come down to rather Craig is a Methodist or a Mormon. First thing that I did was want to find out if he was Mormon. I was glad when I found out that he was not. I am LDS and unfortunately found myself feeling better that he was not LDS. Sorry for the way I thought about this.

      It shouldn’t be about religion but it is! That is why I think that our nation is great. Our nation is a melting pot of different cultures and religions. It is taking those differences and learning to avoid being judgemental of one or the other

    20. I’m not amused about any of it. The liberals/Dems are snickering like 10 year olds telling toilet jokes because a Repub got caught tapping his foot. And the mormons are so anxious to prove that Craig isn’t isn’t a mormon that they’ll gladly believe his bio at the .gov website stating that he’s a Methodist. The entire herd is breathing a collective sigh of relief, rather than asking themselves how a Methodist could possibly have been elected senator from such a mormon state as Idaho. Let’s get real: After reading the police statements about the arrest, it’s obvious that Craig lied at least twice, probably more, and you know what–I bet he would lie about other things, including his religion! And I doubt that any of the mormons are going to do enough research to find out if Craig has ever even attended a methodist church. But, all that aside, maybe it’s just me, but I think the biggest lie is his marriage.

      But enough about Craig. He’s history, politically speaking, don’t you think?

      So, as of today, summing up the election “hopefuls”, we’re down to the Bad and the Ugly in the Dem’s camp, each trying to out-christian each other this past week in their speaking engagements. They’ve each got their usual bag of “hope” to sell and no potential for the kind of leadership that our country deserves. And the Repubs have a good manager at the top who doesn’t really fit the narrow niche the conservative right has carved for the perfect candidate, and then there’s a man with broader appeal who still won’t say if he’s running. There’s a man who can’t afford his campaign any more because nobody really likes him any more, and a mormon who’ll say anything to get elected, and certainly has done so in the past. And, of course, having the CIA and FBI riddled with mormons is enough. Why put one at the top, too? This election is happening at the most critical point in our history since the beginning of WWII, and instead of playing political games, we should be seeking out the right leader, the one that can handle the large international security problems and our own national economic problems that presently face us. And any person with even the slightest understanding of economics knows that “redistributing the wealth” is not the answer. If you are both intelligent and conscious, you realize that it isn’t even part of the question. So where does that leave us, in the search for a leader who is up to the challenges? Can anyone here stop giggling long enough to have a respectable thought?

    21. Jinger (16) writes:

      “If you look around the internet, you’ll find no shortage of references to Craig’s interest in young men. It has been noticed for a long time. No doubt the men in the upper layers of the mormon pyramid knew that, in time, Craig was going to become an embarrassment to the LDS. I would not be surprised to find that he describes himself as a Methodist as a cover. First, it would make his Mormon superiors happy. Secondly, it would make him appear to be christian, and more likely to be elected. The mormons, who knew him to be mormon, would vote for him, and so would his constituents who don’t know any better and think that he’s christian.”

      Yes, that’s what we nefarious Mormons do. We claim to be members of other faiths (in Idaho!) to, um, make ourselves more electable.

      Mitt Romney didn’t bother to hide his Mormonism in _Massachusetts_. But apparently Craig is hiding his covert Mormonism in Idaho, the second-most-LDS state in the union.

      Alternatively, Craig could really be a Methodist, like he says in his official bio. But your conspiracy theory makes _much_ more sense.

    22. Kaimi, you didn’t really read that paragraph did you? Why don’t you try that first, sweetie? Grandma here will just hang around and wait for the light to come on.

    23. Jinger,

      And the Mormons would know of his double-top-secret Mormonism . . . how? Oh, yeah. Through the secret Mormon telegraph, and the secret newsletter. Shh. Don’t tell anyone.

      Gordon Smith doesn’t bother to hide his faith in Oregon; Orrin Hatch in Utah; Romney in Massachusetts; and so on. And hey, politically embarrassing Mormons certainly aren’t kept under wraps. (Ever heard of Evan Meacham?)

      Apply Occam’s razor. The guy’s a Methodist.

    24. Kaimi, you act like politicians are never discussed by mormons.

    25. There is some controversy over whether Senator Craig is Mormon or not. His bio on Congress.org lists him as Methodist.

      Yes, I can see how his official congressional biography listing him as a Methodist would generate a controversy over whether he is a Mormon.

      Go after this guy because of his actions. But, leave my religion out of it. In fact leave all religion out of it. I know of no Christian religious movement that teaches such activity is appropriate. Your continued insistence to link this to Mormonism or any religious group reflects your own bigotry.

    26. Guy Murray

      Let me clarify that added that statement as 2nd update to the post because the conversation in the comments veered to whether or not Craig was Mormon. It was not discussed in the original post until commenters brought it up. Finally, this blog is insisting on linking any religious group to the incident. Thank you for your concern. I have to agree, it’s inappropriate.

    27. Jinger, dang you are so arrogant and conceited.
      “Kaimi, you didn’t really read that paragraph did you? Why don’t you try that first, sweetie? Grandma here will just hang around and wait for the light to come on.”

      And saying something like, “And, of course, having the CIA and FBI riddled with mormons is enough. Why put one at the top, too?” is not bigoted?!?

      I am really getting tired of these people who profess that religion is not important yet they bring it up every chance they get.
      Could it be that Mormons and non-mormons in Idaho might look at a canidate’s creditials and political beliefs and vote on that rather than his religious preference? The fact that you believe a Mormon would never elect someone who is not of their faith really shows your ignorance.

      While you might not agree with mormons or maybe you think the mormons are a bunch of wierdos, hasn’t the mormons who have been elected prove that they can govern and make their own decisions regardless of their faith? Example: Mitt Romney and Harry Reid. Both LDS, yet have some major differences in opinion. And that’s fine. I expect the same thing from Catholics, protastants or Jews.
      Elect the guy or gal based on their politics not what is listed under religion.

    28. 1. Kaimi needs to read and think before she/he types.

      2. I’m not in favor of any one religion dominating the FBI or CIA and certainly not the presidency, along with both of those entities.

      3. You need to read some history about the LDS.

      Bye, kids!

    29. Jinger,

      We have read plenty of Anti-Mormon “history” as you call it. Then, we have read and learned about what really has occurred through actual journal entries of people who have no reason to lie when they right in their own journals. Do you lie to yourself in your journal? Do you tell distorted, half-truths? Do you even have a journal or know what one is?
      Sure, we can read up on your LDS “history” and be filled with 99% garbage and deliberate distortions. Really. Try not to act like you have everything figured out. You are either an excommunicated Mormon, a “Christian” who believes it is okay to slam other religions, or you are just incredibly insecure and ignorant. Please refrain from making any more absurd comments and leave the mormons alone. Thanks.

    30. Attention Mormons. Be prepared to get slammed. Don’t even try to seek refuge from bias and prejudice because safe harbor is no where to be found. Don’t even hope to become popular, understood, or even tolerated. Every race, creed, gender, gender preference, religion, philosophy is untouchable in this country, except yours. Get used to it.

      A methodist from Idaho commits a grotesque indiscretion in a terminal restroom and you will will be scrutinized and blamed. You will be entangled in a grand conspiracy at every turn. Get used to it. Nero burnt down Rome and blamed it on your predecessors, so why should you be exempt.

      Your prophet was murdered by a mob and the nation that is founded upon God and rule of law chased you across the plains in the dead of winter. But they didn’t stop there, they sent an army out to further squash you, while drafting your young men into a different army to fight their war in Mexico.

      Later, after you ceased practicing polygamy, and even denounced it and began ex-communicating practitioners from your congregations, Hollywood and the main stream media immediately associate every reference to Polygamy with your faith.

      Give Blacks the priesthood, and 4 decades later, you are labeled as racist, even though your Joseph Smith ran his presidential ticket in part on an abolitionist platform.

      Point is, nothing you can do will ever make you popular. NOTHING. Nothing you can say or do will appease the vitriol of the righteous Christian brotherhood or the Gays and Lesbians, or the NAACP, or the ACLU, or any segment of society. You will never be protected by political correctness, nor any restraint of slander. Even when a bold soul unconnected with your faith rises up in defense of the defenseless, the clamor of a dozen detractors will overcome the sensibility of the world.

      So why do you bother? Give it up. Being popular and understood, or even tolerated isn’t what it’s cut out to be.

    31. Idaho’s Sen. Larry Craig

      * Voted YES on constitutional ban of same-sex marriage. (Jun 2006)
      * Voted NO on adding sexual orientation to definition of hate crimes. (Jun 2002)
      * Voted NO on expanding hate crimes to include sexual orientation. (Jun 2000)
      * Voted YES on prohibiting same-sex marriage. (Sep 1996)
      * Voted NO on prohibiting job discrimination by sexual orientation. (Sep 1996)

      Who cares if he is a Mormon or a Methodist? The truth is he is a HYPOCRITE! He as railed against gay rights and hid behind “Family Values” for so long, that I suspected he fooled the Idaho Mormon majority into thinking he was a Mormon. Have you ever notice the “holier than thou” Republicans have a real tendency to be HYPOCRITES! (Remember Congressman Mark Foley (R), N.J. Gov. Jim McGreevey (R), anti-gay Spokane Mayor Jim West (R), Republican stalwart and Evangelical leader Ted Haggard) Hypocrisy is standard operating procedure in the GOP these days. (Those are some of the Gay hypocrites…here are some of the “straight” Republican hypocrites that that have been caught in sex scandals: cheaters Newt Gingrich, Sen. David Vitter, Con. Bob Livingston, Mayor Rudy Giuliani.)

      How about stopping the hypocrisy and getting back to the concept that “All men are created equal” and deserve equal rights!

    32. Jinger – There’s no point in reading your bigoted and pointless run-on paragraphs.

      The fact is that this man is a hypocrite. It doesn’t matter what religion he is. I feel sorry for his family (the real losers in all of this imho).

    33. Gardiner, Why can’t you libs every check your facts? Gov. Jim McGreevey was a Dem not a republican. Don’t make it seem like one of the parties has a problem and the other is perfect. Oh and let’s not forget the most embarrassing hypocrite in the last 20 years, Slick Willie. The dems have the same amount of problems as the repubs. Politicians on both sides of the asle can be hypocrites.

    34. I have to take strong dissagreement with Dave F and any other GOP apologists that it is the same for McGreevey or Clinton to be discovered in their indiscretions as W.C.* Craig or page chasing Foley. Not only is the degree of hypocracy manifold greater, but I would hold Conservative folks to a higher standard. Clinton should have been impeached for lying under oath which act seriously denegrated theoffice and its credibility, but Newt Gingrich was rightly driven from Congress because of his extra marital affair and paid speaking engagements. I would expect Clinton to sex himself in the Oval Office, but GOPs should expect much more from their candidates.

      As for Craig, roast this poor excuse for a man. What kind of decent person solicits sex in a men’s room!? Keep in your pants dude! The majority of the GOP could use a good overhaul and this guy might just end up serving as a reminder of the values we expect from Republicans and what happens when they let us down.

      * W.C. or Water Closet is the British/international term for a toilet. Being that Craig comes out of the closet while in the toilet, I thought it a perfectly appropriate.

    35. Sounds like the Mormon’s in Idaho will replace the gay Methodist with a devout Mormon as their next senator.

    36. Pamela:

      I’m the one that posted the link to Congress.org

      Learn how to read.

    37. Patrick

      My point was the link was already in the post before you posted it in the comments. Thank you.

    38. Geotopia, I agree that Repubs run more often on family values then Dems. So when a Repub does something scandelous it is obviously hypocritical. However, nearly all Dems claim the same family values. The majority of Dems are just as christian as Repubs. I think the difference is the media. While a Dem might have made nearly the exact same statements regarding family, religion and values during the campaign, no one ever holds it against them down the line.
      Your comment of “I would hold Conservative folks to a higher standard.” reflects the media veiw point as well. Why are Dems all given a pass while Repubs are crucified?
      My personal opinion is that they should all be crucified if they engage in such lewd activities regardless of party. Get ride of Craig. If others feel that what Rudy did was wrong, don’t vote for him. But for goodness sake, why is someone like William Jefferson still in Congress? Why does the media or the Democratic party not dump him like what the Repubs are doing to Craig today?

    39. Jinger (28) writes:

      “You need to read some history about the LDS.”

      This is awesome.

      Okay, Jinger, let’s compare notes. On my bookcase I’ve got five books on Mormonism by Richard Bushman, the Mormon historian and emeritus professor of history at Columbia, who won a Bancroft for his work on early American history. I’ve got Brodie’s Joseph Smith bio. Compton’s work on polygamy, as well as Van Waggoner’s. Mauss on race, and Bringhurst, and Mauss and Bush. Several of Michael Quinn’s on LDS history. Sally Gordon’s book on polygamy and law, and Kathleen Flake’s on Mormonism and politics. Bagley’s on MMM (as well as Brooks’, which is better.) Shipps. And literally dozens of others.

      So, what Mormon history exactly am I missing? If there’s a piece of Mormon history from a reputable source, chances are that I’ve read it. Name a few important books.

      Thanks for the unwarranted assumption, though.

      So far, you’ve said that all Mormons are willing to lie for political gain (16), and you’ve implied that no believing Mormons have read any LDS history (28). You’re really on a roll here, Jinger. Would you like to make any more blanket assertions?

    40. How could a Methodist get elected in a Mormon state like Idaho?
      1-The same way a Mormon could get elected in a Catholic State like Massachusetts (or a Jew, like Simon Bamburger could get elected in Utah).
      2-Certainly not by pretending to be a Methodist!
      3-Oh wait…Idaho is only 22.8% Mormon!!! (see http://sspa.boisestate.edu/ssrc/archive/2004-annualsurvey15.pdf)

    41. I find it interesting that this site says it will not post bigotted remarks yet has let Jinger say what she wants about mormons. I agree with most of the people on here. Leave Religion out of it. If course he should have acted in a different manner and I hope Idahoans aren’t stupid enough to re-elect him. I believe that all elected officials should be held to a higher standard not because of religion or an affiliation with one group or another but because of the sacred trust that they have been given to lead a free people. I, as I think most people in this country, are tired of the games that both sides are playing. When you look at the main issues, they are practically the same at the top levels. There are a few major differences, Taxes, Gay Rights, The size of Governemt, Abortion yet even that line has become very blurred, they don’t tell us that. The appearance of grand difference between the parties gives them more power and money than would a united front. This country is in serious need of a new party who’s interests are more in line with the best interests of the nation. It’s all about the money, it’s not about the best interest of you and I, the little guy. They wait for the next disaster to happen so they can go park 50,000 unused trailers in a swamp in Mississippi and pay a contractor $20,000,000.00 to develop a 100 lot mobile home park (temporary mobile home park) with dirt roads. I did a 100 lot development that was under $3,000,000.00. My point is, follow the money. Bridge collapses and two days later the talk starts heading towards more taxes to fix the bridges in the nation, and who’s going to fix them? Those who are well connected. Let’s not let a politician from either side of the aisle make another decision or even comment about the war in Iraq until they’ve spent a week on the FRONT LINES, not in some posh hotel in the middle of the best guarded piece of dirt in the world.

      Sorry, I got off on a tangent, the point is, the system is out of whack. There are politicians who maybe started with the right idea 35 years ago but are now calloused to the real needs of the nation and used to the corruption in Washington. Let’s set term limits and lower the salaries of the politicians, Make drastic changes in our Lobbying laws. And let’s change the nation for the better.

      by the way. If you really want to know about the mormons, ask a mormon, not a mormon hater. http://www.ldsl.org

    42. Typo, I meant http://www.lds.org

    43. Pssst. Jinger.

      We also arranged the death of John F. Kennedy.

      Don’t tell anyone…

    44. RT

      I’m not sure how this Mormon/anti-Mormon discussion ended up here, because the intial post had no reference to Craig’s religion. I posted the link to him being a Methodist after the first references were made in the comments that he was perhaps a Mormon.

      Quite frankly, I’d rather you all take the religious discussion elsewhere. While I find Craig’s behavior to particularly hypocritical coming from a conservative Republican, his religion, whatever it is a moot point in my opinion.

    45. Larry Craig is a good Christian! There are lots of cops who are Mormons and would you be surprised if this cop who said Senator Craig is a homosexual is a Mormon too? And whay was that cop hanging around in bathrooms! He’s goint to get smeared and then some devote Mormon who maybe really is homosexual will get ELECTED.

      [Note: the above is satire. I’m actually a Unitarian Particularist, not a Jinger].

    46. Pamela,

      Bigotry should be confronted wherever it appears. It was wrong for Jinger to express bigotry on this page; but right for others to challenge his bigotry. Bigotry will only go away when we don’t tolerate it in our midst.

    47. …also, I think the fact that people are so quick to assume he is a Mormon, suggests a subconscious bias. Would we tolerate the same discussion if the topic were a disgraced politician from New York, and someone asked “isn’t he Jewish”? I think not. Why has this site not blocked out Jinger’s bigoted comments?

    48. Dave

      I think there’s been a lot of senseless banter on this that borders on intolerence more than bigotry. That said, since commenter Kaimi has drawn attention to this post by linking ot it on a Mormon blog, which did not even reference Craig’s religion until someone did in the comments, I think it’s time to close open commenting here.

      I can only assume that because Craig was involved in the Romney campaign some people might think that Craig is Mormon. Clearly as the link to Congress.org shows he’s not.

    49. Larry Craig is a Mormon. He was in my ward in Moscow Idaho. One of those Angry white men.

    50. I feel bad for Mr. Craig; he was brought up to detest people for their sexuality and could possibly hate himself because of that upbringing. It’s a shame he wasn’t born years later in a more open minded environment. In the same respect, if Mr. Craig is not gay I hope this will help him see first hand the degradation closeted men go through seeking some type of fulfilling intimacy. If airports are having so much trouble with their bathrooms being a venue for gay sex, then maybe this problem is far larger than one government official. Why do we continue to drive people to shameful desperation with intolerance? Be aware that at some point in your family lineage someone is going to be faced with the challenge of homosexuality and no law you draft will change their sexual orientation, on the same note laws can be drafted to change minds.

      I personally don’t care if Mr. Craig is or isn’t gay, I’m certain that his relationship with his wife is not without pleasure; whether it be their sexual intimacy or chatting and watching the Golden Girls. The fact of the matter is he has contributed to the laws that have driven these types of witch hunts and I hope that this is a valuable lesson of the types of narrow-mindedness he has helped generate.

    51. If only there were more mormons like Harry Reid, then there wouldn’t be such a backlash about this situation. But when the country is bombarded with “ultra-conservative” mormons who have regular “revelations of convenience”, it makes a lot of us wary about the group as a whole, particularly the politisizing and power-seeking that the mormon church does in seemingly all walks of life. Not much separation there.
      I have met wonderful individual mormons, but the “group think” brainwashing that occurs in the church is truly scary. It makes no sense that there isn’t a more balanced political view of the world within the ranks of the church.
      I wonder how Harry Reid ever survived in that church.

    52. I have checked a couple of Internet sites and clearly Sen. Larry Craig is Methodist — he is not and never was a Mormon.

      You only discredit your cause when you don’t get your facts staight.

      I think those who vitriolically try to pin membership in the Mormon Church on him are clearly showing their bigotry and hatred against Mormons.

      This kind of smearing be quickly denounced if directed at Jews or Muslims. Is there a double standard when it comes to Mormons?

      Lets face it: There are a lot of Mormon voters in Idaho. It’s not surprising that Sen. Craig visited a Mormon church from time to time.

      I know of Democrat Catholic politicians who have courted Jewish voters in the same way. Visiting a synagogue does not mean they are Jewish.

      I agree that Sen. Craig is a hypocrit. There have been persistent rumours about him being gay for years. I doubt that these are totally baseless. And the more vehemently he denies the more suspicious I get….

    53. Who among you here has not sinned let him cast the first stone.

      We all think were perfect. If you think you are! try feeding a multitude with a piece of bread or maybe try walking on water.

      I am a Mormon, and I don’t judge Sen Craig of his actions, but he should know by now that ” you shall reap what you sow “.

      There are good and bad people in both the Methodist and the Mormon church, that’s why we all go to church, to be reminded, to repent and to renew our covenants with God.

    54. What is Sad is not that Senator Craig has or has not done any of this, nor that he is or is not a hypocrite; but that the Government and Police consider that They have to do anything about this at all, when precious Time and Money could better be spent on Real Crime and Real Problems…

      I feel as safe and secure now as anyone could have felt living under the KGB or the GESTAPO…

    55. so…as christians….mormon or not, why do you have to argue about it. be respectful of other peoples beliefs and just live you’re own.

    56. and if the mormon religion is wrong or not. It teaches very high morals and is very family oriented. I am not mormon, but have researched the religion and met many mormons and they are fine people.

    57. The question should never be “What religion is he?” But should be “Has this man shown qualities that I want representing me in my government?”

      My current answer is no. This is simply due to how he handled himself while being questioned. He did not exhibit those qualities.

    58. Reading this useless banter has yet once again proven to me the truth of the (now old) adage, “Arguing on the Internet is like running in the Special Olympics: even if you win, you’ll still look like a retard.”

    59. I came to this site to see if the guy espoused ANY religion, since he seems 100% not what he is in reality. Imagine the conflict of being gay, and voting against every gay bill put before him? Perhaps he’s just insane? Multiple personalities? I do feel very sorry for that clueless wife, keeping the stiff upper lip as she listens to his lies unravel.

      Lots of good points have been made here.

      A friend of mine (Tracy Gardner)has a film he wrote opening in California, Florida, Idaho, Utah and a few limited places September 14. It’s called “Return With Honor-A Missionary Homecoming” and it deals with issues expressed here. I got to see a screener copy, and, I’m telling you, it’s not your typical Mormon/Christian film. It shows all the warts, and makes you think. It’s one every Jew, Muslim, and Agnostic should see, too. I hope it does so well in it’s limited engagement that it goes to theaters all over the USA, because, judging from this site, we all sure need it.

    60. Sybil

      “judging from this site”

      FYI, the people commenting here about Craig’s religion are not regulars here, in fact they all just showed up and starting spouting about whether or not Craig is a Mormon or a Methodist.

      Thanks for the info about the film.

    61. Geotopia writes: “Gary Koinm’s comments are interesting. Vindictive and an obvious lashout of the conservatives on the surface, it’s actually a valid indictment of Liberals. You see, Mr. Craig (who’s not a Mormon BTW), is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He’s a Republican in Name only. In his actual mind and heart, he obviously believes much differently than he professes in his politics.”

      That may be the funniest thing I’ve read yet in this entire sordid affair. A “wolf in sheep’s clothing”? So after 26 years of carrying out the conservative agenda, now conservatives are not only throwing Senator Craig under the bus, but they’re also claiming “he was never one of us anyway”? Outstanding.

      “Watch how quickly the Conservatives will disavow this goon. He doesn’t hold the principals that guide conservatives and having been discovered doesn’t deserve to number himself among their ranks.”

      Yeah, despite being feted with every conservative award by every conservative organization out there over the past 26 years. Now, suddenly, he’s “not one of us.”

      “I leave this question with you, is he a conservative or liberal?”

      He’s a conservative, my friend, no matter how much you try to distance yourself.

      “In affiliations and his speech, he may have appeared conservative, but in his personal conduct, he’s obvious liberal (at least sexually speaking).”

      LOL. I’d be willing to bet dollars to donuts that if you polled the voting and political preferences of public bathroom sex perverts, they are overwhelmingly conservative Republicans. *Guaranteed.*

    62. Normally, I’d agree that taking down the hate posts is a good idea. But here, we seem to have opened the festering wound that no one really seems to be dealing with this year, and so the Klannish anti-Mormonism displayed here is highly instructive.

      Kudos to Pamela for having the courage to keep them up, rather than simply doing the PC thing and suppressing them.

      Some thoughts: First, the question has been raised, is anti-Mormon bigotry being posted in this thread?

      Yes. Sad to say. I grew up around Mormons, and was even a Mormon cub scout, and the love/hate relationship between Mormons and their neighbors in the West is well-known and equally unarticulated. It is the Dirty Secret of the American West.

      The problem is writ deeply into American history, and any cursory glance at the WHY of the Mormon migration to “Deseret” and the Great Salt Lake will tell you that this is an old and deep problem. Seen from their point of view, a deep-seated fear and paranoia about their “Christian” neighbors is justifiable, given the history.

      Right now “September Morn” is playing in theaters, retelling the story of the Mountain Meadows Massacre. I agree that the story needs to be told. Mormons ain’t all saints. But the timing and the intent seems unmistakable.

      Make no mistake: I think Mitt Romney is a grade-A liar, skunk and asshole who will say or do anything to get elected, and I wouldn’t hire him to watch my DOG for an hour. But that comes of his astonishing flip-flops, and his blatant law-breaking to become a Massachusetts “resident” prior to his successful run for governor. NOT because of his Mormonism, which undoubtedly would condemn his actions.

      But the release of September Morn to smear ALL Mormons just to get Romney seems astonishingly stoooopid and vile.

      SO: can you characterize a religion via one of its adherents? And, worse, can you claim a non-adherent to be an adherent JUST to bash the religion? Evidently yes, and I offer the case of Osama bin Laden as an alternate example.

      Personally, NO. Otherwise, Christianity could be neatly characterized by Judas (no matter how ofttimes apt the characterization, it’s still specious).

      But, for those NOT from hyper-Red-state Idaho, I offer this additional bit of orientation: “He’s a Republican in Name only. In his actual mind and heart, he obviously believes much differently than he professes in his politics.”(from Geotopia above)

      The Idaho RINO hunt was put online last year by Howie Rich’s Idaho agent Laird Maxwell (since moved to Arizona) with his own “RINO” website HERE

      Googling Idaho RINO will turn up a gazillion links (OK, about 121,000) to the favorite sport of a homogenous batch of Right wing nuts who don’t have any Democrats or Liberals to bash, so, instead, they eat their own.

      Mix Idaho Red-State bigotry with anti-Mormon bigotry and you’ve got … well, a big chunk of this thread.

      Which brings us back to Mormons and anti-Mormon bigotry. I was raised by a devout Christian (by devout, I mean that everything was either Jesus’ fault, Jesus’ forgiveness, or was rationalized via Jesus) who maintained an uneasy truce with Mormons. On the one hand, she went in for their annual food bulk buys. On the other hand, privately, she cautioned that they were dangerous heretics.

      But, since I don’t have a dog in this fight, I don’t find the mythology of either side any stranger or bizarre than the other. So, we have to judge people by what they DO.

      And, in a half-century of dealing with Mormons, I generally find them to be decent, law-abiding and caring neighbors.

      This is the substrate of the 2008 GOP nomination race, and the sorts of bigoted, Klannish comments seen here are little different from those made in the 1920s about Catholics, or those being made about Muslims in 2007. It’s time to face the deep-seated anti-Mormon bigotry squarely, and say IT’S WRONG.

      If they want to believe in the Easter Bunny, that’s their affair, and the First Amendment gives them that freedom. So let’s acknowledge that anti-Mormon bigotry is as wrong as any other sort. And let’s add anti-Muslim bigotry while we’re at it.

      Bigotry in the name of “Jesus” is still bigotry. Just ask the Ku Klux Klan.

      “By their fruits ye shall know them,” is a statement that Christians, Mormons and Muslims all have in their sacred writ, and that’s still a good standard by which to judge.

      Attacking Craig as a RINO or a Mormon only highlights the bigot making the attack. It says nothing about Senator Craig or his own self-made hell.

    63. Mormon bred and raised and residing in Utah, I can honestly say that I’ve seen the leadership of the Mormon Church squeeze Mormon politicans for votes on only rare occasions. The most overt manifestation of this is a reading from the pulpit of a “statement from The First Presidency”. On the local scene, their efforts, while rare, are universally successful. This “participation in the political process” is deemed offensive by the one side and innocuous by the other. Thus the divide referenced by Hart.

    64. Jinger (28) is an insecure idiot with a chip on his shoulder and certainly works a blue collar job.
      Craig is Methodist and contributes to my Methodist congretion, dorks!

      The Mormorn religion holds no record for more saints or sinnners than other religion, so why beat them up so much? What is everyone so afraid of? What religion is Hillary Clinton? John McCain? Mike Huckabee?

      Give the people of Idaho some credit – mostly Mormon and certainly conservative, they elected one of the great democratic senators of our time – Frank Church – and reelected him 3 times. They elected the man – his religion was secondary. And guess what – he was not MORMON.

      Where are you bigots from? The 1950’s? Wake up – it is 2007.

      Romney saved the SLC Olympics. Massachsetts – a democratic bastion – elected the guy. I am going to give the guy a chance before I write him off.

    65. Uh, excuse me, I was here and I would never say that Romney “saved the Olympics”. Whoever the Mormon Church chose to do the same thing for them (and there are many who could have been picked) would have had the same results. Romney got the pick solely because there are those who wanted to see that on his resume, and that is reason enough to write him off.

    66. The Church of Jesus Christ (LDS) is often misunderstood . . Some accuse the Church of not believing in Christ and, therefore, not being a Christian religion . . http://mormonsarechristian.blogspot.com/ helps to clarify such misconceptions by examining early (First Century) Christianity’s understanding of baptism, the Godhead, the deity of Jesus Christ and His Atonement. The Church of Jesus Christ (LDS) adheres to Early Christian theology more closely than other Christian denominations.

    67. Bot: I think your insights are better served on another thread. The point of this conversation has been that it is NOT a conversation about Mormonism.

    68. What a bunch of ding bats.
      Senator Larry Craig is not Mormon. What’s wrong with you idiots…. is not seeing a Conservative Methodist fall pleasing enough. Why are you so hell bent on sticking it to Mormons?

    69. Darrell, (in response to post 65)
      Come on now what is this crap about padding resumes… How silly. Talk about padding… look at some of the other canidates, Obama has extra padding. If we went by Legitimate Resumes we would have somebody like Dick Cheney as President or someone like that…and we know that aint going to happen.

      Besides you can thank the Left for creating the Olympic scandal because there really was no scandal at least not any worse than any other Olympic scandal… It was only because the Mormon factor that it became a scandal. And so in around about way the Left helped pad Romney’s Resume.. Because Romney saved us from a scandal that didn’t exist. It was again the hatred of Mormons that drove the scandal story.

    70. Troll alert. (As if “Mike Moore” wasn’t enough of a giveaway.)

    71. Mike Moore aka John

      Thank you for sharing. Most of the folks commenting here have come from one website and from what I can see it’s not a liberal website at all. So before you judge what the left has done, ask yourself what conservatives arguing over who’s religion is better have done.

      This conversation was never about Craig’s religion – Mormon or Methodist until someone dropped the Mormon bombshell in the comments.

    72. You guys don’t get the joke? of course Mike Moore…Angry White Men. You totally missed the point. Of course My name isn’t Mike Moore.

    73. I just do not understand why we allow such double standards in our party. I don’t think we should be bashing anyone. Why do we say: “Bashing or attacking members of The Democratic Daily or Democratic leaders in office or candidates will not be tolerated.” That infers we can bash any other parties leaders and frankly I am sick of it. We need to be more about the business of defending America and doing constructive work to celebrate successes and solve problems in this great country.

      We need to look at facts before we decide on courses of action. I am sick of emotional decisions when we need to be objective too.

      I can not stand the fact that our current Congress is the worst I have ever seen and it is our Party’s fault. We have become negative and too political. What happened to the Democratic Party of Truman and Kennedy?

      Also Leave Larry Craig alone. He is a Methodist..so what!? If he is Gay so what? Good grief, can’t a person make a mistake and be forgiven???

      Remember one thing..we are Americans..not Democrats, Republicans, or whatever. Let’s behave like it, there is good work to do!

    74. Jeff Williams

      Thank you. You make some good points. The comments policy is supposed to infer that we don’t allow intercine party squabbling, but yes, the negativity is way our of hand all the way around these days. And yes there is good work to do. We try to focus on that here as much as possible.

    75. Jeff Williams:

      There is right, and there is wrong.

      Larry Craig is wrong. He’s wrong ten ways to Sunday, so don’t try to murk the waters up.

      (This is what you get when you’ve got a country run by lawyers: an Aristophanes play, specifically, ‘The Frogs’).

      Somehow, in all of this, you’ve decided that we’re wrong, you’re right, and we’re the ones running the long Mormon bash-and-defend portion of this threat. No regular poster here has ever made an issue of Methodism or Mormonism, other than to say, they don’t have anything to do with the price of beans.

      And yes, “John,” I got your joke. It just wasn’t funny. It started out trying to be witty, but failed by 50%.

      Now: sorry that we can’t be sweetness and light all the time, but ’tain’t a’gonna happen. Mostly because we live in a world in which polite discourse is a sort of lost art.

      Most people here tend to respond IN KIND to comments. If they’re “Yew LIBurULz are all worng. Hyuck, hyuck,” we don’t bother with the napkin rings and the shrimp forks.

      So, let’s all get along, OK? It looks like Larry Craig is going to be with us for a long, long time yet to come.

    76. Hart

      It does look like Larry is reconsidering his resignation. :roll:

    77. That was what I meant by “a long, long time yet to come.” 😯 😯 😯

    78. After all this time, I still haven’t heard anyone explore the facts to see if the Senator was traveling!? If there is no record of him arriving or preparing to depart on any flight to/from that airport then what was he doing there? –Instant guilty!

    79. A few weeks ago a picture of the Minneapolis restroom was shown where this Crag incident alledgedly happened. Did you notice the two stalls had the cammodes close together? (The cammodes were not in the center of the stalls). If a man has a wide stance, and if it is his habit, he could easily shove his foot into the next stall without thinking about it. And it isn’t too far of a reach to see his left hand with the wedding band.

      I have been in restrooms where this has been the same exact placement of cammodes in the stalls. I think he should be given the benefit of the doubt.

      It is not uncommon to admit to something when you want it to be over with. M-a-n-y travelers have paid traffic fines so as to avoid coming back to the part of the country they received a traffic violation and they believed they were innocent. They just want it to be over with. I am sickened by the idea of these lewd acts and I wouldn’t be tolerate of such an act, but there are some intelligent people without the sense of how hey handle themselves, even if it is innocent.

    80. Parse it any way you will. If he was innocent, he had every opportunity to consult with a lawyer in the nearly two months that he took to plead guilty. Then he said that it was because the Idaho Statesman was investigating him. Then he said he was going to resign. Then he said he wouldn’t if the judge let him withdraw his guilty plea to make the same lame argument YOU just made. Then he said he wasn’t going to resign at all.

      Am I leaving anything out?

      Oh, yes. There’s the little matter of his lying phone message, left on the wrong phone machine, where the explains that it’s his intention to weasel, to lie and to prevaricate.

      Whether or not Larry was caught in the men’s room (and I have no doubt that he was) he has shown himself to be a liar extraordinaire, or are you going to try and explain that one away, too?

      Come on. Even Larry Craig doesn’t believe what Larry Craig says. Why do you?

      Denial isn’t just a river in Africa.