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’08 Watch: Clinton vs. The GOP Nominee

by Pamela Leavey

First, I want to say I’ve been writing a lot about Hillary Clinton of late because as a woman, I’m fascinated by the strength her campaign is showing. Say what you will about her, if she’s not the candidate of your choice, she’s steam rolling in my opinion and it’s a little hard to ignore. The meme about her negatives has been debunked some, she’s showing a lot of strength out here in CA in the polls and now Chris Bowers of Open Left has some numbers that are quite interesting.

Bowers is projecting that Hillary could wipe the floor with either Romney or Giuliani. He’s pieced “together maps showing the state by state general election between both Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani, and also between Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney” and either way she comes up on top:

Clinton 335-203 Giuliani

Clinton 430-108 Romney

I’m still not jumping on any candidate’s bandwagon at this point… I have no horse in the race, but as I said above as a woman, I’m intriqued. And, I’m not alone. On The Garance today, Garance Franke-Ruta has a post about a Clinton event in Iowa last Saturday. Garance notes:

Survey after survey shows Hillary Clinton wiping the floor with Barack Obama when it comes to attracting non-college educated Democratic voters, especially white women who haven’t gone to college.

The reason for Clinton’s appeal “started to become clearer” at the event:

Namely, Clinton is using her stump speech to specifically recognize the non-college-educated as a constituency that needs help. Said Clinton:

    And one more thing we’ll do is were going to have work opportunities for people who don’t go to college, because — you know what? — most people of any age group don’t go to college and graduate and I’m tired of them being left out.

    Let’s have more skills programs and apprenticeship programs. Let’s help hard-working young men and women who built things like this [gestures around stadium] and keep our economy going, that were going to take care of them as well.

This statement was met with stronger applause from the audience of several hundred, arrayed in the stands of a Little League baseball stadium, than was her speech’s section on making college more affordable.

After her speech, Clinton was mobbed by people trying to get her autograph and to take pictures with her. I talked with some of them, and found that she is — just as Tom Schaller has predicted — attracting new women into the political system.

Apparently what Hillary is tapping into with these women, if you read through what she says about the women she interviewed, is similar to what John Kerry tapped into with me. I hadn’t been involved in the political process for a very long time, and as single mother and small business owner, I felt that Kerry cared about the little people. But Hillary Clinton transcends that with women, she’s a role model for their daughters, showing that “they can do anything.” A lesson I have taught my daughter. She’s broken the glass ceiling. Women are hearing the call… It’s time for the “first woman president.”

Time will tell… And I’ll repeat my advice I’ve given here often when writing about ’08… Get out there and get involved with the candidate of your choice. We’ve got a great field of Dems running. Whether it’s Clinton, Obama, Edwards, Richardson, Biden or Dodd — Let’s put a Dem in the White House!

3 Responses to “’08 Watch: Clinton vs. The GOP Nominee”

  1. I’m surprised that people are paying attention 14 months before the vote. I’ve never seen that. I’m worried about a burnout factor.

    However, it would be great if this level of interest holds, and continues growing. Turnout is the surest guarantee of a Democratic victory. If people do show in substantial numbers it will not be things like “stay the course in Iraq”, and “health maintenance accounts” that get them to the polls. They won’t, in other words, be from the right, and it becomes conceivable that the new Democratic President may even start in office with a veto proof majority in Congress.

    On the other hand, the dirty tricks from the right have not really started, so who knows.

  2. It just occurred to me that while I have been very concerned about this, suddenly I realized that is true of the past. This a very different moment in history and we might just see the resurgence of interest in not only the election process, but the political process as well.

    And if we don’t, it won’t make a lot of difference who gets elected. Just the speed we fail at.

  3. Way too early for predictions. Nothing good will come if Shillary is in office…errr…I meant Billary.

    Go Thompson!!!