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Hillary: I’m Your Girl

by Pamela Leavey

As a woman, I have to say I like the confidence that Hillary has been putting forward on the campaign and in the debates. I’m one who feels that this country is long overdue for a woman president and although I don’t agree with Hillary on some of the issues and would like to see her stronger or take a different stance on various issues, when I watched this brief video clip from the debate last night, it stirred a sense of woman’s pride:

For 15 years I have stood up against the right-wing machine, and I’ve come out stronger,” she said. “So if you want a winner who knows how to take them on, I’m your girl.”

Dan Balz reported in the WaPo that both Obama and Clinton “took the gloves off” at last night’s debate. We’re finally starting to see the candidates willing to start challenging each other, and that’s a good thing. This race isn’t decided yet. Whether or not Hillary is our “girl” remains to be seen, but as I reported here last night, she’s sounding “reasonable” and gaining the interest of folks who call themselves “normal” Americans.

Finally… To clarify once again… I’m still undecided and plan to remain that way for some time to come.

7 Responses to “Hillary: I’m Your Girl”

  1. Maybe this makes me a lover, not a fighter, but I’m tired of “strong” Presidents. The goal at this stage of evolution is to try to start bringing the Planet together. I think that there are tons more people out there interested in being seduced than there are who want to be beaten into submission.

    OPEC can’t drink its own oil. China can’t watch all of its own T.V. sets. Fewer and fewer people find everyday happiness sitting around in the dirt, reminiscing about how wonderful life was a thousand years ago, and how grateful they are that nothing has changed since then. And then there’s also the issue of how much flat out, gut wrenching grinding poverty is still spread around most of the countries on Earth.

    Imagine, for example, that the developed countries, us well off peoples, get real serious real soon about actually making massive cuts in carbon dioxide emissions. And also imagine that the third world decides not to do so. Decides that a little bit of quick and easy economic stimulation is well worth the price that both we and they have to pay. Decides that we really have rigged the game fundamentally against them so that any sacrifices being made for the common welfare are coming out of their hide and not ours.

    Just might not be the best formula for getting all of us pulling together.

    People can be mad at us. People can be jealous of us. People out there can think anything they want, but for the most part there ain’t a damn thing they can do about it. What the hell are we so afraid of?

    No, we need a President that is the smooth talker of all smooth talkers. A person who can cut deals right and left, can do business from one end of the planet to the other, and can go non stop for eight years without breaking a sweat, and without losing the magic touch.

    The last thing we need is a President of peers sternly out into space, and pronounces “I know how to protect our national interests”. Seen anybody like that around?

  2. I’ve known only recently for certain, that Hillary is my Girl, and when discussing it at a democratic meeting this month, heard gasps and genuine disbelief, since this took place in a very southern city! The south won’t elect her because they really are afraid to have the boat rocked too much…and they know Hillary will and is very committed that. Well, all I can say is rock on Hillary! Rock the damn thing as hard as you know how…I’ll be holding on for life, and everyone else better start squeezing tennis balls 24/7, cause your grip has got to keep you in the boat, so we can find the safe harbor where the boat belongs.

  3. Just my observation,

    Within the last few weeks it appears that Obama is becoming somewhat unglued, a situation that the Republican Bloc would exploit to maximum advantage.

    In comparison, Hillary appears to be staying relatively calm, unwilling to engage in a scrap with another Democrat, but preferring to stay above the fray to whatever extent possible.

    I think this is a solid move, and it should further elevate her as a credible candidate who is keeping her sights aimed at the Right Wing, rather than descending into a pyrric (sp?) victory against Obama as he goes down in flames.

    Keep Cool Hillary, Keep Your Eyes on the Prize!


  4. “I’m your girl” can be a catchy bumper sticker!

  5. After all the years that women have striven to be called women, not girls! I won’t vote for a pre-pubescent female. “Woman” or “candidate” are much more reasonable words of self-reference for Mrs. Clinton.

  6. “Within the last few weeks it appears that Obama is becoming somewhat unglued?”

    What. Obama tells the truth and some people get worked up. To listen to shrub, he’d tell us that Bin Laden is in Iraq.

    General Musharraf has to be told by someone – it won’t be shrub – that the current situation (Bin Laden running around the hills of Pakistan) won’t be tolerated forever. The American public want to hear this, too.

    Good for Obama.

  7. Well, Hillary is definitely not my “girl”. She is noted for having an inflated ego, a hot temper, an adversion to criticism, and for being a political opportunist. The primary reason that she “stood by her man” during the Monica Lewinski scandal was her belief that she needed to keep the marriage in tact in order to attain the presidency. Come on women, do you really view infidelity as a permissable marrital infraction? It has been established that Bill lied to her face until the truth could no longer be surpressed. His long established pattern of infidelity has apparently not bothered her. The use of her husband to gain the ultimate goal has always been her priority.
    Furthermore, let there be no mistake, Bill’s improprities will again be made a campaign issue if she become the Democratic nominee. Does the country really need for all of this to rehashed?
    If Hillary is elected and serves two consecutive terms, it will mean that a Bush or a Clinton will have been a part of the executive branch for 36 years!! (Bush Sr. 8 years as vice-president, Bill Clinton 8 years as president, Bush Jr. 8 years as president, then Hillary as president for 8)
    Do American’s really want a two family dynasty to control the executive branch? Perhaps after Hillary, Jeb Bush could have his alloted two terms to push the count to 42 years. Surely we can do better than this.
    I too agree that this country is LONG overdue for a female president but not this female. (I’m sorry “girl”) As far as Obama becoming “unglued”, surely you jest! He is the only democratic candidate who has had the courage to say what needs to be said. If we become 100% certain of Bin Laden’s location and that location is in the remote mountains of Pakistan, we need to take timely military action, if Musharraf refuses to do so. This is not becoming unglued, it’s a no-brainer. Obama skillfully used Hillary’s assessment of him as being naive and immature to discredit her.
    Becoming a senator from New York was again only a well planned stepping stone for this “girl’s” insatiable desire to become the first female president. As a liberal (not progressive) democrat, I truly feel Hillary would sell her very soul to achieve her goal. On the other hand, Barack can lay claim to being the ONLY domocratic candidate who has opposed the Iraq war from it’s very inception. He has the oratory skill and charisma of a J.F.K. For any who doubt this dynamic man’s moral fabric and ability, I would suggest they read his best selling book, “The Audacity of Hope.” I also have read Hillary’s ego driven book, “Living History.” Her’s essentially attempts to establish her “historical” presidential legacy prior to an innugration that she views an inevitable. It is time for us to end the Bush/Clinton family monarcy. We are ready for both a breath of fresh air and a FIRST. That “first” would be the election of Barack Obama as America’s first black president!! Let’s show the world that we a truly color blind. By the way, I am not a member of Obama’s staff, just a thoughtful democrat who is hopeful we select our best nominee!!