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Obama: The War We Need to Win

by Pamela Leavey

Barack Obama delivered a powerful speech on Wednesday about the “war we need to win.” Not Iraq. The war on terrorism. Obama’s tough talking speech has created a stir in the blogospherego here and read it, if you haven’t already.

Some of the speech reminded me of a speech or two from John Kerry about a year ago on the same subject (and this isn’t the first time I have said that Obama has taken a Kerry-esque stance). The bottom line… Bush dropped the ball when he let Osama get away at Tora Bora.

Obama seemed willing to pick the ball up and run with it from the tone of his speech. We’ll see who’ll be next on the Democratic bandwagon to to point out the flaws in Bush’s foreign policy and the notion that Democrats are willing to get the job done. I’m no hawk, but who ever takes the helm once Bush is out will have a lot of clean up to do. So let them all step up to the plate and let us know what they have in mind.

One Response to “Obama: The War We Need to Win”

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