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The Dem Daily and the ’08 Presidential Election

by Pamela Leavey

Just to set the record straight here after conflicting opinions by our writers, self included on the Clinton – Obama kerfluffle earlier this week, none of the writers here on The Dem Daily have endorsed any of the ’08 presidential candidates to date.

So as to have complete transparency, when and if I or any of the regular writers here do make the choice to support or endorsement any candidate, we will declare that here on The Dem Daily. Personally I am not looking to get involved with any campaign at this time and plan to make no decisions on who I might support for at least the next few months.

Our readers should understand that agreeing with any candidate on any of the issues or dust-ups like the recent Clinton – Obama kerfluffle, is by no means an endorsement or meant to be construed as bandwagoning for a particular candidate.

I personally feel that each of our writers should be able to express their opinions on the various candidates without those opinions being construed as endorsements until such time as any of the writers express that they are indeed endorsing any one of the candidates. And as always, with or with out endorsements, The Dem Daily’s policy remains the same, we are here for civil discussion and sometimes that means agreeing to disagree.

Thank you.

P.S. Our Blogroll now has a section for the ’08 Democratic Presidential Candidates websites. Please see our right sidebar for links.

7 Responses to “The Dem Daily and the ’08 Presidential Election”

  1. I am waiting to endorse John Kerry !!

  2. JohnG

    I hear that. Last night after posting this I thought to myself, I really can’t get excited to endorse anyone. I may just stay out of the fray and not.

  3. johng,

    I think a lot of us are waiting for Godet. 🙄

  4. Ginny

    Godet… Kerry or Gore!

  5. This one was needed! I know I haven’t endorsed any of them yet. Claims to that would be invalid. If I write about one of them, I’m just pointing something out. I’ll let everyone know when and if I find one to suck the least out of the lot of them. 😆

  6. Donnie

    Yep… it was needed even though I think we’ve all been pretty clear around here.

  7. Pamela,

    I may just sit this one out also, I have tried to get excited, I have posted on every blog out there to try and get excited, I have signed up for every email from every candidate, but the only time I get excited is when I get an email from JK. I just feel lost right now so I guess I will keep hanging out with you and all the other Kerry Kats who just cant seem to find a new home.
    JK fan Forever !!