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Hillary Scores Liberal Blogger Endorsement

by Pamela Leavey

Hillary Clinton not only scored the endorsement of Senator Dianne Feinstein yesterday, she also pikced up the endorsement of a well known liberal blogger, Steve Soto, writer and founder of the Left Coaster. His endorsement of Hillary was very well thought out and can be found on the Blog at HillaryClinton.com and the Left Coaster. I’m not surprised at Steve’s endorsement actually and he makes some very good points, many of the same points he made when he endorsed John Kerry in August of ’03. Be sure to check out Steve’s endorsement follow-up too.

I’m not sold yet, myself… I have made a commitment to not get involved until my daughter starts college in late September, but I have say I was not impressed with Obama’s comments today about Hillary. So for now… Congrats to Team Hillary for yet another endorsement.

Stuart has more on “Obama’s ‘Bush-Cheney’ Moment” here.

6 Responses to “Hillary Scores Liberal Blogger Endorsement”

  1. On one thing, I’m closer to Obama than Clinton. I think that getting face to face stuff started ASAP has no potential downside. The single most important thing to communicate to the rest of the world is that we repudiate Bushco in no uncertain terms, and nothing would do that quicker than having our new President acting that radically different. To at least extend the invitation/challenge to a handful of our “adversaries” is something that a President can do without needing help from Congress, or having anything else render the idea impossible of execution. The President’s own time, energy, and talent is one thing that the President can control completely. Maybe the only thing. And that being the case, I am really interested in seeing us elect a President that understand the extreme importance of making an individual effort on behalf of a country that has just gone through eight years of something as far removed from that as is possible.

  2. Did Obama really say “Bush-Cheney lite”? What the hell was he thinking?

  3. Interesting (and , to me, confusing) to see the same people endorsing such utterly different people in 2004 and 2008. As far as I’m concerned, Hillary and Kerry are in two different universese. Me, I vastly prefer Kerry’s universe. I’m concerned about Obama’s political greenness (I like him, and think he has potential, but how I wish he’d stuck with his original plan of running in 2012 or 2016) , but even more concerned about Hillary. Frankly, in terms of her penchant for loyalty and secrecy, her overtures to the rich and the powerful, her tendency toward hawkishness, and her self-stated prioriites (that is, winning is everything: “I’m in and in to win”–“I’ll deck my opponents”), “Bush-Cheney lite” , while perhaps a strategic blunder, seems to me not all that far out of line as a descriptor . Plus, she has NO track record on environmental issues– granted that none of the current crop are distinguished on these issues, but it’s a major concern for me.
    . She would be better than Bush, but I don’t see her as any agent of change, to say the least. When she was in the White House, she had my empathy. When she ran for the Senate, she had my strong support, and I’ll even allow that she’s been a good senator, albeit not of the stripe that arouses my unqualified admiration. And there’s no doubt about her intelligence. As a presidential candidate, though, she alarms me. And my antagonism towards her just grows over time. At this point, if she became the political nominee, I honestly don’t know what I would do about my vote in the general election. No, I wouldn’t vote for the Republican candidate. But voting FOR her would be difficult for me, at best. And I’m a yellow-dog Democrat, who, until now, has always happily supported Dem candidates, I’ve always argued the importance of pragmatism in political strategy, etc. But I don’t like Hillary, and I don’t trust her.

  4. MBK

    It’s interesting to me, because as someone who deeply involved with JK’s ’04 campaign from very early on, I have to say honestly that many of your doubts about Hillary were similarily noted about JK by supporters of his opponents (the Deaniacs in particular)during the primaries.

    All candidates are in a race for office, whatever office, to win. Hillary stated it point blank from the get go. Good for her, she was honest and up front.

    I’m not behind anyone still at this point, but I’m also not going to hold what happened with Hillary and JK after the “joke” against her. It was a calculated political move. JK certainly didn’t hold it against her when he came to her defense last week.

    I think Obama’s comments were out of line and I would think the same if Hillary said it about him.

  5. I’m a Christian writer, pro life, and a Democrat. I just endorsed Hillary on my website. And so far the feedback has been kind and generous. I think Christians and Roman Catholics who support Hillary have to stand up and say so. The discussion of religion and politics in this country is approaching delirium. Thank you, Anne Rice.

  6. Anne Rice

    Thank you for commenting here. I must say, it’s an honor to have such an esteemed author stopping by here to let us know you have endorsed Hillary Clinton.