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by Pamela Leavey

Tim from GOPOLI stopped by here earlier today and commented on my Dem Debate thread. Later he posted a thread about the Draft Kerry ’08 effort that is advertised in a BlogAd here. I have no idea who is behind the Draft Kerry ’08 effort, but in my opinion whoever it is is no “nutjob.”

Tim’s post utilizes GOP talking points and brings up tired old memes that have long been proven to be false. I left a comment on GOPOLI, but apparently it has been held up in moderation. So lest it not get published, I’m responding to Tim here with a copy of my comment:

John Kerry won the nomination because voters felt he was qualified for the job and it had nothing to do with the media and the Dean scream. As someone who was actively involved with Kerry’s campaign from July ’03, I know full well of the under the wire campaign that Kerry ran during the primaries.

The fact is that no war time incumbant president has ever been beat, and Kerry came damn close. He inspired large crowds at campaign events and the media never reported on just how large those crowds were.

If you ever met John Kerry you would no doubt walk away with a different impression than the GOP talking points you are using here. Kerry looks and acts far more presidential than the nitwit that currently holds the office, he misspeaks far less than the nitwit, and frankly is very clear and concise. During the ’04 campaign and since I have attended numerous events with Kerry and I watched first hand as he connected with voters. They loved him during the campaign and they still do.

People who know my connection ask me on a regular basis if I think Kerry will reconsider running. I’m one of many Dems who wish he would change his mind.

Finally, Tim might want to read through this post, that proves the point that people who meet Kerry walk away with a different opinion of him.

2 Responses to “Nutjob?”

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  2. Thank you, Pamela!

    Our response is here.