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NeoCon Joe Bangs the Iran War Drum

by Pamela Leavey

How Joe Lieberman can believe the tripe he writes in the WSJ today, that portrays him as a major Bush/Cheney butt kissing NeoCon is beyond me. But there he is in black & white, banging the Iran War Drum, as a full fledged NeoCon drum majorette. Why the good people of Connecticut ever re-elected him is beyond me

These latest revelations should be a painful wakeup call to the American people, and to the U.S. Congress. They also expand on a steady stream of public statements over the past six months by David Petraeus, the commanding general of our coalition in Iraq, as well as other senior American military and civilian officials about Iran’s hostile and violent role in Iraq. In February, for instance, the U.S. military stated that forensic evidence has implicated Iran in the death of at least 170 U.S. soldiers.
Iran’s actions in Iraq fit a larger pattern of expansionist, extremist behavior across the Middle East today. In addition to sponsoring insurgents in Iraq, Tehran is training, funding and equipping radical Islamist groups in Lebanon, Palestine and Afghanistan–where the Taliban now appear to be receiving Iranian help in their war against the government of President Hamid Karzai and its NATO defenders.

While some will no doubt claim that Iran is only attacking U.S. soldiers in Iraq because they are deployed there–and that the solution, therefore, is to withdraw them–Iran’s parallel proxy attacks against moderate Palestinians, Afghans and Lebanese directly rebut such claims.

Iran is acting aggressively and consistently to undermine moderate regimes in the Middle East, establish itself as the dominant regional power and reshape the region in its own ideological image. The involvement of Hezbollah in Iraq, just revealed by Gen. Bergner, illustrates precisely how interconnected are the different threats and challenges we face in the region. The fanatical government of Iran is the common denominator that links them together.

No responsible leader in Washington desires conflict with Iran. But every leader has a responsibility to acknowledge the evidence that the U.S. military has now put before us: The Iranian government, by its actions, has all but declared war on us and our allies in the Middle East.

America now has a solemn responsibility to utilize the instruments of our national power to convince Tehran to change its behavior, including the immediate cessation of its training and equipping extremists who are killing our troops.

While Bush’s own rat’s are jumping from his War Ship, Joe Lieberman is desperately hanging on for dear life, clinging to the notion that we should now “Join Hands and Bomb Iran,” as Taylor Marsh points out. Robert Stein notes that Lieberman is “blowing a kiss to the Journal’s soon-to-be-owner Rupert Murdoch,” with his OP/ED and elsewhere in the blogosphere Jules Crittenden is pounding on his own little toy drum, in hopes that we’ll go to war in Iran and he can be an embedded reporter again, so he can smuggle home ancient artifacts from Iran, like he did when he embedded in Iraq. John Cole nails it: “This whole bullshit about us being at war with Iran is little more than a PR push towards war, and you should not be fooled.”

3 Responses to “NeoCon Joe Bangs the Iran War Drum”

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  2. Joe figures he won’t be allowed in the GOP grave they are digging fast and deep. He’s digging his own.

  3. Iran, with or without “the bomb”, still only has oil, and would need to conquer places with everything else for its people to continue to live the lifestyle they currently choose. While Iranians clearly have the ability to make a mess out of their own neighborhood, they can’t do even that without enduring far more disruption than they are likely to have any appetite for. True, there are some Muslims who seem inexplicably prone to suicide attacks, but to date they haven’t even been willing to mount the kind of “human wave attacks” that we faced in Korea, let alone some lemming like rush to death. One suspects that the average Muslim, like the rest of us, is far more interested in raising a family and making a living than in dieing in a futile attempt to force the majority to pray the way they do.

    The truth is that the Middle East needs the rest of the world far more than the rest of the world needs the Middle East. Sure, they have their hands on the oil faucet, but what are they going to do with the stuff, drink it? Our invasion of Iraq proves that invasion of an oil exporting country cuts production, rather than ensuring it, and there’s no sign anywhere that that’s a mistake that we are likely to repeat.

    We may not be able to stop buying oil, but Iran can’t stop selling it either. Therein lies the sort of stalemate that seems like it might be fertile ground for some constructive communication, but that seems to be the sort of approach that the Bush Administration is adamantly opposed to.