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Will Wonders Never Cease? Another Rat Jumps from Bush’s War Ship

by Pamela Leavey

Will wonders never cease? There’s GOP rats jumping from Bush’s War Ship faster than the White House can throw out life jackets and do damage control, it seems. Senator Pete Domenici jumped into the brink today, as reported here earlier and he was swiftly followed by none other than conservative California Congressman John Doolittle, thus joining “others in his party rapidly deserting the president on the Iraq war.”

At a town hall meeting in Rocklin and then in a meeting with the editorial board of the Sacramento Bee he questioned whether the conflict was worth the loss of more American lives. He said U.S. troops should be pulled back from the front lines “as soon as possible” and the fighting turned over to Iraqi forces.

A longtime supporter of the war, Doolittle called the situation in Iraq a “quagmire” on Thursday. “We’ve got to get off the front lines as soon as possible,” Doolittle said at Rocklin City Hall, the Bee reported. “And in my mind that means something like the end of the year. We just can’t continue to tolerate these kinds of losses.”

Good gracious this is better than the last episode of Pirates Of The Caribbean. I’m beginning to think these guys have all dipped into some bootleg something or other… Too late for “Do Little” who’s got a heap of trouble brewing for himself with a little investigation about his wheelings and dealings while in Congress, but as DownWithTyranny points out:

If a coward and bootlick like Doolittle is abandoning Bush, believe me, it is all over. Doolittle, who knows he will have to depend on a president to pardon him when he gets sentenced to a long prison term next year probably feels he has a better shot with Hillary than with the current occupant of the White House. And if someone as far to the right as Doolittle is moving away from Bush– after his unblemished record of complete and total support for the occupation– it can only mean the damn is about to break.

For the record, I’ll second DownWithTyranny’s suggestion: “if you want to show Doolittle what you think of a phony and a rat, may I suggest a contribution to the campaign of his congressional replacement, Charlie Brown?” Doolittle may be jumping ship but his days need to be numbered here in California as a representative of the people. At the rate things are going Joe Leiberman may be the only rat left on the War Ship with Bush.

2 Responses to “Will Wonders Never Cease? Another Rat Jumps from Bush’s War Ship”

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    Rep. Doolittle’s history of speeches on the war in Iraq can be found at: Rep. Doolittle’s Record of Speeches

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