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Marine Corps Drops Case Against Boston Antiwar Reservist

by Pamela Leavey

The Marine Corps dropped their charges against a Boston antiwar “reservist who was threatened with an other-than-honorable discharge for his antiwar protests in camouflage fatigues.”

Liam Madden, 22, of Boston, was one of three reservists facing investigation for antiwar activities, spurring a debate about free speech rights of veterans.

Madden, in a telephone interview, made clear yesterday that he will not be silenced.

He was in South Carolina yesterday with seven other veterans taking a bus tour to military installations, holding barbecues, and informing troops about their protest.

Madden served about seven months in Iraq and is a member of the Individual Ready Reserves whose obligation ends in 2010.

Madden cofounded the “Appeal for Redress, a campaign urging troops to press for an end to the war, and is the Boston chapter president of Iraq Veterans Against the War.” In May, Madden was “notified that he could face an other-than-honorable discharge for wearing his uniform while engaged in political activities and for making “disloyal statements” accusing the Bush administration of war crimes.”

Yesterday, the Marines’ public affairs office released a statement saying they had received “sufficient indication from Sergeant Madden that he would no longer wear his uniform when engaged in political activities.”

Brigadier General D.L. Moore “also determined that although Sergeant Madden’s statements were disagreeable, they did not warrant further administrative action,” the statement said.

Madden, however, said he never agreed to stop wearing his uniform at protests.

“I think it’s important for America to know who the veterans are when they see a protest walking by,” he said.

Madden said he had sought an apology from the Marines via his military lawyer and said he would only agree to stop protesting in uniform if he received a letter on US Marine Corps letterhead stating that his comments were “neither disloyal nor inaccurate.”

“Therefore, if the Marines decide to stop pursuing this case, I will accept that measure as your implied tolerance and support of protesting against war crimes while wearing military uniforms,” he wrote in his e-mail, which is posted on a friend’s blog. “Thank you for considering my counter offer and I hope we can come to agreement on the matter. I understand men in your position have their careers to think about, as I’m positive many German Colonels did in 1939.”

There has been no confirmation by the military lawyer of “the e-mail’s content or that it had been sent to the Marines.”

10 Responses to “Marine Corps Drops Case Against Boston Antiwar Reservist”

  1. Doing the happy dance!

  2. You make me sick as a marine myself your left leaning coward ideas sicken me take of the uniform that you have no business wearing

  3. Rocco: Explain yourself at least a little bit please.

  4. rocco Says:
    July 2nd, 2007 at 9:16 am

    “You make me sick as a marine myself your left leaning coward ideas sicken me take of the uniform that you have no business wearing”

    OH MY GOD! Methinks the small yellow bus did a stop over at the Dem Daily! As someone that has “business wearing” the uniform, I see you as a poser and an idiot! A no spelling idiot at that. Go home before I call your mama on you! Marines are not that dumb!

  5. Gee, Rocco must have read enough elsewhere to figure out Donnie is a marine! Or he is just confused.

    Hey Donnie, I feel like dancin too!

    I think the anti BushCo movement is gaining momentum

  6. donnie you are no marine you lake the testicular fortitude to see a war through that traitor should be dishonarbly discharged you being a marine hahahahahahahahahaha

  7. I guess that there are worse things than lacking the testicular fortitude to favor the continued senseless killing of innocent women and children. I wonder how being a war monger rates?

  8. what women and children you have never been thier don’t be spoon fed propaganda by the left media get your facts straight

  9. Rocco

    Read the fine print about commenting here. Donnie is a Marine.

  10. Rocco’s spelling and writing is on par with dubya’s speaking abilities. I will no longer engage in conversation with someone that displays such puerile thought and behavior!

    lake? dishonarbly? never been thier?
    Must have taken a break from Faux Noise long enough to come and spew. Can’t claim to have come here for dialog. Anyone have a can of wingnut-b-gone handy?