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Nit Wit Catches 2 – Defends Military Buildup in Iraq

by Pamela Leavey

The pResident has gone fishin’ again…

But why… Oh, why is he flashing the “peace sign” on his boat off the coast of Maine? Oh wait… No he’s not flashing the “peace sign”… It seems he caught 2 little fishies in the big blue sea.

No matter to Bush that public opinion of his Iraq War is at an all time low and the American public doesn’t believe that the “surge” is working. Bush still managed to eek out a whine and beg the American public to have patience “as U.S. forces conduct stepped-up operations in Iraq.”

We’re still at the beginning of this offensive, but we’re seeing some hopeful signs,” Bush said in his weekly radio address, in which he likened U.S. troops deployed around the globe to the signers of the Declaration of Independence.

“We’re engaging the enemy, and killing or capturing hundreds,” said Bush, who is losing GOP support for his decision in January to send 30,000 extra troops to Iraq to secure Baghdad and Anbar.

Same old, same old… Baghdad is burnin’ and Bush goes fishin’.

4 Responses to “Nit Wit Catches 2 – Defends Military Buildup in Iraq”

  1. Perhaps he is, more accurately, signaling his I.Q. to us.

  2. And look if he don’t have not-Jenna with him. You know, the one that should be in Iraq? Hey moron, send that girl to support the troops. Let her surge!

  3. This is “compassionate conservatism”. “It’s better to give a man fishing lessons than to give him a fish. Step 1: Go up to your family compound on the Maine Coast ……”

  4. god bless george bush and his family stay the course