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Bring Them Home – Calls to Withdraw Troops Escalate

by Pamela Leavey

Bring Them Home.

A new CBS News Poll showed yesterday that “Americans are increasingly dissatisfied with the Iraq war, President Bush and the Congress, as well as the overall direction of the country.”

More Americans than ever before, 77 percent, say the war is going badly, up from 66 percent just two months ago. Nearly half, 47 percent, say it’s going very badly.

While the springtime surge in U.S. troops to Iraq is now complete, more Americans than ever are calling for U.S. forces to withdraw. Sixty-six percent say the number of U.S. troops in Iraq should be decreased, including 40 percent who want all U.S. troops removed. That’s a 7-point increase since April.

Bring Them Home.

The CBS News Poll also showed that “a record number of Americans, 75 percent, believe the country is headed in the wrong direction.”

Only 19 percent think the U.S. is on the right track — the lowest number since CBS News first asked the question in 1983.

There’s also rising concern about America’s standing in the world.

Seven in 10 Americans say the United States is not respected around the world today. More than half say President Bush’s foreign policy has made world leaders less likely to cooperate with the U.S.; just 10 percent say he’s made foreign leaders more agreeable.

The Center for American Progress adds:

Does the public believe the situation in Iraq has been improving in the last several months?

As the chart below shows, the answer is clearly no. In the early June NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, a mere 10 percent thought the situation in Iraq had improved in the last three months, compared to 54 percent who thought the situation had gotten worse and 33 percent who thought it had remained the same.

The American public opinion will continue to grow against Bush’s War until he gets it is time to: Bring Them Home.

3 Responses to “Bring Them Home – Calls to Withdraw Troops Escalate”

  1. 10% think that things are better in the Iraq hostilities, and 10% think that U.S. prestige with world leaders is improving. That indicates that only 10% of us have truly closed minds. Better than I thought. Seemingly, there’s some hope of persuading 90%, then, to go along with a progressive agenda under the right circumstances.

  2. Sad comment is that it takes something this drastic to get about 40% to take off their mental shades.

    At least the media, Bush and the RW ten percenters have not managed to keep that 40% in the dark. Something to celebrate on Wednesday. If Murdoch hasn’t closed his WSJ deal.

  3. “The Decider” has said repeatedly, throughout his reign, that he does not belive in poll results. Therefore, it would make no difference to “King George” if 100% of Congress and 100% of the American public thought we should withdraw. He is the one who labeled himself “The Decider.” He cares not what the public thinks! He and Cheney are true absolute monarchs. George would surely endorse the language of Marie Antoinette, “Let them eat cake!”