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John Kerry or Ed O’Reilly — John Kerry Has My Vote

by Diane

Dave Johnson of Seeing the Forest is cross-posting madly all over the web, ostensibly soliciting bloggers’ opinions of John Kerry.

Why? Who is behind this? The phrasing of the question strikes me as disingenuous in the extreme. Kerry’s declared primary opponent Ed O’Reilly’s website shows him to be thin on resume, thin on ideas, and thin on qualifications. What is he offering the people of Massachusetts in exchange for Kerry’s high profile on progressive causes, not to mention his seniority?

Kerry has admitted that his vote on the IWR was a terrible mistake. Anyone who has seen him speak on the subject – A Right and Responsibility to Speak Out – is a good speech to start with – can hear clearly how he feels about the Iraq war. Kerry has settled back into the senate as a fiercely progressive voice against the war, writing and pushing for environmental legislation, and supporting the veterans that the republican administration has been so anxious to keep out of view.

He is a voice of reason and diplomacy. He voted against the confirmations of Condoleezza Rice and Alberto Gonzales, and char-grilled John Bolton in committee. He opposed the confirmations of Alito and Roberts. And Thomas.

He was the sole – and often lonely – investigator of BCCI and Iran-Contra, for which he had the courage to stand up to Reagan and against the interests of some powerful Democrats.

So you see why I haven’t the remotest desire to knock John Kerry out of his senate seat. The way I see it, there is no one else in congress with his energy, his fortitude, or his courage in fighting the forces of corruption.

I’m on the email list of just about every progressive cause out there. My inbox is flooded every day with emails begging me to donate money, sign petitions, and call my senators. When I get those I just smile; I am in the enviable position of not even having to ask.

And finally, John Kerry has been engaging directly and regularly with bloggers for some time now, and in doing so has demonstrated an understanding of and appreciation for the online community that puts him way ahead of his peers.

So yes. He has my vote.

* Cross Posted from ToughEnough.org.

5 Responses to “John Kerry or Ed O’Reilly — John Kerry Has My Vote”

  1. Dave Johnson? Is that the same campaign hack that came here to stir up some mud? Never once mentioning that he was part of the campaign, until I asked him point blank about it. What a piece of work he was!

  2. I gave Kerry $400 in 2004 and worked for him, after an experience with his office I am for O’Reilly or whoever is running against Kerry. Kerry is all talk and no walk when it comes to veteran’s issues.

    A few people I know are in the same position – all were disappointed at his office’s response.

    For once Howie Carr is right – JFK stands for “Just for Kerry.”

  3. ustabe4kerry

    I donated to Kerry’s presidential campaign and worked for him as well. I have maintained a working relationship with the Senator and members of his staff since the ’04 election.

    As you used a fake email address to post your complaint here, I can not contact you other than here to offer my assistance in contacting his office to try to find a resolution to the veteran’s issues that you claim he has not been of assistance with.

    If you do come back here, which I doubt you will, please feel free to contact me via the email contact on this page and I would be happy to help you get in contact with the right people in his office.

    Senator Kerry has been fighting for Veteran’s rights since he has been in the Senate. Knowing his record inside and out on all the issues, I find it hard to believe that he or his staff would let anything that involved Veteran’s go unattended. So please, do not hesitate to contact me and I will see that the issue is brought directly to the highest level in his office.

  4. I probably won’t know for whom I will vote in the Democratic primary for U.S. Senator, but I can say now that I will be giving Ed O’Reilly a very close look, just as Massachusetts voters took a good look at Paul Tsongas when he ran against Sen. Brooke.

  5. Tomas

    First Brooke was a Republican incumbant Senator when defeated by his Democratic opponent Paul Tsongas. There’s a difference.

    Second, Tsongas also had vastly far more experience in the political arena than Ed O’Reilly does.

    Third, Ed O’Reilly doesn’t even have a platform on the issues last I checked, and he doesn’t have a snowball’s chance of defeating Kerry.