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Here’s The Facts

by Pamela Leavey

Because of the notoriety that the “blog war” between Liberal Values and The Democratic Daily is receiving today via Real Clear Politics, I feel, as owner/editor of The Democratic Daily that it is necessary to clarify the following points:

  • It is the policy of The Democratic Daily to not censor the opinions or views of writers & contributors to The Dem Daily. Thus a post on 9/11 here drew some controversy. The post in question does not imply in any way that the owner/editor of The Dem Daily or writer/contributors of The Dem Daily are 9/11 deniers. We all know full well that 9/11 happened. It is a tragedy none of us will ever forget.
  • However as noted in our Comment Policy, we do reserve the right to moderate, edit or delete comments and/or shut down a thread if violence is advocated.
  • This ludicrous flame war of personal invective against myself and writers & contributors to The Dem Daily, started because violence was advocated in a thread about Mel Gibson’s anti-Semitic tirade nearly a year ago.
  • Shutting down that comment string noted above does not make me an anti-Semitic sympathizer or a supporter of Holocaust denial as accused by Dr. Ron Chusid. It makes me a conscientious blog owner and editor who does not believe that advocating violence is the answer to any issue. Again, like 9/11, we all know that the Holocaust happened and it was a great crime against humanity. Furthermore bigoted and racist views, including anti-Semitism are not tolerated at The Democratic Daily, despite the claims of Dr. Ron Chusid.
  • I detest blog wars and the politics of personal invective. It was not my desire that this begin, and indeed the first attacked was posted by Dr. Ron Chusid on Liberal Values, some time after he was banned from The Dem Daily for threatening me if I did not acquiesce to his demands to re-open the thread, the fact that used sexual references here to draw traffic to this blog and his general constant insistence of pushing discussions to the edge.
  • The personal views and interests of the owner/editor of The Democratic Daily and the writer/contributors here should not subject to scrutiny by anyone. If discussions in the comments led to subjects that include new age beliefs or interests, those discussions in no way were meant to imply that those beliefs substitute for modern science. On the contrary. We are an open-minded group who believe in freedom of thought, expression and the individual right to seek and discuss knowledge. Science is of great interest to our many writers & contributors, whose careers outside of this blog are varied.
  • Our goal is to engage members and readers in civil, common sense conversation and members of this blog frequently agree to disagree. This is a news and politics blog and although we often post about arts & entertainment, as a woman, mother and business owner, I do not believe in the exploitation of women to advertise this blog.
  • I sincerely doubt that this disclaimer will ease this flame war and believe that Dr. Ron Chusid will deny the facts as posed here. However, the many readers and writer/contributors here can attest to these facts and have repeatedly. Where as, Dr. Ron Chusid only speaks for himself.
  • Unlike Dr. Ron Chusid, who is in private practice and to my knowledge has a staff, I do not have a staff for my small business and I can not afford to continually take the time to defend myself against Chusid’s false allegations. This entire ordeal has wreaked havoc on my business and caused a loss of income. Chusid is fully aware that I am an only parent with a small business and I have asked repeatedly that he respect my standing in the business community as well as the poltical blogosphere. He has ignored my requests.
  • Finally, my apologies to our many readers and writer/contributors for once again having to be subjected to this ludicrous flame war. The Democratic Daily has in the past featured prominent guest writers from the political realm. Our goal as always, is to maintain our respected position with in the political blogosphere. Thank you.
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    7 Responses to “Here’s The Facts”

    1. How can you be a denier of 9/11 when you advocate reopening the investigation?

      Is there logic in there?

    2. Ron put another comment on Michael’s blog.

      Many of the people who were at The Democratic Daily when I was there have since left. Many of the people attesting to Pamela’s supposed facts were not even around at the time.


      The fact remains that virtually everybody who worked with Pamela and I back in the early days of the Kerry campaign will have nothing to do with Pamela any more as she eventually turns on virtually everybody.

      Driving people away because of his ridiculous antagonism was one of the things several of us (not just Pamela) kept trying to get Ron to understand. Then he would put up inappropriate posts with sexual inuendo to get more hits. LIke the people looking for ‘poodle balling’ would be happy to land at a no nonsense political blog?

      Other than that, there is always flux in blog regulars – especially from pre-election to post election. I know quite well that several of the people attesting to this nonsense were involved in the Gibson discussion, including moi.

      Since Ron left, Pamela has attracted a very good group of new writers. I have only gone to Liberal Values a few times. I am not aware that anyone else writes there.

      I am not losing any sleep on when Pamela is going to turn on me. I know how hard she tried to maintain a civil, working relationship with Ron, before and after he left.

      How many of the people who worked with Pamela and Ron in the early days of the Kerry campaign still have anything to do with Ron? Again, some of that has to do with normal flux. I know one very significant person who still has plenty to do with Pamela.

      John Kerry

    3. Pamela,

      You have one of the best, most profesionally written and run blogs on the web. I cannot believe you do not have a staff for your business…I was on the web page recently, choosing all the things I want to order on payday, and the site alone is great. I am amazed that you can run a business and run this blog all while being a single parent. WOW!

    4. Jessica

      Thanks. I know it sounds crazy… Most days I’m a master at multitasking and there’s a lot that gets put on the backburner often.

    5. Ginny

      What??? Doesn’t everyone interested in “poodle balling” also want to know about liberal politics?

      I guess we are missing something. 🙄

    6. Did you forward the latest post from the good Senator? If that doesn’t put the issue to rest, I don’t know what will.

    7. Darrell

      Oh no, he might have to admit he’s wrong! 😉