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Kerry Tells White House: Attacks on Harry Reid Are No Substitute for Accountability

by Pamela Leavey

The right wingers are in a tizzy, feigning outrage once again, in an all too familiar pattern, as Harto noted below. The whole mess has been blown out of context, it seems, but regardless of that fact the Republican Noise machine has taken with this one and run as they always do, with a full fledged attack on Harry Reid, that serves only as an attempt to take the heat off their own failed Iraq policy, as John Kerry points out in his response to statements from the White House spokesman, criticizing Majority Leader Harry Reid:

“The White House would be better served by a policy in Iraq that actually works, rather than criticizing leaders in Congress who support the troops by pushing for a change of course in this disastrous war,” Kerry said. “Four years into this war, there has been virtually no accountability for the many mistakes and misjudgments that have created this disaster. The White House should focus on finding a strategy that can work in Iraq instead of attacking leaders in Congress who ask tough questions.”

And how’s this for irony… Kerry, once again slam-dunked BushCo’s failed policies in a speech earlier today on terrorism and Iraq. What’s all over the blogs tonight? The Noise Machine looking for cover on their failed Iraq policies that both John Kerry and Harry Reid, once again shined a light on — that’s what.

The truth is Bush’s surge is a failure now. Iraq has been a failure since it started. Enough is enough. As Eugene Robinson points out in the WaPo, “it’s easy to understand why the White House would want everyone to forget about the whole September thing. It’s obvious that Iraq certainly won’t look much better by then and may look considerably worse.”

Spin… spin… spin… rinse and repeat. The right-wingers can’t change the facts — BushCo is “out of touch” on Iraq.

2 Responses to “Kerry Tells White House: Attacks on Harry Reid Are No Substitute for Accountability”

  1. If you listen to the way the playbook lays it out on talk radio today it will come out that this latest Reid thing is at the center of anoth major crisis. Oh, and that it’s things like this on the part of the Democrats that have undercut our ability to win the bush war in Iraq. (And it’s always “Dingy Harry” or “Dusty Harry” because they’re all so cute and creative.)

  2. Sen. Kerry is amazing. Great foreign policy speech. And then he has the back of Sen Reid on this obivious and purposely misleading attack about a statement of Sen Reid. Even though Reid, Schumer and rest of the leadership didn’t have Sen Kerry’s back when the repubicians purposely made obivious misleading attacks on Sen Kerry statement about President Bush and Iraq (not the troops) before the 2006 elections. If the rest of the democrats showed the fight and conviction as Sen Kerry they would of have a greater majority and have a greater approval rating.

    Keep up the good work Sen Kerry fighting for the future of America and supporting our troops.