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RIP Steve Gilliard… The Liberal Blogosphere Mourns

by Pamela Leavey

The liberal blogosphere mourns the loss of one their own today, with the news that Steve Gilliard, “publisher of The News Blog (www.thenewsblog.net), passed away early this morning.” Steve was 41.

To those who have come to trust The News Blog and its insightful, brash and unapologetic editorial tone, we have Steve to thank from the bottom of our hearts. Steve helped lead many discussions that mattered to all of us, and he tackled subjects and interest categories where others feared to tread.

We will post more information as it becomes available to us.

Please keep Steve’s friends and family in your thoughts and prayers.

Steve meant so much to us. We will miss him terribly.

– the news blog team

I didn’t know Steve personally but I always enjoyed his commentary and his wit. He will be missed… Big Tent Democrat on TalkLeft, Jane Hamsher on FireDogLake, Jill on Brilliant at Breakfast, Mole333 on CultureKitchen, Kevin on American Street, Sara on Orcinus, Digby, Madeleine at MadKane, Bob Geiger on AlterNet, Julia at Sisyphus Shrugged, and Meteor Blades on DKos all express their condolences.

UPDATE: The outpouring of rememberences and tributes to Steve continue today. He was a man who touched so many of us in the blogosphere. Kos shares his thoughts here and Ian on the Agonist shares his. .

2 Responses to “RIP Steve Gilliard… The Liberal Blogosphere Mourns”

  1. Steve Gilliard 1966-2001

    I don’t know why I feel this overwhelming sadness at Steve Gilliard’s loss. I really didn’t know him at all.

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