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Wonderful Gift…

by Pamela Leavey

With the cost of higher education contunally rising and making it more difficult for low income students to attend college, one anonymous donor has given a wonderful gift to future University of Chicago students:

A graduate of the University of Chicago gave an anonymous donation of $100 million to his alma mater, marking the largest single donation given to an Illinois university.

The money will be used to give full scholarships to about 800 lower-income students each academic year. The grants, called Odyssey Scholarships, will also pay partial tuition for another 400 of the 4,400 undergraduate students at the institution and fund a summer enrichment program for about 50 lower-income students before their first year of college.

Michael Behnke, vice president and dean of college enrollmentsaid, “A quarter of our students will have a very different experience than they had before. They will be free from this worry about debt. It will transform student life on campus.”

One Response to “Wonderful Gift…”

  1. Wonderful. No surprise that it’s a U of Chicago graduate giving this to his/her alma mater. Notorious alumni like Paul Wolfowitz and John Ashcroft aside, most folks there have the right priorities.