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‘The World is Under a Deadline’

by Pamela Leavey

The world is under a deadline.’ I know many people don’t want to think about it, or acknowledge it, But, it’s true and I’m not talking about the apocalypse or the Fundamentalist ‘end times’ theories… I’m talking about Climate Change and the eventual change of the face of the planet. The Earth, our Mother has been taxed and over taxed. We’ve heaped a heavy burden on her and now it’s time for all of us, to change our ways and pay back the debt. The world is warming and with that warming will come changes that are inevitable, like the ones already happening in Alaska. To those who still denial these Inconvenient Truths, I say, wake up and smell the roses and the coffee, because one day they may not be as plentiful as they are now. Enjoy them, and enjoy the beaches, because if you live near the coast of California, like I do, “there’s a chance” that within your children’s “lifetimes California’s beaches will vanish under the waves.” It’s past the dire warning time.

It is truly an Inconvenient Truth and now the bigger question is what can we do, each of us to make a difference? The L.A. Times said on Memorial Day, it is, “Time to tax carbon.”

Global warming is happening and will accelerate regardless of what we do today, but the scenarios of climatologists’ nightmares can still be avoided. Though the cost will be high, it pales in comparison to the cost of doing nothing.

The proposed fixes for climate change are as numerous as its causes. Most only tinker at the edges of the problem, such as a California bill to phase out energy-inefficient lightbulbs. To produce the cuts in greenhouse gases needed to slow or stop global warming, the world will have to phase out the fossil fuels on which it relies for most of its power supply and transportation — especially the coal-burning power plants that account for about 32% of the annual emissions of carbon dioxide in the U.S. and that generate about half of our electricity. There are three basic methods of doing that, which are the subject of debate and legislation at every level of government.

We all really need to start doing our part, because honestly, to quote Maximus in the Gladiator, “What we do in life echoes in eternity.” Call if trite if you must, but what we do now, will make a difference for our children and the future of our planet.

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