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John Kerry: McCain Approached Me About Joining Dem Ticket in 2004

by Pamela Leavey

Well… John Kerry put the rumors to rest yesterday about who approached who in ’04 to float John McCain as a potential VP. It wasn’t Team Kerry… It was McCain:

According to Sen. Kerry, it was John McCain’s staff who approached his campaign about potentially filling the Vice President slot on the Democratic ticket in 2004. Take a listen to and a look at the interchange…

    Singer: There’s a story in The Hill, I think on Tuesday, by Bob Cusack on the front page of the paper talking about how John McCain’s people — John Weaver — had approached Tom Daschle and a New York Congressman, I don’t remember his name, about switching parties. And I was wondering if you could talk a little bit about what your discussions were with him in 2004, how far it went, who approached whom… if there was any “there” there.

    John Kerry: I don’t know all the details of it. I know that Tom, from a conversation with him, was in conversation with a number of Republicans back then. It doesn’t surprise me completely because his people similarly approached me to engage in a discussion about his potentially being on the ticket as Vice President. So his people were active — let’s put it that way.

    Singer: Okay. And just to confirm, you said it, but this is something they approached you rather than…

    Kerry: Absolutely correct.

Personally, I never bought into the rumor that Kerry would consider McCain on the ticket back in ’04 and I’m glad to see Kerry put it to rest.

Andrew Sullivan notes today that McCain ’08 is in “trouble.” Add Kerry’s comments about who courted who to Sullivan’s look at what’s ailing McCain:

Two recent developments strike me as worrying for McCain. The first is the obvious money disappointment. But the second is the delusionary walkabout in Baghdad. He looks like a fool. Worse, he looks like a fool both divorced from reality and willing to peddle fantasy over fact. We’ve had six years of a president like that. Does McCain really believe the public is clamoring for another one?

The blogosphere is buzzing about the implication that McCain lied… and rightly so. More discussions can be found at: NewsHog, Shakesville, The Moderate Voice, Power Line, Hot Air, The Influence Peddler, Unfogged and The Right Angle.

3 Responses to “John Kerry: McCain Approached Me About Joining Dem Ticket in 2004”

  1. Hi Pamela,

    Thanks for the link, and for others in rcent weeks. Much appreciated.

    Warmest regards, Cernig

  2. Cernig

    My pleasure!

  3. I’m glad JK finally confirmed it.

    McCain’s people put the story out there that it was Kerry and the media like NEwsweek were more than happy to make it gospel instead of looking at the facts.

    McCain’s folks are trying to say Kerry is wrong but as they say what is done in the dark will eventually come in the light.