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Building a Better B List

by Pamela Leavey

The discussion on blogrolling and building a better B-List of blogs has surfaced again. I stayed out out the earlier round, where Atrios and other A-List blogs purged there blogrolls, but I do think the discussion is worthy of note. As a blogger and an internet based small business owner, I fully understand the value of links. The internet is a wonderful tool for viral marketing, whether it’s a business or a product, or blog and politics, if you have something to share, this is the place to do it.

In general, here on the Dem Daily, I link to blogs I read daily, blogs I like and respect, and blogs who link to the Dem Daily. I’m probably missing some great blogs who I should be reading and I’m always open for suggestions. If we’re missing some good reads in the political blogosphere, I’d like to know about it. If a blog is interested in swapping links, speak up.

I believe that we should as a community help to prop each other up and show support for other small blogs. I don’t consider other blogs to be competition, but rather avenues to like-minded thought, differing thought and finally knowledge. There’s plenty of traffic for all to go around. It’s tough to compete with the big kids, you know the A-List blogs, but as David Schraub points out on The Moderate Voice, “There is an opportunity for the blogosphere to become a lot richer, not necessarily by expanding our blogrolls or RSS feeds, but by progressing organically from individual posts we find interesting to see all the range of commentary being forwarded on the subject.”

That said, I’ve added a few more blogs to the Dem Daily blogroll that should have been added some time ago, and as I mentioned above, I’m open for suggestions…

6 Responses to “Building a Better B List”

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  2. I wish I knew better what you’re talking about. A few weeks ago I decided to use the computer to try to find something political to read, and looked at this site. Then I saw a mention of Huffington Post, which I had heard of before, and looked there. Now I’m starting to understand that there’s quite a bit of commentary going on, but I really don’t know how it all fits together.

    There’s also likely to be some etiquette involved that I really haven’t run across yet.

  3. Darrell,

    If you figure out how it all fits together, let us know !!

    Blogs have sprung up very independently over the last decade +. 2004 was a glimpse of how much they would influence politics when used well. Time’s ‘Person of the Year’ had a lot to do with what bloggers did for the ’06 election.

    One way to get an idea of what the big stories are and who is blogging about them is Memeorandum. This is a political junkie site where new stories are linked to the Media and Bloggers. After each main citation, they follow with who’s blogging on the article or subject. Once you get to the LA Times on one article, you can find a place somewhere on the screen that gives other articles that may relate to that one and/or other highly viewed, forwarded, etc articles.

    I keep a lot of places I like to check for good work in files on my bookmarks bar. I have one for news and one for politics. Also have one for Government with links to my representatives, speaker of the house, etc so when I want to whip off an email, I have them handy.

    Etiquette is often set by the blog owner. Some are over run with people who just want to chat and throw around a few ideas interspersed with cuss words. Not much worth reading besides the original post. Others get some better comments and discussions going. You can tell where we fall in to this.

    I’m sure Pamela has probably told me what an A list blog criteria is but it didn’t stick. Basically they are the big guns like daily Kos, Huffington Post and others that get a LOT of traffic. Then there are the ones like the Dem Daily that may have a fair amount of traffic and a group of regulars that spend more time making comments here than other blogs, but nowhere near the numbers the A list blogs have.

    Meanwhile there has been some discussion and efforts to try to put it together in a cooperative and more effective way – except it’s a little too big and unwieldy. Hopefully we will get a little more sophisticated by this time next year. Most of the ’08 winners will have made good use of the internet and blogosphere.

  4. I am still putting up links at my place. I have many more that I wish to put up, and hope to do so while off work this time. I find the liks to be Like what Pamela says:

    “I link to blogs I read daily, blogs I like and respect, and blogs who link to the Dem Daily.”

    That is the same belief that I have. Many of the blogs that I read on a regular basis, have been found through the blogroll of others. I have read many great posts that I would never have known about without knowing the blogs existed.

    That is part of the reason that I started doing the blogger highlights here. There are many great bloggers out there that we don’t have the chance to know. Blogs are like a community, and many that read one blog, can often be seen at the other ones you visit. I view it like an address book, you don’t want to lose track of your friends and allies.

  5. Thank you.

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