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Some Never Tire of Hyping Bush’s War

by Pamela Leavey

In the blogosphere, some conservative bloggers never tire of hyping Bush’s war. In fact, Jules Crittenden, conservative columnist for the Boston Herald is so enamored with it, that he’s re-living his embed days from ’03 on his blog.

Iraq March 2007, is not Iraq, March 2003.

It’s a civil war now, and Crittenden and other BushCo apologists fail to note that innocent women are being driven from their homes and killed by rival factions in Iraq. We can’t fix it, we’ve broken it.

And if Bush veto’s the spending bill, it’s on his head that the the funding for his mess doesn’t go through — not the Democrats, contrary to the blather from BushCo apologists in the blogosphere.

8 Responses to “Some Never Tire of Hyping Bush’s War”

  1. Think Progress has the rest of the story.Bush Caught Hyping False Iraq Spending Deadline.

    Or would that be the FACTS of the story?

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  3. Where in the hell are we? Is there any way out?


    Tom Tancredo will announce Monday on an Iowa radio program that he is running for president.
    The Littleton congressman, who has had an exploratory committee, will tell radio host Jan Mickelson in Des Moines that he is formally joining the race for the Republican nomination, two sources close to the congressman said.
    Like other presidential candidates using alternative forums to break the news that they are seeking the Oval Office, Tancredo, the anti-illegal immigration stalwart, is choosing the medium that has given him a home for almost a decade.
    “We’re looking at a day of announcements on talk radio,” a source close to the campaign said. “That’s where the conservative movement has made its mark. That’s where our people get their news.”

    Bright people understand that when it comes time to negotiate their contracts the right wing talk radio idiots don’t hesitate to remind management that they are entertainers. After all, entertainers get paid far more than folks in the real political arena do. It’s only when on the air that these pretenders work so hard to convince the gullible that something else is going on. So now we have jokers engaging in nonsensical and inflammatory rhetoric to keep the rubes coming back for more, and then these poor dumb slobs take the crap that they have just been fed and use it to decide who to vote for. Please, please tell me that we’ve finally reached the bottom of the barrel.

    When Nixon pandered to this same crowd, he called them “the silent majority”, played to their fears, and went on to victory. For Reagan, the name was “the moral majority”. These people like to travel in a pack, and get validation out of being assured that they’re just like everybody else. Given the fact that these airheads make up at least 90% of the 30% that still approves of GWB, we can at least take solace from knowing that their visions of grandeur are misplaced.

    Is there a more beautiful thought than Tom Tancredo being in the Republican slot in 2008? Talk radio would be in ecstasy for months, and then the Democrat would waltz into the Whitehouse, supported by the size of majority in Congress that would take away all excuses for not getting things done.

    And yet I still can’t shake a small undercurrent of despair. You know that this is a really messed up world for someone to feel no shame saying “that’s where our people get their news”. Then to have it actually be true that a sizeable segment of our population base falls into that category makes for an even more sobering realization. There was a time when a Tom Tancredo would have been seen as being so far out on the fringe that he couldn’t even get his face in the paper. Now, he comes with a ready made constituency that is large enough that he automatically gets treated just like a real candidate.

    For a moment there is a sense of glee from imagining him getting the nomination. Then I drop the daydream and am left with the sinking realization that I have yet to hear a single one of our candidates who is able to tell me where we go from here.

  4. Jules and Sister Toldjah, like many on the right, like Malkin and the ever stupid racist that is Charles Johnson, are in their own little world. We could make the insurgents lay down their arms right now, and the wingnuts would find a reason to blame us for doing something wrong. There is no peace or good will as long as those morons are around.

  5. Darrell,

    The right wing talk shows were built up over decades to reach this power. I think it is slipping and the more Bush failures are uncovered, the more likely we will have a smaller percentage who continue to get their news from such sources exclusively.

    Tancredo is really absorbed with Tom. It is truly amazing that people like him, Don Young (R. AK) and Sen. Ted Bridge to Nowhere and tons of other pork Stevens keep getting re-elected. Someone at the Denver Post once did a sarcastic Op-ed on Tom, pointing out that he had gone so far right, he was meeting up with the far left at the back of the circle…

    I really am not too surprised at the quality of candidates the GOP base is getting excited about. Look what they have been supporting for 7 years.

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