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Actor, Ex-Senator Fred Thompson For President?

by Pamela Leavey

Will Fred Thompson be the next Ronald Reagan switching gears from actor to president? One was enough in my opinion, but Thompson, it is reported is testing the waters and considering entering the ’08 presidential race. Thompson, I will note is also a former U.S. Senator.

His interest, confirmed in a brief interview this week, is generating buzz in Washington. He was third among Republican-leaning voters in a recent Gallup-USA Today survey, behind Sen. John McCain (Ariz.) and former New York mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani and ahead of former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney.

The onetime senator from Tennessee is known to many Americans for playing New York District Attorney Arthur Branch on “Law & Order” and an admiral in the film “The Hunt for Red October.” But his real-life record as a no-nonsense lawmaker who also served as the minority counsel to the Senate Watergate committee is appealing to party activists dissatisfied with the current crop of Republican hopefuls.

“He has a conservative bearing and a conservative presence, but he’s independent in his thinking and his voting record,” said Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.), who added that Thompson is “seriously considering” a presidential campaign at the urging of many friends. “He has a commanding television presence that makes every other politician in America jealous.”

Thompson’s “face is seen daily in millions of homes,” Michael D. Shear notes in the WaPo, “and his character on “Law & Order” exudes the kind of blunt-spoken, get-it-done leadership that voters tell pollsters they crave.” My response to that is that pollsters need to remember, “It’s only a movie,” or in this case a TV show.

16 Responses to “Actor, Ex-Senator Fred Thompson For President?”

  1. I just read on Wikipedia that he has a new born. It seems to me like a 65 year old man with an infant child is going to present some pretty interesting photo-ops. At least no one will be able to question his virility.

  2. Darrell,

    My dad was born when my grandfather was 60. His sister was 11 months older. Grandpa Cotts died at 63 of sepsis, in 1928, leaving my grandmother with 4 children, ages 3-9 to raise – within months of the stock market collapse.

    Turns out Kehn is the same age as my grandmother (35) when they were married. The Thompsons also have a daughter, born in 2003. Knowing how much the religious right believes in procreation, I suspect this may actually give him more support. Especially since, although Thompson divorced his first wife of 25 years, there was a long time between that and when he met Kehn. Then six years before they married.

    On the more modern side. Checking out Kehn’s pictures, she sure plays the ‘trophy wife’ role to a hilt. Blonde and big boobs she flaunts in pure Hollywood style.

    Just what we need. Another ‘acting’ president….

  3. There’s just one problem with a Thompson run: Don’t conservatives hate it when actors delve into politics? Sounds like Fred Thompson has a problem.

  4. Ginny,

    Playing to that particular base can still be potent at Primary time, but I have a very strong sense that it is actually going to be a liability for the big dance.

  5. The Truffle,

    That’s only when they delve into Democratic politics. After all, Ronnie was from Hollywood. Although I think Thompson is a better actor, that’s not saying much.


    Ya think he would end up a wallflower at the big dance? 😆

  6. An actor as president? Oh NOOOOOOO, here we go again. Great just great. First I get traumatized in my childhood by an actor turned president, now I gotta be traumatized by an actor president in my adulthood? There’s no justice.

  7. Nick

    We won’t let it happen. Never fear. No more actor presidents!

  8. You are forgetting one very important fact. He was a Senator BEFORE he became a full time actor. He has the right credentials. And as for his wife; what difference does it make that she is younger than he? It would not be an obstacle to have a “younger” first lady……Look at what we were facing last time with the possibility of “Teraaaaaza” as first lady. Now, that would have been hard to stomach!

  9. Barb Dove

    No one forgot Thompson was a Senator – it was noted in the 3rd sentance. Furthermore, no one here said a word about Thompson’s wife, so where that plays into your comment I have not got a clue.

    Finally, evidently you have never met Teresa Heinz Kerry. I have. She’s a lovely lady with a far sight more class obviously than you, for pointedly dissing her here for no reason.

  10. Barb Dove,

    You are forgetting one important fact. The freaking title says that he was a senator! What’s hard to stomach, is that looney stepford wife that squats the white house now!

  11. http://www.grassrootsvoter.com

    Fred Thompson has a natural volunteer grassroots force run by everyday people and uncomparable to any other political machine. Should he decide to go for it, he CAN win the presidency.

    Find out why we believe this and why we, and so many other everyday American citizens have already committed to work tirelessly for Fred. Join more than 6,900 of us in the most important grassroots campaign ever!


  12. Pamela Leavey…

    Actually if you refer to posting #2, Thompson’s wife is mentioned. Just figured I’d let you know so next time you decide to call someone’s class into question, you will take the time to read other posts. Your opinion isn’t the only one that matters.

    Oh…and you misspelled sentence.

  13. Braden

    Oh my – 🙄

  14. Run, Fred, Run!!!

    We need a viable conservative in the race!


  15. I know, Fred Thompson and he’s a truthful person. I’ll vote for him.

  16. Mrs. R. Langley

    One would hope that people would look at a candidate’s stance on the issues as well.