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Kerry: The First Democrat With The Backbone To Criticize Bush

by RonChusid

Is there some reason some people either do not hear John Kerry or forget what he says?

Checking on the links to The Democratic Daily, one comes from a site which acts shocked that Kerry is speaking out against Bush. It’s not only today. Every time Kerry speaks out–and it happens quite frequently– there’s a round of comments along the lines that its about time Kerry did so. Such comments typically claim Kerry has grown a backbone (or other anatomical parts). Soon afterwards, on another day, Kerry will speak out against Bush again. Then there is inevitably another round claiming this is the first time.

It’s far from the first time. John Kerry was speaking out against Bush before very many were doing so, just as he spoke out against Richard Nixon on Vietnam and Ronald Reagan on Iran Contra. For example, it was John Kerry who called for regime change in the United States when Bush went into Iraq.

Check out the title of this New York Times article from 2002 for more evidence of who was among the first to criticize Bush (emphasis mine):

By Attacking Bush, Kerry Sets Himself Apart
By James Dao
New York Times | Politics
Wednesday, 31 July, 2002

WASHINGTON, July 30 — Secretary of State Colin L. Powell was cruising through a Senate hearing on arms control, charming his Democratic adversaries and deftly parrying their questions, when Senator John Kerry, a Democrat from Massachusetts, took the microphone.

In the aggressive style he honed as a prosecutor two decades ago, Mr. Kerry unleashed a barrage of criticism against President Bush’s nuclear arms treaty with Russia, saying it “neutered” previous pacts and included a “huge contradiction.” Twice, he interrupted a clearly irritated Mr. Powell in midsentence.

For many Democrats, the war on terrorism has made that kind of frontal assault on Bush foreign policy seem risky, if not politically suicidal. But not for Mr. Kerry. A decorated Vietnam veteran and potential presidential candidate, he has lustily attacked the administration on policies like trans-Atlantic relations, Pentagon spending, Middle East negotiations and even Mr. Bush’s greatest triumph, Afghanistan.

“I think there were serious errors,” Mr. Kerry said in an interview, referring to the American ground campaign in Afghanistan that he contends probably allowed Osama bin Laden to slip into Pakistan. He made the point again on Monday as he joined other potential presidential candidates in speaking to centrist Democrats in New York.

The full text was originally here, and is also available here.

22 Responses to “Kerry: The First Democrat With The Backbone To Criticize Bush”

  1. He is the Real Deal!

  2. Yup. That’s why I brought one of my Real Deal signs to get JK’s autograph Saturday. I would have also brought Tour of Duty but my kid took it with him back to DC because he hadn’t finished it…

  3. I still have a Real Deal sign up at home.

  4. Check out:

  5. How do you explain it? I know you folks are probably some of the first to know when he speaks, but you folks live and breathe John Kerry. The average person doesn’t. Why do think they (we) aren’t getting the word about Kerry and how do we remedy that situation?

  6. Dave

    “you folks live and breathe John Kerry” – huh? Who does that? Not us. Not me. LOL!

  7. I Like John . Yes I do.

  8. Ron

    That is too funny – the link.

  9. 🙂 Yup,

    Makes me think a little of Pogo. I used to look at those windsurfing videos and think:

    Doesn’t anyone know what tacking is? Yunno, that’s how you sail AGAINST the wind???

    Dave, if we keep up this blog, and the traffic reports get even better; we will at least keep the awareness up. Besides, Kerry is doing that by not backing down in his comments and criticisms. If we go back pre-campaign, he did this stuff – just didn’t get much press. Now he gets more as the former candidate and a possible repeat candidate (even if they don’t mention it, when they do, he cuts them off).

    Donnie is giving us a whole new part to play : rebuilding communication. It can happen. There are Dems and GOP that are invited to leave if they can’t be constructive. If other upset GOP will join in, we could do some real good setting an example of how to take something we are all upset by and work out the problems and solutions,

    One of the observations in the Alternet book “Start Making Sense” is that Democrats don’t get together and talk as much as Republicans do. When we don’t, we fail to find a consensus on what is important, and how to act on it.

    So keep on talkin’ and welcoming those who add to the discussion.

  10. I wrote a piece yesterday on the derision and scorn Kerry seems to get from the both the right and left whenever he puts forth some kind if legislative initiative or gives a great speech. I’ll never quite understand it, but if you can piss off both the extremes of the right and left, it means you’ve probably stumbled into the truth.

  11. Laughing out loud is a great way to start the day, thanks for the link to Boondocks, Ron.

    Blog is moving very fast, so all I’ll add is, “What Ginny said.” 😉

  12. Dave

    “you folks live and breathe John Kerry” – huh? Who does that? Not us. Not me. LOL! ”

    Hey Pam, did you ever get that JK tattoo? Shaving his name into your hair is a little out-dated. 😉

  13. Dave

    I have a nice supply of JK temporary tatoos! 😉

  14. Todd

    Nice Kerry piece – very, very good –

  15. Todd,

    I think it’s in the same mindset as what Donnie was talking about: candidates who get smeared by the GOP are the ones they’re afraid of.

    Some Dems are so afraid of losing and of the situation, they aren’t working with facts any better than the scared GOP base,

  16. Exactly Ginny. That which we are afraid of, or do not understand, becomes a mindset of fear, if we choose not to learn what it is in the first place. An open mind and understanding of others feelings, cares, hopes, and dreams, can open a door where none was before. Even if you were just pounding on that wall a minute before and looking for a way out of that spiritual crypt, on the very spot where that door opens.

  17. Interestingly, I think sometimes that those Dems us who smear our own, do so also out of fear. We all know who the biggest threat was in 04. He’s still smeared by both sides, why? He has more clout, more power, more charisma, more potential than any of them.

  18. Because Pamela, he is a threat to them. He is the real power, and it scares them!!!!!!

  19. Donnie

    You are so right. He’s been on the Republican President enemies list since Nixon.

  20. Pamela, I put on the other post that I watched the documentary. I think you will see the effects of that in part 3. I’m gonna turn up the heat. Start the count down to impact!!!!!

  21. BANG!!!!!! it’s on the way Pamela. Part3

  22. “Donnie is giving us a whole new part to play : rebuilding communication. It can happen.”

    Thank you Ginny, You make me blush and feel we can really make a change at the same time. We have a long road, but if we prop each other up, when one has a limp, we can make it!!! The amount of illogical pains inflicted on us as a nation, is beyond what any of us ever thought possible. If we can work together as a group on this sight, we may very well show the country that we can do the same as a country. We can take this from the blog, to the campaign headquarters.

    I look at it like this, What If I didn’t care like so many people in the GOP? Would we be any further along? What would any of us gain from it?

    I cannot explain in words Ginny, how much the current events have changed me and the people around me. When the people that are responsible, abandon you, where do you go? I was lucky, my mobile home was basically untouched. Almost. But people in the area got it hard. But not like our brothers and sisters in New Orleans.

    I was able to get my power and help people find their lost family. That is what I was doing on the day I found The Democratic Daily. Simple fate in the web search I did. I will never forget my first response at the results and the fact that I went to it to begin with.

    My first post had Pamela responding in short time, and it started a conversation when I asked her to let everyone know, not to believe the Main Stream Media. She was so nice. She asked me to share with everyone, my stories and let everyone know the truth about what was going on down here. She then made a Blog for me to report what I knew, and has made me feel at home here. The fact that I was an admitted Republican, never came into play when she talked to me.

    This is what led up to my series that I have offered to the Democratic Daily. I have now given my 3rd part to Pamela to post. I hope I can make you proud.

    She has received it, and I hope you can get something from it.