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Kerry Lets Loose on Global Warming Proposal, Offers Stronger Bi-Partisan Climate Bill That Would Reduce Emissions 65 percent by 2050

by Pamela Leavey

CQPolitics noted yesterday that now that Kerry “has shaken free of his own White House ambitions,” he has “let loose on a proposal pushed by three 2008 presidential contenders to slash global warming pollution over the next half-century.”

The Massachusetts Democrat assailed legislation (S 280) on Tuesday cosponsored by Arizona Republican John McCain and Democrats Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York and Barack Obama of Illinois for not moving quickly enough to reduce greenhouse gases.

“It is not going to get the job done. . . . It’s that simple,” Kerry said outside a Senate Environment and Public Works Committee hearing on climate change.

“If you believe in the science . . . then you have to do the full job. There’s no halfway here,” added the 2004 Democratic presidential nominee, who last week announced that he will not seek the 2008 nomination.

In response to the legislation offered by the presidential wannabe’s, Kerry and and Olympia Snowe (R-ME) reintroduced their own aggressive bipartisan legislation today that is aimed at reducing the emissions of the greenhouse gases that cause global warming. Kerry is a longtime leader in the Senate on Global Warming and environmental issues.

The “Global Warming Reduction Act” sets forceful greenhouse gas emissions targets that leading scientists say are the best way to keep temperatures below the danger point. Besides just capping pollution, the Kerry-Snowe plan promotes incentives to buy efficient products that reduce greenhouse gas emissions for American homes, businesses and roads.

Kerry and Snowe also announced that they would hold a hearing on the role of small business in slowing climate change in the next few weeks, in their capacity as the Chair and Ranking Member of the Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship.

“It’s time to take serious action on this issue. Our bill does that by proposing the most far-reaching, bipartisan plan to limit greenhouse gas emissions, to create new and enhanced tax credits for ordinary Americans who invest in energy-efficient technologies and offer new funds for research and development on cleaner, more efficient vehicles,” said Kerry.

“Although President Bush just noticed that the earth is heating up, the American public, every reputable scientist and other world leaders have long recognized that global warming is real and it’s serious. The time to act is now.”

“The issue of global warming is no longer a question of science – it is now a question of political will,” Snowe said. “Global warming is a comprehensive problem that demands a comprehensive solution. The Global Warming Reduction Act is that solution. It is realistic, aggressive, science based approach to tackling this issue without putting a stranglehold on our economy. This legislation is the right course at the right cost, and we can no longer afford the price of inaction.”

Global Warming Reduction Act Highlights:

  • Requires that the U.S. freeze emissions in 2010 and then calls for a gradual reduction each year to 65 percent below 2000 emissions levels by 2050. The bill achieves these targets through a flexible, economy-wide cap-and-trade program for greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Provides immediate incentives to reduce emissions, producing direct results in the near-term.
  • Requires that passenger vehicles reduce their global warming pollution.
  • Includes measures to advance technology and reduce emissions through clean, renewable energy and energy efficiency in the transportation, industrial and residential sectors.
  • Requires the US to derive 20% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2020.
  • Includes a resolution expressing the urgent need for President Bush to re-engage in international climate negotiations.
  • Establishes a National Climate Change Vulnerability and Resilience Program to help communities assess their vulnerability to climatic changes and shorter term climatic variations – including changes and variations resulting from human activities – and better prepare for it.
  • 7 Responses to “Kerry Lets Loose on Global Warming Proposal, Offers Stronger Bi-Partisan Climate Bill That Would Reduce Emissions 65 percent by 2050”

    1. This kind of plan is way over due . Thank You JK for caring so much and keep fighting sir. I am sure this is only the beginning !!

    2. Our guy John is on a mission since not declaring for the presidency in ’08. It’s as though he’s moved into high gear and we the people are the beneficiaries. I didn’t think I could feel so good after feeling so bad such a short time ago. Maybe he’ll have accomplished so much these next two years on the job that the people will just write him in when the time comes for choosing our next president. I’ll never stop hoping!

    3. Connie this one of the reason I think JK made the wrong decision by not running in 08.
      No matter what he wants to do and pass the power of the bully pit of the president can’t be surpassed in the national or world spotlight.

      Iraq isn’t the only issue that is endangering this country and the world.

      Kerry could have been a heck of alot more effective on both issues if he was president.

      After Biden’s gaffes and hillary’s bad men quip, and edwards cutting line to get a play station, this proves they are no better at the Potomac 2 step than anybody else.

      I know its to much to hope for but if the dem party got help for their clinton habit and started taking a look at what they lost with Kerry out of the race maybe their is hope for 08 yet.

      Of course Chuck Rausch on USA Today website has an article comparing John Kerry and Jane Fonda from what I saw. He based this on Kerry’s comments at Davos and I got so pissed I didn’t read pass the 2nd line.

      Some of you Kerry crats might want to go over and show Chuck some smack down love.

      Even though Kerry isn’t in the race the msm is still determine to undermine him at every turn.

      I plan on sending Rausch a note and letting him know what a craven prick he really is.

      Yeah, I’m swearing off politics but I’ll still defend Kerry.

    4. “I know its to much to hope for but if the dem party got help for their clinton habit and started taking a look at what they lost with Kerry out of the race maybe their is hope for 08 yet.”


      I feel the same way. Unless Kerry was drafted (unlikely) or Gore got in the race, I don’t see anyone to rally behind. 🙁

      I caught bits and pieces of the Davos summit today and Kerry was miles ahead of the 08 wannabees on diplomacy, and other stuff. As a DUer put it, the 08 candidates are now playing catch up on the issues.

      And yes, I will continue to defend Kerry and Momma T all the way.

    5. Indie- I’m sitting 08 out as far as the pres is concerned. Perhaps Gore would get me to the polls as I voted for him in 2000 and he was robbed but he isn responsible for putting the spotlight on holy joe lieberman and that was along with hiring donna brazille the 2 worst decisions he made.

      I just don’t see Gore getting in as he knows how rabid the media can be and it wasn’t to long ago many dems were trashing him.

      The thing about the catch-up is these 08 contenders need to be called on the fact that they are playing catch up to Kerry and Gore. None of them were on board for Kerry/Feingold back in June 06 if memory serves me right. Why aren’t they called on the carpet by the party?

    6. Pen

      The party is too busy pissing and moaning and trying to one up each other, I think. And you’re right, none were on board for Kerry Feingold in June ’06. They’ve all got a long way to go to catch up now.

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