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U.S.-Iran Tensions Could Trigger War

by Pamela Leavey

The big news tonight is that tensions between the U.S and Iraq could “trigger accidental war.”

Citing Iranian involvement with Iraqi militias and Tehran’s nuclear ambitions, the Bush administration has shifted to offense in its confrontation with Iran — building up the U.S. military in the Persian Gulf and promising more aggressive moves against Iranian operatives in Iraq and Lebanon.

The behind-the-scenes struggle between the two nations could explode into open warfare over a single misstep, analysts and U.S. military officials warn.

Iraq has become a proxy battleground between Washington and Tehran, which is challenging — at least rhetorically — America’s dominance of the Gulf. That has worried even Iraq’s U.S.-backed Shiite prime minister, who — in a reflection of Iraq’s complexity — also has close ties to Iran.

Iran and the United States are already sparring on the ground.

Accidental? Accidental?

Make no mistake about it, if a war with Iran is triggered, it will be no freakin’ accident! BushCo has been working up to this for a long time and some folks can’t wait for it to happen… Enter Jules Crittenden, the sometimes Boston Herald columnist and wingnut blogger, who thinks and hopes “George Bush does” go to war with Iran:

I’m kind of hoping and expecting it will happen on purpose.”

Here we go again…

3 Responses to “U.S.-Iran Tensions Could Trigger War”

  1. It’s very obvious that Bush and Co. are a war hungry, hawkish bunch not keen on diplomatic options. As in Iraq, there have been no definitive intelligence reports subtantiating this admimistrations claims.
    Remember that Iran is a country over three times the size of Iraq. Our military capability, due to Iraq, has already been streched to the limit. I know of some National Guard troops who have served at least three tours of duty and who now, due to “the surge”,will face the possibility of a fourth. I realize that these troops are voluteers, however, they did not enlist to serve in a war zone for life. Putting these troops in harms way so many times is like a game of Russian Rullete. Each succesive tour increases the possibility that the chamber will be full the next time the trigger is pulled.
    If this administration leads us into another pre-emptive war, as it seems they are intent on doing, the military most likely will have no alternative but to reinstiture the draft.
    If this happens, the country will be thrown into complete turmoil rememniscent of the 1960’s Vietanam war protests. There will be rioting in the streets and on our college campuses. Perhaps the dreadful nightmare of Kent State will even be repeated.
    Not only on the war but on so many other things we have been lied to. Why is so much of the money being spent in Iraq unaccounted for? What role did Scooter Libby and the VP really play in the outing of Valarie Plame? Why won’t President Bush buy into the scientificly established fact of global warming? Why are additional stem cell links not being established when the public and Congress overwhelming favor cures for devastating diseases? Why won’t Federal charges against this administration be pursued due to it’s total failurte to respond to the Katrina disaster? What role has the president and this administration played in the shaddy dealings of lobbiest Jack Abrakoff? Why, after six plus years, has Osama Bin Laden not been found and brought to justice? The list is unending!!
    The bottom line is that this inarticulate, uninformed, and uncaring President needs to be removed from office! It’s to bad our Constitution does not have a recall provision, as many states do to remove the govenor. I fully realize that the Presidency should not be a popularity contest, but the American public’s confidence in this president has sunk so low, that there would be no problem recalling him thru a national vote of no conficence!!
    The Republicans spent thousands of dollars in their misguided attempt to have President Clinton removed. Knowing full well that his inappropriate sexual behavior, did not meet the Constitutional definition of “high crimes and misdemeanors” they proceeded anyway. There only real purpose was to further embarasses him, in which they succeeded.
    President Bush’s mistakes over the past 6 six years more closely meet the definition of being impeachable offenses. I know that it is not a popular move to attempt to remove a President from office during war time. However, what other realistic choice do we have? The arrogance of “The Decider” has no bounds. His recent actions have shown that: he didn’t care what the Baker Commission reported, he wasn’t listening to his field generals (now replaced by those who echo his opnion), and he does not care about the political will of the American people, as witnessed by the results of the 2006 Congressional election. With him it’s either, “my way or the highway”, “you are either with us or against us”, and “Bring ’em
    On.” He has publicly stated that he does not care if its only Laura and his dog who support his “surge” policy it still wont’t change. I am just a little curious as to how he determines his dog’s opinion.
    His presidency more closely resembles a monarchy rather than a democracy. He feels that it was “God’s Will” that made him president. It is obvious that his administration is patterened after the policy embodied in “The Devine Right of Kings”–which we fought to end during the Revolutionary War. How can he be so misguided as to strong arm democracy abroad when he is doing everything in his power to stiffle it here at home? It’s a total waste of time for Congress to adopt a plan to limit his war powers. He will not abide my any plan presented. Instead Congress needs to be spending their time and energy in attempting to remove him from office. This needs to be a top priority. Two years is a long time and this President could well have us on the way to a nuclear style WWIII before 1/20/09 arrives.

  2. There is no need to dispute what we know about weapons from Iran in Iraq and it is politics as usual to make that the issue:

    * Hezbollah is a Shia terrorist organization that takes its orders from Iran. Its policy is the destruction of Israel and the US. They are funded by Iran. They kill. They commit acts of terrorism around the globe.

    * Iran has denied Israel’s right to exist, the holocaust and stated that they intend to destroy Israel.

    * Iran is pursuing a nuclear weapon (their protestations of piety and love notwithstanding) which will eventually kill more US citizens in a single day than all of the coalition forces that have died or will die in Iraq, and will cost more dollars that 911 and Iraq put together – all in a single day.

    We will be at war with Iran sooner or later. It sooner, than it will be while we have the advantage. If later, then after their first strike – which will be a deep one.

    Not a single Democrat that I have heard has any appreciation of the dire situation that the Russia-Iran-PRK-Chavez alliance that is brewing poses for the West.

    So prattle on about the weapons issue, but know this… Iran will not forsake its ambition to destroy Israel regardless of the money we throw at them.

    Bill Ross

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