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Governor Patrick Says He Will Support Kerry If He Seeks Presidency Again

by Pamela Leavey

With the news today that Joe Biden intends to “seek the Democratic presidential nomination in 2008,” came the news that Massachusetts’ new governor, Deval Patrick said today that “he would have to support Sen. John Kerry over Obama or Mrs. Clinton should the Massachusetts Democrat make a second run for the presidency.” Patrick was asked who he would support in ’08 during an appearance that aired Sunday on WHDH-TV’s “Urban Update.” Apparently the list only included Kerry, Clinton and Obama, sorry Joe. Patrick made it very clear where his loyalty runs, to his home Senator who supported his bid for Governor…

“They are very, very strong people. I will tell you that if my home senator runs, I’ve got to be with him. I love the other candidates, but we will see. I don’t know that he has made a decision yet.”

Back in October, Deval Patrick called “a similar question “premature” after Kerry campaigned for him at the Perkins School for the Blind in Watertown.”

Obama, an Illinois Democrat still in his first term in Congress, and Clinton, a New York Democrat just sworn into her second term, are weighing campaigns in 2008, as is Kerry.

Kerry has pledged to announce a decision about a second campaign in the near future, perhaps this month. He is up for re-election in 2008, and some local Democrats are urging him to decide whether he wants to seek re-election or wage a second presidential campaign.

The senator has suggested the calendar and state election law would allow him to do both, at least until he learned the outcome of early primaries and caucuses.

Massachusetts’ senior Senator Ted Kennedy signaled a little “impatience with his fellow senator in December, saying his support was not guaranteed and he did not want to wait “indefinitely” for a decision.”

Kennedy later declared he would support Kerry should he declare his candidacy “in the near term.”

Around here, Dem Daily readers are waiting patiently for the Senator to make it official. The general consensus is Run, John, Run.


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  • 21 Responses to “Governor Patrick Says He Will Support Kerry If He Seeks Presidency Again”

    1. ‘08 Watch: Biden to Run, Will Gore?

      Senator Joe Biden made his intentions to run for the Democratic nomination in ‘08 clear (once again) today on “Meet the Press.” I’m curious just how many times Biden has used the Sunday talk show format to press his case for ru…

    2. JK all the way in 2008!!!

    3. Good to see, but not very surprising.

      Now, the real issue is whether Kerry will announce anytime soon (and I think he should), and if he will put together a good PR team (meaning somebody who reflects him and is ready to counter the attacks when they come).

    4. Even with a PR team, how do we counter the bad candidate meme that I always here. He made mistakes, but not as many the media meme sticks him with.

      We have to undo that preception, as well as fix the voting system.

    5. Marjorie G,

      I agree with your post. Heads up to everyone about anasty BoHerald piece (in response to this blog piece) about Kerry being sick at Deval’s swearing in and not “connecting.”

      Not going to link it cause it is extrememly snarky and sick, but hat tip to the DU JK group.

      A lot of perceptions such as “he refused to defend himself,” or like what you mentioned and in the Herald are going to have to be undone before the real races start.

    6. Indie

      If you have the link can you please post it – not everyone here goes to the DU JK group. Thanks. We can’t debunk stuff if we don’t know what others are saying regardless of the snark, etc.

    7. Also, since other candidates haven’t had these type of smear pieces published about them, Kerry is going to need some strong PR to counter that article (if anyone has a strong stomach to read it).

      It is clear that they are trying to take him out, discourage him from running cause of his “negatives,” and discourage his money backers and supporters. This perception doesn’t need to stick.

    8. Oh, here you go Pam (you can delete my post if or when you post them).



    9. Margorie G

      I agree with you totally on both points.

      I began rebuttal e-mails to the “Google News Alerts for JK” articles just about a month ago. To SC, TX, UT, MA, FL and D.C. columnists. Even with my facts and links substantiating the info, some continue the “botched joke” bs for a cannot win, tarnished, do not run type response. It’s totally disheartening, yet I respond right back with additional facts, links, and endorsements, since their stuff is purely personal opinion only, yet it’s still out there.

      IMHO we all need to work diligently as “JK’s media,” locally and nationally, to smack down the lies and smears with facts and endorsements. I e-mail his speeches, videos, op-eds to my e-circle and beyond. To the journalists, especially Keith Olbermann.

      Absolutely fix the voting system, prior to 2008, and I wrote that as a priority to JK when he requested our input at his blog the first of the year.

    10. Indie,

      it was not Deval’s swearing in, but Kennedy’s.


      Marjorie, Indie,

      The best way to stop the smearing about not connecting and a bad campaign is to show it is wrong. Start a good campaign. Be present. Have a good PR team who understands how this works.

      In my opinion, Kerry had the right instinct when he started to answer to the joke smear. I understand he was a good team player and decided to stop. But now is the time to attack again, present once again what he stands for, again and again.

      It was starting to work before the joke smear. If he intends to run in 08, he should be out and lead, not in the background in the Senate. Of course, if he has decided not to run again for the WH, it does not matter, but I really hope he has not taken this decision.

    11. By the way, a hat tip to Robert Freedland for his 12-3-06 post on “JK On The Blog” at johnkerry.com.

      Part of his comment included the suggestion for bloggers to search “Google News” regularly to find out what people are saying about JK and answer their lies and smears with facts and endorsements. I find the mission invigorating, and it has now become part of my daily routine.

    12. Hmmm, just rolling my eyes and saying WTF to the BS in BH. I mean come on, this reeks of the same type of BS story that the “photo” story did on the blogs.

      Also I would reccomend that folks search the Google Blogs for blog posts and get active on debunking the wingnuts too, if you can handle it.

    13. Cool. Thanks Pam. 🙂

    14. Indie Liberal

      If you would like daily one time delivery to your Inbox of JK news from Yahoo and Google you may subscribe for

      Yahoo Alerts: Keyword News (“John Kerry”)@

      Google Alerts: Google Alert (John Kerry)@

    15. Indie Liberal

      Whoops, link info didn’t post.



    16. Thanks Dotti.

      Here is another article. it’s from the globe this time. Thanks Mass for the correction above.


    17. That Globe story was interesting. I didn’t bother with the BS in the BH.

      I look around the Democratic landscape and I’m thinking, way not? What is the competition? Hillary? Obama? Edwards? Biden? Vilsack? Kucinich?

      I don’t know. It looks like such a week field to me. I’d like to see JK run. I’d like to see him give a speech at Faneuil Hall and say he’s running. Can he build support with the vet organizations and firefighters? That’s what really helped him out last time, I believe.

      Can JK can jump out front and stay there like he did in ’04. He may have to grab delegates here and there, build a base. But I think he can do it.

      I noticed that JK has been doing some hiring lately. I have no idea as to what he’s doing, or even if he’s interested – but I’d like to see if JK would offer a job to Lawrence O’Donnell. I think he’s a smart guy with great insight.

    18. As always I pray Kerry runs for pres in 08.
      I just don’t think without the oval office Reid and pelosi and their ilk will allow Kerry to get the credit he deserves for all the work he does. I think shumer, reid, lieberman and their ilk would make his life in the senate hard out of spite.

      He’s better than that and he should run in 08.

      Now when he does announce his intentions to run he will have to have a hard hitting, sharp as a tack staff ready to go.

      He’s going to have to confront these so called facts that the GOP, DLC and msm has put out about him and let the people see him for who he really is.

      Above all else he can’t have no damn leakers, traitors, hanger on’s or any of the kind. Loose lips have always sunk ships and they always will. Cliched but true.

      He will need to be absolutely brutal to all opponents whether they are GOP or democrat there is no room for mercy this time. Where did it get him in 04 and election 06. Ridiculed, and betrayed.

      Frankly, I’m sick of the news cycle where all they do is diss Kerry. I’m sick of democrats dissin Kerry.

      I was hoping Alex movies could help him dispell some of the media myths but I guess its not coming out.

      Can’t wait to see him and momma T on the talk show circuit and showing the folks what a cool couple they are.

    19. pen, Blue,

      It may be wise to hold off announcing until Spring, but there have been articles coming out the last few days that interpret him as not running.

      Even though I am for that idea (so that legislation can get done), it may be time to come out and say something because the articles that perceive him as “mulling” another run are coming across like the botched joke may have had some impact, that is on the decision. (I support it either way)

      Notice that Obama and Hil can take their time :rolleyes:


      I too hope he and Momma T can hit the talk circuit soon.

    20. Please delete the NY Daily News story. It’s inaccurate. Peace!

    21. This one is better.:)