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About That Surge

by Pamela Leavey

The “surge” was all over the news on Friday and it appears the opposition to the concept is mounting on the left and even somewhat on the right.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Speaker Nancy Pelosi sent a letter to Bush on Friday “urging him to reject his reported plan to escalate the war in Iraq by increasing troop levels and delaying the ability of the Iraqi government take control of their own future.” The N.Y. Times noted the letter here, and the WaPo reported the story here.

John McCain however, called for a “substantial, sustained surge” and cited “Lieberman’s re-election as proof Americans don’t want Iraq exit.” Hello — you call that proof Mr. McCain? Sorry, you need to do better than that. LMAO on that assertion.

EJ Dionne writes “Short-Circuiting the Surge,” and Dan Froomkin notes that Bush is busy purging “the Unbelievers.”

Think Progress reported that on Thursday “on MSNBC, Trent Lott (R-MS), the second ranking Republican in the Senate, said that he may oppose troop escalation in Iraq.”

Curiously Ollie North seems to be opposed to the “surge”: More Troops = More Targets. Go figure.

No doubt the escalation of the arguments on the “surge” will continue. It’s doubtful Bush will back down. Stay tuned…

2 Responses to “About That Surge”

  1. I think I have it. McCain is getting senile. We need to emphasize the age issue. Let’s see, an email that says:

    Joe Lieberman vs

    Joe Sestak

    Jim Webb

    John Tester

    Amy Kolbucher

    Claire McCaskill

    Sherrod Brown

    And no losses of Dem Senate seats. McCain is always talking about pork. Apparently he is not connecting the number of people in Lieberman’s district who didnt want to lose a senior Senator’s clout.

    As usual I will have to wait for the transcript on the speech. Cannot stand to listen or watch him. Even worse than Poppy – who I only avoided for FOUR years…

  2. Quote: “John McCain however, called for a “substantial, sustained surge” and cited “Lieberman’s re-election as proof Americans don’t want Iraq exit.”

    Apparently McCain forgot how badly he got his ass handed to him by the great Democratic majority of Connecticut by someone with nowhere near the funding or political clout. If it wasn’t for a bunch of turncoat Repukes Mr. Lieberman would not be in office today. Some “lesson” huh?