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New Year’s Eve: U.S. Sustains 3,000th Fatality in Iraq

by Pamela Leavey

It’s New Year’s Eve in America and today marked the 3,000th fatality in Iraq. It’s a sad sorry statement on the polarity of this nation when blogger’s on the right make claims that anyone from the left who notes this has some motive other than to mourn yet another loss of our brave men and women who fight in our honor. Agree or disagree with the Iraq war, each loss is tragic, and for those of us who believe the war is wrong, we see and the feel the loss just as deeply and call out for end to the lies from the Bush administration and a change of course in Iraq. It’s time to put into motion a plan that will bring our troops home.

AP News reports that “The milestone was crossed on the final day of 2006 and at the end of the deadliest month for the American military in Iraq in the past 12 months.”

At least 111 U.S. service members were reported to have died in December.

Spc. Dustin R. Donica, 22, of Spring, Texas, was killed Thursday by small arms fire in Baghdad, the Defense Department said.

Senator Ted Kennedy, said on the 3,000th American death in Iraq:

“All Americans mourn the loss of each of these men and women and honor their sacrifice. This tragic milestone makes clear that we owe our men and women in uniform a new policy that is worthy of their heroism and brings them safely home.”

Bush has been in Crawford, Texas, reportedly hatching out a new plan for Iraq or better put, “struggling to salvage a military campaign that, more than three-and-a-half years after U.S. forces overran the country, has scant support from the American public.”

When asked about the 3,000 figure, Scott Stanzel , a deputy White House press secretary said today that Bush “will ensure their sacrifice was not made in vain.” He went on to note we should not be looking for an end to Iraq war soon, by saying:

We will be fighting violent jihadists for peace and security of the civilized world for years to come. The brave men and women of the U.S. military are fighting extremists in order to stop them from attacking on our soil again. ”

That’s great, but Iraqi extremists never attacked our soil. And still today, 3000 lives and $350 billion later, Osama bin Laden, who did attack on our soil, is still missing and our president is still in a ‘state of denial.’




2 Responses to “New Year’s Eve: U.S. Sustains 3,000th Fatality in Iraq”

  1. How ironic that someone from Texas was the last one of the year and became number 3000. Meanwhile, Julie-Boy is still in a world of his own. Scott Stanzel reminds us once again, that there will be no change in this insane war. Bush just hides away again, while the world around him falls apart. The lunacy from the right is sometimes more than one can bare.

  2. This is Dustin’s myspace blog. Makes it so much more real to find out what he put there about himself.

    May his parents, family and friends find peace.