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Run, John Kerry, Run

by Dotti Janiak

With all the Clinton/Edwards/Obama hoopla out there, let’s not lose track of who said what and when, regarding taking responsibility for getting America back on track and respected in the world:

November 3, 2004
Faneuil Hall – Boston, MA
Senator John Kerry
Address to Supporters

“I believe that what we started in this campaign will not end here. And I know our fight goes on to put America back to work and make our economy a great engine of job growth. Our fight goes on to make affordable health care an accessible right for all Americans, not a privilege. Our fight goes on to protect the environment, to achieve equality, to push the frontiers of science and discovery, and to restore America’s reputation in the world. I believe that all of this will happen — and sooner than we may think — because we’re America. And America always moves forward.”

March 12, 2006
Nashua, New Hampshire
Senator John Kerry
Speech before the Democratic Parties of
Hillsborough County and City of Nashua

John Kerry’s “Ten-Point Plan for America:

1. Obey the law and protect civil rights in this country.
2. Tell the truth, and tell it to Americans all the time.
3. Fire the incompetents and restore competence and integrity to Washington.
4. Chase the money changers from the temples of democracy, and reclaim it for the grass-
roots of this nation.
5. Bring our troops home from Iraq.
6. Find Osama bin Laden, and secure our ports and homeland.
7. Stop subsidizing “Big Oil,” and start investing in energy alternatives.
8. Make access to affordable health care a right and not a privilege.
9. Reduce the deficit and respect work over wealth.
10. Invest in education and fight for American jobs that restore the American dream.

John Kerry: A man of vision, a diplomat, and an experienced leader, who is actually qualified to be president by merits alone. Run, John Kerry, Run!

24 Responses to “Run, John Kerry, Run”

  1. I certainly second that!

  2. Third, here … 🙂 We need you, Senator !

  3. 4th!

    Thank you for posting Kerry’s 10 point plan. I really like his priorities. Especially this one:

    4. Chase the money changers from the temples of democracy, and reclaim it for the grassroots of this nation.

    Yes, exactly!

  4. Indeed!!! Run JK, run!!!!!!!!!

  5. MH

    Yeah, I’m beginning to think that one is key to solving a lot of problems. It especially includes the Military-Industrial-Congressional-Financial Complex. We need to play follow the money so we can plug that drain up like we do the other criminals.

    Please Senator, we want a candidate to work FOR.

  6. Run, John, Run!!!

    Oh, man. That would be sweet!

    It would be America, again. A real WH with a Pres and a First Lady who are intelligent, thoughtful and honest. An administration that puts the interests of the American people before politics or big business.
    And 8 years of kick-ass speeches from a guy who can put real words together to form complete sentences.

    Please run, Senator Kerry! We need you.

  7. GV

    “8 years of kick-ass speeches from a guy who can put real words together to form complete sentences.”

    Wow – what a concept! I am of course in total agreement – we need John Kerry.

  8. As a Republican I would be delighted if Sen. John “reporting for duty” Kerry is the democratic nominee again. By all means, please run JF Kerry for president again!

  9. So quickly they forget those great speeches, or maybe didn’t hear them the first time. No mystery why the powers that be don’t want us to hear: A respectful, thoughtful guy, who can cooperate, but never be controlled or bought. Another wonderful concept.

    Off topic. I felt positive for a few minutes today, remembering back to the time of scientic exploration, watching the IMAX movie, Roving Mars. Shown at museums around the country, you share the dream and accomplishment of teamwork to get pictures and samples taken on Mars.

    At the end, I saw the filmmaker was George Butler. Must be the same as from Pumping Iron, but more importantly, Going Upriver: the long war of John Kerry. His longtime and loyal friend.

    I remember meeting him early Fall 2003, at an apartment gathering to encourage supporters feeling the effects of Dean media hype. As he was compiling the film and asking for comments.

  10. I’ve said it since 04 run in 08 JK run for pres and take no prisoners this time.

    Kerry train coming to a stop near you!

    Now hopefully we will get the chance to see more of momma T.

  11. GV

    You mean 8 years of being willing to listen to presidential speeches and press conferences?!?! 😆

    I could go for that.


    Like the Chinese say, “Be careful what you wish for”

    (We know what we wish for. Nominate ANY of your leading contenders.)

  12. YES! That’s my wish for 2007, and 2008. God. A first-rate president, for once in my adult life. I can just taste it. Every time I think about it, I feel our country coming back.

  13. Kinnick,

    You need to worry about your side of the field. The top GOP contenders are about as suspect as a priest on a cub scout trip.

  14. Showman,

    You think they are that good?

  15. Ginny,

    You are too funny. I didn’t think you couldn’t get any shakier than a priest surrounded by boy scouts. As you already know the GOP top 3 are shakier than a nervous stripper on her first night working. McCain, Romney, Giuliani are extremely problematic to the conservative base. McCain is considered a closet liberal who is “stuck in Iraq”, Romney is considered the new Massachusetts flip flopper by many conservatives and Giuliani has more skeletons than Arlington National Cementary.
    In conclusion you get my point about the GOP top 3.

  16. Showman,

    No kidding, I really meant it when I said the GOP could nominate any of their top contenders – probably should have said likely contenders.

    Actually, at this point, I’d probably be willing to trust the priest – they are under a lot of scrutiny and pressure which I think they are actually paying attention to. The GOP is under the same but it doesn’t seem to have any deterring effect…

    Don’t feel too confident, but I am thinking the ’08 race could have some good times for the Dems. As long as the 110th Congress does good stuff – and I’ll bet Pelosi will* – we should have a good record to continue the change mood.

    *Partly because most of the freshman class are savvy to the kind of stupid politiking that has gotten us into this mess and will hopefully get with enough others to really clean House – and Senate.

  17. Senator Kerry should run!!! He is an intelligent, compassionate, no-nonsense, Vietnam war veteran. He really needs to vindicate himself from the hateful, mud slining, campaign waged against him by Bush in 2004. When John Kerry lost the election, America was the loser!! We see this more clearly every day as “The Decider” makes ever mounting bad decisions.
    Senator Kerry clearly won all three televised debates over the stumbling, stuttering George Bush. His intelligence was so very evident against his challenger, who often seemed like a deer caught in the headlights. How dare could the Bush team try to maline the record of a man who DID SERVE IN VIETNAM, over our current President who clearly used his father’s influnece to stay state-side. The swift-boat lie campaign will go down as perhaps the most politically vicious in American history. But, of course, Bush is use to doing this!! How easily some of us forget that Bush used similar tactics to win the South Carolina primary in 2000 over his challenger Senator McCain. His chief henchman, Karl Rove, planted the totally false story that Senator McCain had fathered an out-of-wedlock baby with a black woman in South Carolina. This loathsome lie had the desired effect, as Bush won the primary. To George Bush the end always justifies the means!
    Please don’t forget that Senator Kerry won the majority of the popular vote in 2004. The only reason that he won was because of the antiquated Electoral College system which should be abolished, The victor should be decided by who recives the most votes! Why should my vote in little Delaware count less than someone voting in New York?
    Anyway, I have gotten a little off the topic. Senator Kerry would make a much more viable candidte that the often arrogant sounding Hillary Clinton. The Democratic Party and Americans need to give Senator Kerry a well deserved second chance!!

  18. Buzz,
    I am an independent conservative, with no specific party affiliation.
    My vote is based upon my moral convictions and the truth as best as I can determine by filtering through the hype that is spread by political foes and their willing accomplices.
    I do not contribute a dime to any political party nor do I spread gossip about any particular candidate.
    I consider it an obligation as a citizen of our great nation to closely examine ‘facts’ as expounded by others.
    I can ignore most of the ‘facts’ in your diatribe, but I must point out to you that you should understand what the Electoral College is and how it protects small or less populated states from the ‘tyranny of the many’, like in your example, ‘New York’ versus ‘Delaware’.
    Democrats would very much like to eliminate the Electoral College because the ‘popular vote’ would allow them to gain much more control over the electoral process.
    If you truly want to minimize your vote, then by all means you should repeat the mantra about the importance of the ‘popular vote’ and that the ‘antiquated’ Electoral College should be eliminated.
    Anyone who understands our Constitution knows that it would require an amendment which would entail ratification by two-thirds of the states.
    I sincerely doubt that the so-called ‘blue states’ constitutes a two-thirds majority. There are two Senators to represent each state, no matter how populous, to level the playing field and offset the influence of the House, which represents the general population.
    I am by no means a Constitutional scholar, but I do understand the need for the balance of power and the foresight of our Founders.
    I also know that many great nations before ours have failed because of the lack of such mechanisms to ensure stability and continuity, hence my penchant for closely examining the motives of political operatives of all stripes.

    Finally, a simple Google with all keywords “2004 GOP Primary South Carolina McCain” and the ‘Exact Phrase’ “out of wedlock” produced about 11,600 responses.
    It seems to me that most of these were produced by leftist sources, which seems to be somewhat strange considering the Primary was for the GOP.
    Also, the originator seemed to be someone other than Karl Rove, but that is the nature of gossip—it takes on a life of its own as it spreads.
    I must point out to you that to repeat gossip is worse than the original slander because it will create the illusion of credibility, thus adding fuel to the fire.

  19. oledawg,

    I have been studying the Electoral College issue for awhile. There are views on either side from scholars who look at it both historically and for our present situation. Perhaps the biggest issue I prefer to take into account is that we have an entirely different society than has ever exixted. The amount of knowledge, the speed and degree of distribution as well as the degree to which people are still deceived are important to factor in.

    As I understand it, the Founding Fathers looked at the Electoral College as a way to get around the amount of time it would take to count all the votes as well as the fairly widespread lack of education. I think the idea was that it could be changed when appropriate.

    As far as votes counting and misrepresentation. My prime example is Sen Ted Stevens of Alaska. The state may be huge but the population is extremely small – one of the states that has only one Congressman (the equally lousy Don Young). I lived there for 14 years and it was really disgusting how the voters refused to recognize how bad both are – and they are still being reelected, with healthy margins.

    Ted Stevens has the absolute 1st place for pork. And he does it in ways that are disingenous. And gets away with it because he has so much power, is not pleasant to work with (he will make you suffer if you thwart him), and has no ethics. So the state of AK gets to keep sending this guy to the Senate, costing the rest of us taxpayers billions in poor legislation and pork.

    There has to be some way to figure out how to change the mess that has developed in Washington that reflects what the majority of the people want without infringing on the minority. The first thing to recognize is that although our Constitution is excellent and farsighted in many ways, we can still change and improve it – if we do it carefully.

  20. Ginny,
    re: “if we do it carefully”

    if:Not likely
    we: Depends on the meaning of ‘we’
    carefully: ditto above

    Pardon me for being skeptical, but I really doubt that it will ever happen, and ‘ever’ means ‘ever’…

  21. Ginny,
    Pardon me for ending so abruptly, it was unintentional.
    I hit the ‘Tab’ key and it triggered the ‘Submit Comment’ button.

    I meant to also comment on your statement concerning the sorry state of affairs in Alaska.

    I agree wholeheartedly with your opinion of Ted Stevens. His temper tantrum concerning the ‘Bridge to Nowhere’ did not fall on deaf ears, every taxpaying citizen should have been outraged, but lifers in Congress is a way of life with no way to change things, since both parties participate with glee.

    To Congress, term limits is considered a dirty word.
    Every attempt to limit campaign spending only makes the problem worse.
    Congress itself is a pork project in perpetuity.

    Unfortunately, pork is big business in DC and it is but one of a myriad of problems with our entire political system.

    Ted Stevens is not the only dealer in pork by far–personally, I am sick and tired (my long-departed Grandmother’s favorite expletive) of pork projects, earmarks and whatever.
    Another addicted pork dealer is Byrd of West Virginia, another is Ted Kennedy–his ‘Big Ditch’ is but one example of his giveaways. On both sides of the aisle, on and on it goes, ad nauseum.
    Congress thumbs their noses at we taxpayers, so the big question is, what can we do about it?
    We can’t fire them, we can’t vote them out of office, we can only wait for them to die, then they are replaced by the next pig in the queue.
    I can only imagine it will continue until the taxpayers are maxed out and the system will fold like a house of cards.
    That is what happened to the Roman Empire–the citizens wanted more and more, the Empire brought in less and less revenues, and it just folded up.
    If history is any measure, we have eight-hundred years or so to go. Our ancestors will have to deal with it–my remaining days are very few, so I can only continue to impotently complain.

    And so it goes…

  22. Be careful what we wish for in abolishing the electoral college. Without as many finances to compete nationally to the degree as the GOP in direct mail, media buys.

    Buzz, Kerry lost the popular vote, and was one of the reasons we could not go on a fishing expedition because of our suspicions and had to concede. Not enough evidence to even think of overturning.

  23. Yes, why not! 🙂

    Only thing I may add to the 10 point plan is that health care should be affordable, but universal. That’s what will win people over.

    Edwards is already starting to push that, (some say Kucinich has already done so), but the natives are crying foul that Kerry keeps saying “affordable.”

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