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So, John Kerry Was In Iraq

by Pamela Leavey

So, John Kerry was in Iraq eating a meal at the embassy and someone snapped a photo of him sitting at a table that had some empty seats but apparently talking to someone at the table, and the right wingnut bloggers have all translated this photo as the troops have snubbed Kerry. Forget that there could be a multitude of explanations other than that, like the other folks at the table already left the table and the waiter’s cleared their spaces and Kerry was continuing a conversation with someone down the table a bit. Clearly we have another incident of wingnuts making mountains out of molehills — it is after all what they do best — or a doctored photo.

And, note that if we listen to the original wingnut account, we are all supposed to believe that Kerry scheduled a press conference and no one showed. How credible is that? Not very. We’re talking about the former Democratic nominee, who rarely isn’t dogged by the press — somehow, somewhere, because — he is John Kerry and he is a major newsmaker. And, he did actually do a presser (or two) by phone while in Iraq.

Last month, Washington Whispers noted that one group of Marines here in D.C. yukked it up with Kerry over a shot of tequila in a D.C. bar, yet the wingnuts want us to believe that ALL the troops in Iraq snubbed Kerry. Not even plausible…

These Marines Forgive and Forget
It was party time for Sen. John Kerry’s staff and alumni from his 2004 presidential campaign last week at the Democrat’s favorite Capitol Hill hangout across from the U.S. Marine Corps Barracks and HQ when a group of marines approached him. But they didn’t scold him for recently suggesting that the military attracts mediocre students. Instead, they yukked it up and even bought the vet a shot of tequila–which he downed.

Honestly, I’ve got one thing to say about this whole load of hype… John Kerry is one huge threat to the wingnuts and they perpetuate their lies and their childish name-calling because of that fact. I mean let’s get real here, if he wasn’t a threat they would be tripping all over each other seeing who can out hype the next.

Steve Benen points out a few facts about John Kerry on the Carpetbagger Report that back up my contention that Kerry is a threat to the wingnuts:

* Kerry is a decorated war hero, and most of his critics aren’t.

* Any suggestion that Kerry’s “botched joke” was criticism of the troops is ridiculous.

* Kerry chose to spend time during the holiday season with troops in Iraq, and most of his critics didn’t.

* Kerry has spent the past few years being right about the war in Iraq, and most of his critics haven’t.

Enough said, really. Kerry was on a tight schedule in Iraq, there were photos from Reuters that showed him eating with troops, the buzz from the wingnuts is senseless B.S. proving they have nothing better to do than perpetuate baseless claims.

It’s swift boat Pas de Deux (translation for the wingnuts who don’t speak French: Part 2).

One last note on the foolish meme from the wingnuts… these guys here look miserable with Senators Kerry and Dodd — don’t ya think?

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UPDATE: Also worth noting on this fraud is that the purported originator of the photo in question is “Ben of Mesopotamia” — “a Harvard PhD and Presidential speechwriter called back to Active Duty for Operation Iraqi Freedom.”

UPDATE 2: More photoshopping and juvenile posts on this from the wingnuts.

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5 Responses to “So, John Kerry Was In Iraq”

  1. The comment sent with that picture indicated that there weren’t many servicemen seen with Kerry at the Embassy mess hall. How many service men have access to the Embassy mess hall? Granted there are some, you can see fatigues in the photo, but it isn’t like the table above which is most likely in a true service mess hall.

    Some people don’t like the celebrity stuff that goes with long lines. They would rather have a meaningful conversation than just sign autographs or press the flesh.

  2. That photo was a fake. Check out crooksandliars.

  3. Sandrakae

    Crooks and Liars is repeating what TPMmuckraker and Steve Benen said, it’s possibly fake. That was conclusion I got from both. It’s far more plausible that others left the table and JK hung out talking to someone down table. I’ll bet the photographer has other pictures that show a full table.

  4. More “Moonbattery” from the Right on the Kerry Photo

    The controversy continues on the Kerry photo from Iraq, that the right wing bloggers have falsely interpretated as a statement that John Kerry’s “welcome was less than warm” in Iraq.
    Justin Rood of TPMmuckraker reports today that B…

  5. This is really as funny as the “botched joke”. If you look at the picture closely, maybe the reason there aren’t any troops surrounding Kerry is because there *aren’t any troops* in the room.

    Jeez, is this all the right wing wankers have left in their arsenal?