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Boston Herald Columnist Perpetuates Lies About John Kerry in Column and Blogosphere

by Pamela Leavey

I’ve written here in the past about Jules Crittenden’s propensity to tout the BushCo war is good mantra and twist John Kerry’s record. As a columnist for the Boston Herald, Crittenden’s ethics are in the toilet, putting it mildly. What is disturbing is that Crittenden has taken to the blogosphere in the past couple of months and he pushes his dishonest journalism through the right wing blogosphere through his blog. Case in point, today’s column in the Boston Herald and his coinciding blog post.

First, Crittenden fails to acknowledge in his blog post or column, that Condoleezza Rice never discouraged Kerry’s visit to Syria. As the third ranking Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Crittenden fails to recognize that Kerry’s visit is justified and considering the State Department will send a representative to the meeting with Kerry (standard procedure), the Bush administration will actually garner important information from his visit, as they did with Senator Nelson’s recent visit. Kerry, contrary to Crittenden’s claim, is an “engaged foreign policy whiz.” Crittenden claiming otherwise, makes himself look uninformed and unfamiliar with the duties of a seated Senator. But, Crittenden is not a journalist, actually — he’s hack and shill for the Bush administration.

Second, Crittenden recycles base and unsubstantiated lies and right wing talking points about Kerry (Cambodia). Unsubstantiated lies and right wing talking points that have been proven ad nauseum to be untrue. Yet, the Boston Herald continues to print Crittenden’s tripe and then Crittenden uses his tripe to hype his own column on the right wing blogosphere.

Third, Crittenden does himself a dis-service as professional columnist by mocking a seated Senator of the United States by purposely misspelling his name, in the guise of repeating a tired joke about him. A joke taken out of context and perpetuated by the right wing Noise Machine, of which Crittenden is a member.

Finally, Crittenden puffs up the wingnut blogosphere perpetual attack on Kerry by linking to posts like these, here and here.

Considering the claims by so many right wing bloggers that Kerry is irrelevant, they all spend an awful lot of time giving him coverage on the blogosphere. Which leaves open the interpretation that Kerry is, as we all know, a huge threat to BushCo apologists in the blogosphere and the BushCo shills and hacks like Jules Crittenden.

James Boyce and Dave Johnson recently wrote a great piece about “The Right Wing’s Ongoing and successful Strategy of “SELL and SMEAR” which I noted here. Crittenden’s column today and subsequent blog post are prime examples of what Boyce and Johnson were talking about.

UPDATE: This post has been linked on Memeorandum and Raw Story.

14 Responses to “Boston Herald Columnist Perpetuates Lies About John Kerry in Column and Blogosphere”

  1. Jules again? And did I just see you use “professional columnist” while talking of Jules? Why Pamela, if you keep that up, I might just have to start refering to Bush as a “Thinking Man.” 😆 😆 😆

  2. Pamela, thanks for exposing the continuing lies of this pseudo-columnist. Great comments, Donnie!

  3. I agree with mbk,

    Pamela and Donnie are both better than Julie. Wish I had time to write the Herald but too busy celebrating Person of the Year award. 😆

    And Jules started his blog too late to be part of the group.

  4. http://www.LouDobbs4President.com


  5. MBK and Ginny, just think if I had a few beers in me. 😆

    Lou Dobbs? WTF?

  6. Donnie,

    A few beers would probably be good, more than that…

    Lou Dobbs draft = GOP desperation?

  7. I don’t care a whit about what some columnist says regarding John Kerry. It is just so much ink filling up space in a newspaper, for want of something else to write about that would take up the same space and change the world by the same exact amount, which is zero, nil, null set.

    That said, Kerry no longer deserves to be lampooned. He is a nonstop-talking, windsurfing, money marrying caricature of himself. It almost makes one want to look away when he appears anywhere, all sad-faced and fully exposed. Pathetic, actually.

  8. No wonder he’s sad, Terry, with people like you in the world.

  9. Terry, dude, what’s up with the attitude?

    Kerry’s out asking questions, looking for answers, trying to found the way out – and all you can do is trash him?

    We have a president who wants to, “stay the the course”.

    Somebody has to be out there trying to find a way for our country to disengage.

    John Kerry is one of those somebodies.

  10. John Kerry would have been a great American president, especially when compared to the worst president in American history, George W. Bush.

    In the Swift Boat Liars attack on John Kerry’s Vietnam War record, most people do not realize that their attack also was directed at the U.S. Department of the Navy. In fact, three weeks before the November 2004 presidential election, the U.S. Navy Department issued a statement in which they stated that the Navy stood firmly behind it’s issuance of medals for valor to Lt. John Kerry during the Vietnam War, as they also stood firmly behind any medal that they’d ever awarded any U.S. Navy personnel since the beginning of the U.S. Navy.

    Do you see?

    The Swift Boat Liars not only attacked John Kerry, but they also attacked every member of the U.S. Navy ever awarded a medal for valor by essentially implying in their attack on John Kerry that the U.S. Navy Department screwed up. And if the Navy Department screwed up in issuing medals for valor to Lt. John Kerry, then they must have screwed up in issuing medals to other U.S. Navy personnel…including some of the Swift Boat Liars who received medals during the Vietnam War.

    This is why what the Swift Boat Liars did was so nefarious, especially when you consider that they called into question the awarding of their own medals by the Navy Department.

    I called them on this prior to the election. They responded all huffy to an e-mail I sent them, trying to justify their lie relative to the truth about their calling into question the issuance of medals to any member of our Armed Forces that’s ever served, no matter what branch of the military.

    If Sen. John Kerry had run ads before the election defending the issuing of medals for valor by the U.S. Navy Department or any other branch of our Armed Forces, thus standing up for the integrity of all the medals ever issued by the Defense Department, he could have undone the damage done by the Swift Boat Liars and their Karl Rove-directed smear campaign.

    Because it would have become quite apparent to everyone that an attack on John Kerry’s Vietnam War medals was actually an attack on the integrity of any medals ever awarded anyone serving in our Armed Forces…including my own.

  11. MBK

    “pseudo-columnist” is right. He’s a piece of work. Shame on the Herald, rag that it is for publishing him still.

  12. Jealousy works wonders even through decades of lost years.

  13. Another pseudo reporting by the Herald:


    Trip ‘doesn’t matter’: Kerry still won’t be ‘serious contender’
    By Jessica Fargen
    Boston Herald Health & Medical Reporter

    So now, writing political columns is the role of the Health and Medical Reporter? This tells us all we need to know.

    This said, by writing two columns in as many days concerning Kerry, the Herald is proving the point that Kerry actually matters, whether they like it or not.

  14. “Siftboating” is now becoming a favorite sport of the right-wing on the right-wing. Watch what they are doing to Baker!

    What is important to me, is that we don’t let the Repubs frame our position, because they do not do it “fairly or accurately”. They need to be nailed.

    Each time some “columnist” presents our position they do it as if we are wanting to coddle the terrorists… if we want to look at what caused so much anomisity towards America we are “Blaming America first”.

    Their solution, I guess, is to not look at why people (those who are pissed but not blowing us up, from which the terrorist population comes from) are angry. Just keep killing until they agree that America is great, never did anything wrong and doesn’t need to change.

    A person was saying how the training of westerners by Al-Qaeda shows that the Repubs were right, and he implied that the “Libs” must be happy about westerners being trained by the Al-Qaeda.

    I called the “person” on his dishonest misreprestntation of the “Lib” position. The “Libs” understand that there are terrorists out there. However we:
    a) Believe in dealing with those terrorists.
    b) Refuse to condone invading countries that aren’t involved.
    c) Wish to use police and intelligence agencies (nationall and internationally) to fight the terrorists.
    d) Realize that the attacks that have been stopped have been because of item c) and not because of attacking Iraq.
    e) Do not believe that surrendering our rights as Americans is “patriotic”. Instead, we see it as a sniveling cowards way to surrender who we are… which to us, is appeasing the terrorists. They are the ones that want an authoritative government, and the “patriotic” cowards are the ones that are giving it to them.