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General Claudia Kennedy Defends Veteran John Kerry Against GOP Attacks

by Pamela Leavey

The firestorm over John Kerry’s comment yesterday that was BLOWN way out of proportion and distorted into an slight against the troops, who were by the way NEVER mentioned, continues.

Kerry opened his speech at Pasadena City College with several one-liners, saying at one point that Bush had lived in Texas but now “lives in a state of denial.”

He then said: “You know, education, if you make the most of it, you study hard, you do your homework and you make an effort to be smart, you can do well. If you don’t, you get stuck in Iraq.”

Excuse me, but let’s get something straight — this major distortion, this major distraction is pure and simple the work of the Republican Noise Machine.

Retired U.S. Army Lieutenant General Claudia J. Kennedy, the first woman to achieve the rank of three-star general in the United States Army, defended Senator John Kerry today in the wake of right-wing attacks. Her statement is below:

“Senator John Kerry has served our country with great distinction, both in the military and in the United States Senate. The men and women of our armed forces know they have a friend and tireless advocate in John Kerry. When it comes to Iraq, he’s right to stand up against baseless attacks, and right to keep fighting for a better course for our troops and our country.”


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  • 7 Responses to “General Claudia Kennedy Defends Veteran John Kerry Against GOP Attacks”

    1. Pardon me, but how else could ‘getting stuck in Iraq’ be interpreted?

      Could you please explain what he REALLY meant with THAT comment?

      I double dare you. Remember now, in your own words, ‘let’s get SOMETHING straight’.

      Please notice that I used your own very special means of emphasis (commonly interpreted on the internet as SHOUTING).

      I am fairly certain that my use of your style of emphasis will likely be edited or removed. If so, please remember that if it ACTUALLY happens, I will be a victim of double standards, a common practice for Democratic circles.

    2. Oledawg

      He was talking about education and the fact that the system is broken. For some kids, low income kids particularly they know that if they caught up in the system and it’s not working for them, they don’t have many choices. And it’s not to say joining the military is not a good option for some, but the Senator believes in higher education and also serving your country.

      Isn’t better to do both? I think so. Kerry does too.

    3. Oledawg,

      By the way, I was there yesterday when Kerry made the statement and the students in the room totally got it. All of them.

      Welcome to the Dem Daily, an occassional shout is permited here in a debate. 🙂

    4. Pamela

      I understand he was talking about education.

      How does the phrase ‘stuck in Iraq’ fit into ‘education’?

      I am really, really curious what is your perception, since you were ‘there’ when he said it.

      If it takes waiting for him to run for the office of the President, he will have to answer to thousands of veterans, past and present.

      Time will tell.

      If ‘the system is broken’ as you propose, it is because the Democrat party managed to break it with ever-increasing taxes over a forty-year period.

      Equating not going to college to having to resort to joining the military is a slap in the face for those who joined the military and served for non self-serving reasons.

      To use a Democrat ploy, John Kerry was
      neither a low income kid or as you say, ‘caught up in the system’.

      He had a good education and was commissioned an officer in the Navy.

      Therefore, he is in no position to equate the lack of a higher education to being ‘stuck in Iraq’.

      I know Democrats tend to have a short memory span, so his words are repeated again as:

      Kerry opened his speech at Pasadena City College with several one-liners, saying at one point that Bush had lived in Texas but now “lives in a state of denial.”

      He THEN (assuming he NEXT) said: “You know, education, if you make the most of it, you study hard, you do your homework and you make an effort to be smart, you can do well. If you don’t, you get stuck in Iraq.”

      Not only is he self-serving, he is downright short-sighted to the point of being ‘stuck on stupid’.

      For the last sixty years, military personnel have advanced their educations during their service and after with the G.I. Bill.

      I am but one of many who have benefitted from my military service and am insulted by Mr. Kerry who denigrates military service to this day, still to further his career.

      Perhaps he should get a real job for a few years, and get in touch with the realities of being ‘caught up in the system’.

      Can the ‘low income kids’ families afford a ‘higher education’ for each of them?

      Is he going to provide those ‘low income kids’ with a ‘higher education’?

      If not, just how will those ‘low income kids’ get a ‘higher education’?

      My family sure could not afford a ‘higher education’ for my three brothers and I.

      I could not afford a ‘higher education’ for my four children.

      Was his appeal directed at future ‘elite but formerly low-income kids’ who climb over the backs of other ‘low-income kids’, kicking and scratching their way to the top of the ‘low-income’ heap, thereby becoming a functional clone of Mr. Kerry?

      Was that his message?

      Regardless, this is the end of his career of self-promotion.

    5. oledawg,

      I was there, too. Your remarks show you don’t follow Senator Kerry very closely and know little about him or his efforts. My thoughts:

      I wish John Kerry were President. The country really could use an intelligent, truthful, experienced and articulate leader right now. That’s who John Kerry is, and anyone who has paid attention to his patriotic efforts in support of our country AND our troops in both Iraq and Afghanistan since the 2004 presidential election knows that…including President Bush. Like many Americans, I’m really getting tired of the ‘spin’ that keeps being applied to… even ordinary events…during an election season, with the goal of winning an election. I believe that is what is happening now, with Senator Kerry’s remarks on Monday in Pasadena.

      I attended the rally for Phil Angelides in Pasadena, California where Senator Kerry spoke. I would like to provide an ‘eye-witness’ account of the event that may be missing for readers of your article, “Kerry and GOP Spar Over Iraq Remarks”, dated October 31, 2006. It is my hope that providing some context to your readers may allow for a more fair judgement of the remarks made by Senator Kerry.

      I attended this rally because of my great respect for both Senator John Kerry and Senator Barbara Boxer (both in attendance that day). I looked forward to hearing what they would have to say about the serious issues facing our nation, and about their hopes for my Democratic Party. I know that Senator Kerry has been relentless in his efforts to support Democratic candidates across the nation for the past two years…and I have watched in amazement as he has given money and traveled from state to state campaigning in recent months. He has spoken out consistently and strongly against Bush Administration policies in Iraq. He has spoken out consistently and strongly in support of health care, the environment, the middle class and our troops. His words have been supported by his actions in the Senate, and his leadership has given hope of a better direction for our country to many Americans, like me.

      What I saw on Monday in Pasadena was a hardworking, patriotic Senator Kerry…standing up for Phil Angelides, standing up for my state of California, standing up for the students at Pasadena City College, and … as always…standing up for our troops around the world. He may have been a little tired from working so hard to turn this country around by standing up for Democratic candidates. After all, how many cities has he visited in the past week? How many in the past month? Plenty. He may have been tired enough that he botched a line he has delivered correctly a hundred times at other rallies. But his passion for and dedication to our troops both during and after the battle came through loud and clear.

      I have been angered and dismayed at what I have read today about this incident. Republicans are magnifying and using an insignificant error to attack John Kerry again…Swiftboat II. Why? I think it’s because they are desperate to win on November 7th. They know John Kerry is leading the charge for the Democrats, and he has truth on his side. So they took a simple verbal gaffe…from a good man who is as articulate as they come…and decided to repeat their dispicable ‘swiftboating’ technique against Senator Kerry AGAIN. How pathetic that this is all they know how to offer.

      This time will be different, though. The American people are awake and they know the truth. And this time, I’m confident that John Kerry will WIN.

    6. YvonneCa,

      Time will tell just how much Kerry’s words have stung we veterans and further damaged the Democrat Party.

      I hate to dim your ardor for this loser, for I truly believe he has ruined this election and perhaps the next for your Party.

      I agree that the American people are awake. They are wide awake and are beginning to see the truth and will vote in six days.


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