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Max Cleland on John Kerry’s Response to GOP Attacks

by Pamela Leavey

Max Cleland fired off a response to John Kerry’s press conference today, in support of Kerry, as Bill Frist was saying Kerry owed the troops an apology. Frist is wrong – oh so wrong. Max knows what it’s like to be hit by the Republican smear machine. Kudos to Max for stating the obvious:

“I think people will remember John Kerry’s press conference today as the moment we Democrats stopped once and forever accepting the disgraceful smears of Republicans. John Kerry showed our Party how to fight back with the truth.

“John Kerry is a patriot who has fought tooth and nail for veterans ever since he came home from Vietnam. He has stood with his brothers in arms unlike this Administration which exploits our troops to make a political point and divide America.

“John Kerry should apologize to no one for his criticism of the President and his broken policy in Iraq. George Bush is the one who owes our troops an apology. This is text book Republican campaign tactics.

“Everybody knows it’s not working this time around. If anyone thinks a veteran would criticize the more than 140,000 heroes serving in Iraq and not the president who got us stuck there, they’ve got a partisan political agenda and that’s the bottom line. We’re not going to take it any more.”


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  • 12 Responses to “Max Cleland on John Kerry’s Response to GOP Attacks”

    1. Max knows this treatment all too well. How do these people live with their consciences so censored?

    2. Those patches to those electronic machines during the night in Georgia, 2002, and now we have Chambliss. The fact they ran despicable ads that election gave them cover, the press seeling us that the public would bought the smear and fear.

      They probably didn’t, and now near the eve of 2006 mid-terms, are we supposed to believe that all the tricks between now and then cost us, when the press repeats their trash talk of today.

      When will we, but mostly the press, discuss the policies, the issues, before we go to the polls and say that the Dems do know what to do about Iraq?

    3. Pamela,

      Senator Kerry misread his line.

      The Republicans have misread America!

      Let’s talk more about Iraq! Let’s talk about the lies, the deception, the outing of CIA operatives who challenged this President!

      Let’s talk about body armor, the 103 deaths this month, the 650,000 civilians who are dead.

      Senator Kerry has fought hard for America both as a veteran himself and as a Statesman representing those of us who remember an America where protecting the environment wasn’t a dirty word. Where regulators believed they were supposed to regulate. Where taxes weren’t an evil but a patriotic duty and where a balanced budget was the highest priority of a budget! We believe in an America that is concerned about healthcare for its children and its elderly. We believe in Social Security and that it will be there for us when we retire!

      So while Senator Kerry has all of this attention, he shall need to bring this to the American public.

      This isn’t about a House Republican Party scandal about abusing children. This isn’t about White House employees going to jail! This isn’t about outing a CIA agent or phoney reporters in the White House Press Pool.

      What John Kerry did doesn’t amount to anything. But what this President has done to destroy our freedom, undermine our Constitution, and bankrupt our Treasury is despicable and deserves attention!

      Kerry on!

      Robert Freedland
      John Kerry for President 2008

    4. Bob, you forgot to mention the murder of over a half million innocent Iraqi’s

    5. Bob

      You got that right! Whew what a firestorm this is.

    6. Never forget letting an american city and its citizens drown. Above all we can never babies sit on the hot street for a week without water.

      Never forget busher was alseep at the switch on 9/11.

      Bush and his GOP allies are a rot in this nation and they need to go. If the dems aren’t willing to stand up to them they need to go to.

      Now or never DC dems.

      I read where somebody said JK gave a harsh worded statement and I said hell yeah.

    7. I just had to go out for a minute and had the radio on in the car and caught some of the Jerry Doyle (however you spell it) Show. My blood is still steaming. He was trashing Kerry to no end. These guys are grasping at straws. They’re in denial about everything they’ve done. They’re making issues out of trivial things in the hope that people will forget the facts. We can’t let people forget the facts. They’re the ones that are abusing and not supporting the troops. The Dems didn’t send the troops to an illegal war without enough troops,enough body or vehicle armor. The Dems didn’t extend these troops for two and three tours. The Dems aren’t cutting veteran bvenefits. The Dems aren’t not treating them for PTSD and then rushing them back to Iraq. The Dems aren’t ignoring the problems of our woman troops. We need to turn this against the Republicans with the facts. It’s past time to fight back.

      As the bumper sticker says, “When Clinton lied, nobody died!”

      Whew, there I feel better!

    8. JK is my neck of the woods today and tomorrow. He’s here fundraising for Maria Cantwell – who will retain her seat, BTW. I sure would like to see JK hold a news conference after the fundraising luncheon tomorrow and take this national exposure and aim it at Iraq. What’s the story with al-Maliki forcing the US military to take down the barricades around Sadr City? Aren’t they suppose to be looking for a missing US servicemen?
      Missing US weapons meant for the Iraqi military? What’s going on there?
      KBR blowing off government oversight of their no-bid contractors – can we talk about that?

      Yes, I’d like to see JK roast shrub and GOPers over a fire called Iraq. Might as well take advantage of all those national cameras following him around.
      The GOP doesn’t want to talk about Iraq – but if they want to talk about this, sure why not!

    9. Elmercreek

      Let it out my friend. I hear you loud and clear and echo the sentiment – every bit of it.

    10. Pen

      On the money. Did you watch the video here – if you didn’t make sure you do. JK Rocked.

    11. Blue W

      I think I read they dropped the search for the missing soldier. Yeah – they support the troops. Right.

    12. Thank you Max Cleland.

      We’re never going to get anywhere in the long run unless the national Democratic Party starts to discredit the Republican Party itself as a threat to democracy. Right now, the only power on the planet powerful enough to destroy America is not bin Laden, but the Republican Party.

      As someone who grew up within the ranks of the “big business” Republicans, I can assure you that they see democracy as inefficient and dangerous. America will not be safe until the opposition party starts telling the public what the Republicans really believe.

      Just in case you think I’m being unfair, I would like to point out that this strategy is exactly what the Republicans have used against the namby-pamby, liberal, big government, wimpy, delusional, elitist, Hollywood, Volvo-driving, latte-drinking, traitorous, unpatriotic, misguided, dangerous, tax-and-spend-crazy Democrats for more than 30 years now.

      As long as we allow them to keep the initiative in this area, they will always be able to twist our words, question our judgment and motives, and attack us through lies… because nobody questions their motives. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. It’s time to fight for our freedom or watch America slowly slide into oblivion.