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Polls Show 4 Key Senate Races Tight

by Pamela Leavey

We’re down to the wire with a week to go for election day and there are 4 key Senate races that are tight, very tight — CNN reports they are “statistical dead heats, and Republican Sen. Mike DeWine faces uphill sledding in his re-election battle in Ohio, according to new CNN polls released Tuesday.”

The polls were conducted for CNN by Opinion Research Corporation in Missouri, New Jersey, Ohio, Tennessee and Virginia, all of which have hard-fought Senate races that could determine whether Democrats manage to wrest control of the upper chamber from Republicans.

Among likely voters in Missouri, Republican Sen. Jim Talent and his Democratic challenger, State Auditor Claire McCaskill, were at a dead heat, each with 49 percent support. However, among the larger pool of registered voters, McCaskill led 51-43 percent. (Read the complete poll results — PDF)

A view of each race:

  • In New Jersey, Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez held a 51-44 percent edge among likely voters over his GOP challenger, state Sen. Tom Kean Jr. However, that gap was within the sampling error.
  • In Tennessee, Democratic Rep. Harold Ford Jr. — hoping to make history as the first black candidate ever elected by Southern voters to a Senate seat — trailed his Republican opponent, Chattanooga Mayor Bob Corker, by a margin of 52-44 percent among likely voters.
  • In Virginia, Republican Sen. George Allen — who has watched his once considerable lead vanish after a series of gaffes and controversies — trailed his Democratic challenger, former Navy Secretary Jim Webb, by 50-46 percent among likely voters, which was also within the sampling error.
  • The GOP incumbent who appears to be in the most trouble in the states polled by CNN was Sen. Mike DeWine of Ohio, who trailed his Democratic rival, Rep. Sherrod Brown, by a margin of 54-43 percent among likely voters.
  • 3 Responses to “Polls Show 4 Key Senate Races Tight”

    1. We are on the ground in Ohio and working very hard to widen that lead for Sherrod Brown. Ted Strickland is winning in a land slide over Ken Backwell in Governors race.
      We are Working overtime to turn Ohio Blue.

    2. Johng

      Good luck turning Ohio blue. Hard to believe, but it sounds like purple Ohio is more likely to be blue than here in blue Maryland. Our Democrat nominees for gov. and Senator are in the lead, but this ain’t over yet.

    3. The view in MO and VA is guarded. TN doesn’t look good.

      I think that MT, OH, RI and PA will turn blue.

      WA, MN, MD and NJ will stay blue.

      My guess: 50 seats in the Senate and up to 32 seats in the house.