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Barbara Boxer’s In The House

by Pamela Leavey

In the past 3 1/2 years of political blogging I’ve had the opportunity to meet quite a few politicians. From my days in New Hampshire for the ’04 primary to various political events here in the Los Angeles area, I’ve got a growing list of Democratic leaders past and present who I have had the honor to meet. Today, while awaiting the arrival of John Kerry to the Phil Angelides rally in Pasadena, I had the pleasure of meeting one of the two Senators from California — Barbara Boxer.

There was a little hub bub as the door opened and someone announced “Barbara Boxer’s in the House.” I was thrilled to have the opportunity to meet the great Senator from California who I have the utmost respect and admiration for. We met and spoke briefly before the rally for Phil Angelides with my two favorite Senators — Barbara Boxer and John Kerry.

I’ll have more on the rally later, but in the meantime many thanks to Senator Boxer for the opportunity to have the photo above taken.

2 Responses to “Barbara Boxer’s In The House”

  1. Nice pic Pamela. You DESERVED a day like this after the last several weeks. Reminds me of when the Senator came to Ohio last spring; it had rained for like 10 days straight and about 2 hours before he arrived the sky cleared up and the sun shined brightly……heaven sent?

  2. looks great Pamela,Two great thinkers side by side and two very beautiful women. Keep up the great work.